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    How would you rate episode 601?

    Continuing the sandwich metaphor, my review of the episode is: shit sandwich.
  2. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    So glad that Grey Worm is back and the love story between him and Missandei can resume. For me, that's possibly one of the best things in the entire series and I'm so glad D and D put that in.
  3. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Most of the complexity of the books has been watered down gradually as the TV show has progressed. This is the whole thing about popular TV; you sacrifice substance for entertainment. Yup.
  4. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Seems likely that Stan is not dead yet due to cut away shot. Cersei walk scene was probably the highlight.
  5. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    The killing Ser Barristan off idea is starting to look even more pointless now.
  6. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Following Series 5 Episode 9 of Game of Thrones, HBO now face multiple lawsuits from House Baratheon and House Trant for 'character defamation'.
  7. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Why are people making such a big deal out of the hooded figure in the boat? Could he/she not just be an extra?
  8. Tony Inchpractice

    [No Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Yara may well be back on the Iron Islands. Patrick Malahide is said to be appearing in episode 10 too. And it seems like, if casting for next season is anything to go by, we are getting the Iron Islands story in season 6 as Euron looks like he is being cast.
  9. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    I had hoped Barry survived, but I'm afraid he is dead in the trailer for the next episode.
  10. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    Killing off Barry. Geeez. It's been said before, but they've completely wasted him in the series. If they wanted to create a sense of threat regarding the Sons of the Harpy, they should have just killed off Grey Worm. Then, the daft sub plot with Missandei and him could have ended. So that will be Tyrion in command for siege of Meereen or the whole thing left out altogether then?. And what the hell is going on with the Faith Militant? It's supposed to be the military order of the Faith of the Seven; not some gang of medieval blackshirts.
  11. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    Beetle scene was daft and needless. I think the writers threw it in so that media studies students will waste hours analysing it. At first, the meaning seems obvious: it is questioning the point of all this. Then again, perhaps the beetles are metaphors for humans and Orson is a god destroying the beetles/humans for no reason – symbolising the way in which characters die in Game of Thrones. And Tyrion represents mankind, and the way in which it constantly looks for meaning in life, asking questions of the gods. Then again, what's the mule that killed Orson all about? Does the mule symbolise death? Also, there was a mule in the nativity story. Hmmm. There was also a birth at the nativity. Does the mule really symbolise life? Wow, man, deep. Maybe Orson is meant to represent aliens who will later crush mankind? Think about it: who directed The War of the Worlds, which was about an alien invasion? Holy shit- Orson Welles. Or maybe Orson represents Yoko Ono and the way she destroyed The Beetles? Now I'm thinking, maybe it means you're the evil man, and I'm the righteous man, and Mr. 9 millimetre here, he's the shepherd protecting my righteous ass And on it goes on and on in circles.
  12. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    I thought the fight was really good. I liked the location in the book, but thought the arena worked well. One thing that I thought they missed from the book, which could have been a good inclusion, was the way the crowd became more interested in the confession than the fight. The Scanners moment was just great. I had a feeling they were going to do something like that.
  13. Tony Inchpractice

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Loved RobbWind and the Arya scene was awesome. Thought the episode could have done with a scene with Mance Rayder in, preparing for the invasion of the Wall. So far, it's been a bit of a waste of Ciarán Hinds. Guessing Lady Stoneheart will be next season. Didn't like the ending, too cheesy.
  14. Tony Inchpractice

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    You know, interestingly, the word "vagina" comes from the Latin word literally meaning "sheath" or "scabbard". I'm actually surprsied Frey wasn't more crude with that bit, instead saying something like "When cherry's are red they're ripe for plucking, when girls are 16 they're ripe for....."