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  1. I give it a 7 Positives -Tywins scene with Joffrey/Tyrion was great. I can watch Charles Dance for an entire episode and i'd be happy -Dragonstone with Davos -Robbwind -Arya and the hound -Roose Bolton the new "Big Boss" -Ramsay and Theon -Asha/Yara scene. I'm really interested in what they do with her story. It was a nice build up. looking forward to it. -Bran Negatives -Stannis comes off way too evil IMO. Gives no reason for the general audience to like him or root for him. -Jon snow and Ygritte cliche love scene. Could have done without that. -Dear God the Dani scene was horrible and so cheesy. Could not stand it. WEAK SAUCE. The show really builds her up as the big savior of the series.Thank god Jorah and barristan are on her side or I wouldn't care for her at all. -Jaimie and cersei. Meh felt like a waste of screen time to me. -Tyrion/sansa scene just felt silly and out of place. -THAT ENDING=CHEESE
  2. It was ok. Hard to top the last 2 eps. Gave it an 8 My only real complaint is that I feel like the writers some time just add a scene for a character who hasn't appeared for a few episodes just to remind us they are still there. The opening scene with sam could have been cut and also the scene with bran. Their plots aren't progressing at all so i just don't see the point of the scene, however i did enjoy the bickering between osha and meera.
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