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  1. incredible https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/01/19/opinion/amy-klobuchar-elizabeth-warren-nytimes-endorsement.html edit: this entire piece is breathtaking, holy cow
  2. new york times endorses warren and klobuchar for president. shocked as i am to say it, i think this is a brilliant choice. by splitting duties, the madame co-presidents are at little risk of burning out in this grueling and high presssure job... and as a bonus for you deficit hawks, by only working half-time, neither would be eligible overtime or benefits, saving tax payers millions (presumably factoring in their respective staffs). a sophisticated and elegant idea
  3. seems like it. his own timeline would put him pretty right off that bat working on a “cost saving” plan for a large insurance company in michigan around 2007, and shortly after blue cross blue shield michigan laid off a thousand workers and raised rates by up to 55%. not a good look and hopefully warren and sanders both make as much hay with this as possible
  4. control the guns with fluoride in the water and chem trails in the sky, gonna turn all your guns gay
  5. the greatest thread in the history of deadspin, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,
  6. black patients are less likely to be prescribed opioids than white patients, and more than twice as likely to be screened for ‘illicit’ drug use and have their prescription terminated if testing positive
  7. i think part of the issue here is it’s unclear where you are making your own moral judgement here vs what might be called ‘commonly held attitude’ towards persons with substance use disorders. because reading it the way i assume kalbear is, it seems you are claiming a substantive distinction between two groups of predatory cartels driven completely by desire for maximum profits solely by dint of some minor technicalities
  8. just discovered @Tywin et al.‘s true identity and boy was i surprised [joke parody non actionable]
  9. been listening to almost the entire magnetic fields catalogue on shuffle lately. just absolutely unfuckwithable
  10. larry, kickass dude, have fun brother. on my own situation, starting g planning a trip to visit my lady friend and am getting very stoked
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