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  1. sure, there may be shake ups on the back end business/financial side of things, but i’ll bet in the next, say 90 says or so, there most of it he as revenue quietly returns, musk goes back to posting his standard teenage reddit bait posts, people keep getting banned for posting the n word, and with the exception of a few new features the average user experience strays exactly the same
  2. lol no it hasn’t. twitter will continue on exactly as it has for years as musk realizes everything the prior owners have done was not some ideological project but an attempt to make money off the site and he ends up doing all the exact same things.
  3. if you want to save twitter i suggest following and turning in notifications for my account
  4. all you liberals who have masked and vaxxed and done everything you can to eradicate covid… i think you all owe a certain novel coronavirus an apology today
  5. only tangentially related to us politics but lmao, this rocks
  6. the issue people (not scot) are rightly taking with m traceys tweets is that he is taking the position that the us is not to be lauded for fighting the nazis, should not have gotten involved at all because of the additional devastation the us wrought on the continent (eg, dresden etc) and that us involvement did not in fact stop the implementation of the mass extermination of tue holocaust. he is of course incorrect in his assement, but equally shining intellects on twitter are framing his argument as him saying the us *caused* the holocaust by putting boots in the ground, which is also clearly incorrect.
  7. no, i know what tankie means. tracey is in no way shape or form a tankie; curious as to where that came from
  8. tracey is mid wit contrarian worm with absolutely no redeeming qualities at all aside from starring in the wonderful video arrest tantrum video, and but that’s not at all what he is saying.
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