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  1. current “can’t get enough of”: frack! - accelerant https://frack.bandcamp.com/album/accelerant john reis/ steve albini style noisy punk with touches of melvins, c average, and a bit of voivod
  2. it’s more like the wealthiest 10% own close to 85% percent of stock
  3. just hope everyone had fun, that’s what matters
  4. anyone listen to that gravesend demo? one of my favorite ls from last year, forthcoming albums promises to be a real ripper https://warforgravesend.bandcamp.com/album/preparations-for-human-disposal
  5. yaknow, i think if we started a godundme, and everyone in this forum pitched in even $20, we could really go a good way to helping melvin capital get back in their feet. i just hate to see folks so down and out, we gotta look out for one another especially in these trying times
  6. just discovered @Tywin et al.‘s true identity and boy was i surprised [joke parody non actionable]
  7. larry, kickass dude, have fun brother. on my own situation, starting g planning a trip to visit my lady friend and am getting very stoked
  8. hmmm, yeah. thanks, will uh, pass this along. friend certainly think of himself as a good and nice guy, and could certainly stand to hear this
  9. anyone have any experience with or advice for someone developing a new relationship with someone you feel a strong connection/attraction to after a fairly recent break up of a very long term relationship? asking for a friend
  10. i am so excited, even if this is my least favorite book in the series, i feel it can actually will translate very well to screen and
  11. turtle, my own spoiled little princess, will tolerate or even enjoy belly rubs for a short while. but trying to bathe her, never gonna happen. had to do with when she was a tiny kitten, and if i tried now i’m not sure she’s let me survive the experience. though i will say she was an amazingly good sport when we flew across the country. went through security on my shoulder like we was piloting a mecha
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