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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    5/10 The Good - Theon is still Reek - Boltons are Flaying people - The Slave Auction - Emilia Clarke showing some sort of emotion - The High Sparrow actually bringing up the smallfolk - Cersei's imprisonment (if the implication is the HS knew about Lancel's confession the whole time) The Bad -Sansa calling Ramsay a bastard (wow, she's so empowered now! And smarter than ever!) -Aemon dying w/o referencing Dany being AA/TPTWP (seriously? You had him talking to Egg and everything! How do you not include that?) -Mel suggesting they sacrifce Shireen (gee, sure didn't see THAT coming, it's not like they "foreshadowed it" every time she was onscreen) - Danaerys meeting Jorah and Tyrion (that whole scene happened because "the plot needed it too") -Tormund Giantsbane getting his chains taken off. Again. (So when Jon undid Tormund's chains the first times, did that scene end with Jon going "alright that was suitably dramatic but now it's time to put those cuffs back on" and Tormund going "sure after being chained up for weeks what's a few a more days in the grand scheme of things?") - The Margery and Cersei parallels (unlike everything above, this isn't a flaw persay, but IMO setting up a Marg as a villain/Cersei 2.0 down to them saying the same friggin lines kinda cheapens both characters. AFFC this is not) -Cersei's Imprisonment (If the implication is the HS using Lancel's confessions was somehow influenced by Littlefinger) The WTFITS -Porne scenes (Good God this is terrible. What they hell was going on in the Jamie/Myrcella scene? WHy were they acting like father and daughter? Ono of them doesn't even know and the other one has never acted as a parental figure for obvious reasons. Furthermore, what was the point of getting Bron poisoned if he was immediatly g oing to get the antidote? Why is Tyene acting like Nymeria Sand? WHO THOUGHT ANY OF THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA???) -Sam and Gilly (Is there some new rape quota that has to be filled per episode? Also, way to play off the just-almost-raped-but-still-most-definatley-previously-raped-by-her-father-there-is-no-way-she-doen't-have-psycological-issues Gilly getting with Sam as good thing) -Tommen throwing a Joffrey tantrum ("They imprisoned my beleoved Queen and CAN'T DO ANYTHING!!!!" Dude, you were at the hearing. You were there when the bathrobe nazis grabbed your queen. Your Kingsguard were MOVING TO STOP THEM. And what did you do? You told them to stand down! Little twat.) All in all, I've come to the conclusion that when D&D write an episode the show becomes a parody of itself. Though maybe that's because we were treated with not one but two Dorne scenes.
  2. We didn't even get that. We got male character watching female character getting raped for character development. Sansa became a prop in somebody else's scene (which on a scale of one to messed up is beyond freaking messed up)
  3. 6/10. That fight scene the Water Gardens was hilarious...ly bad. House of Black and White was kind of cool. Tyrion and Jorah stuff felt really forced. King's Landing and Winterfell...could've been worse?
  4. Turinsbane

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    7/10 Improvement over the last episode, but I expected better from Byran Cogman. Usually his writing is some of the best when comes to adaptation, but it looks like that ship has sailed into the Smoking Sea, which is now a tiny river apparently. And not very smoking. Or volcanic. Or demon-filled. Weird... If madness and greatness are sides of the same coin, I guess it's pretty clear which side landed face up for everyone's favorite Targaryen. Olly Chekov so vividly remember what those savage wildlings did to his parents, save for the part where the Thegns ate them. Actually, it's probably better if everyone forgets that was a thing. I guess Davos' epic rescue mission isn't happening. Then again, they'll probably do it during the dead of winter, but the Onionknight will be able to fly over half a continent at the speed of the plot. "Kill the Boy" speech made no mention of Egg. This made me sad and confused. Also I guess no Oldtown. Oh well. Remember kids, every scene with Greyssandi and Miranda is scene that's not the Iron Islands, the Vale, or Young Griff. Yay... It's a good thing everyone in Winterfell wasn't killed by Ramsay. Otherwise Brienne would've just spilled her heart out to some sevrant of Bolton/Frey Speaking of Boltons and Freys, that dinner scene was...what was the point of that? And how did that advance anyone's characters?
  5. Turinsbane

    How would you rate episode 504?

    5/10.Glad I'm not on team Dorne because I'm sure if was I'd be crying myself to sleep tonight. No, instead I'm just sitting here with dumb look on face, wondering what the hell I just watched. Did anything make sense in this episode? Becuae it all seemed pretty convoluted to me (Especially Meeren. Meeren, after the Rhaeger story, quickly plunged into Craster Keep-level bad) For all the people pissed about Edd not fetching Jon a block last week, if it had been thrown in there just as clumsily as "You know nothing, Jon Snow" and "All the smiles died", would you still be happy? or would your joy turn to ashes in your mouths?
  6. I think a 7 is fair. I was considering a 6 but: Valyrian Steel shattering sword. Nice touch, and they didn't even have to explain it.Harington and Dillane continue to act well off each other.Shireen teaching Gilly to read was kind of a pointless scene, but it was kind of endearing too, until Sylese showed up.Qyburn getting the dwarf's headKevan's exitJaqen Still, the was quite a bit that through me off, namelyThe lack of water in the Water GardensThe condensing of the Lord Commander election (disappointing to say the least)Brienne/Littlefinger/Sansa scene. People do know Sansa is wanted by the Queen for murdering the king, right? Wouldn't half the people in the inn start running to King's Landing the minute Brienne started shouting "Hey, Sansa Stark!" So why is Baelish traveling with her so openly?"Master of War?" Cersei as Hand of the King? More of a nitpick(s), but it irks me so...Ellaria Sand threatening to go all Bolton on Myrcella. Why??? Some things I'm still on the fence about. Braavos. Kind of a waste of time, considering. Not visiting the city which looks very Braavosi, but the whole Arya "plot" in this one. "Oh no, Ayra made it all the way to the House of Black and White and they won't let her in. I guess that's the end of that!" -No one ever. I refuse to believe anyone shuts off their brain THAT much when watching tv. For the sake of humanity I do refuse. Varys and Tyrion. Considering they discussed nothing new, also a waste of time. Fun to watch though.Castle Stokeworth being so gigantic. Never got that impression from the books.Mereen. Anyone else find it weird that "Kill the masters" is always written in the Common Tongue (let's not kid ourselves; in English) rather than Ghiscar/Valyrian? It seems a little patronizing. And then there's Dany's justice. Now, I happy that Daenerys has been given something to do besides sneer at people. However, the whole sequence of even was sullied (sorry) by the fact that IT WAS JUST THE BLOODY KARSTARKS ALL OVER AGAIN. In a show where they're struggling to cram the story into ten fifty minute episodes a season, that they would be so uninspired to tell the exact same story again is baffling. But again, at least her story is moving in some sort of direction. All in all, fine for an episode 2. I'm ok with the early stuff being okay. Just give me something worth watching again when comes to episodes 4 through 9.
  7. Turinsbane

    How would you rate episode 310?

    The first third was good, but everything else was paced terribly (rushed/drawn out). On top of that a fairly anticlimactic ending. Why not finish with the Purple Wedding, or the raid on Castle Black, or Lady Stoneheart, or anything really? Why the rehash of the ending of episode 4? Why isn't Balon Greyjoy dead yet? That literally would've been a two minute scene. Instead we get Theon's junk in a box and not-Asha going on an adventure. I realize that the show probably wanted to go out on a high note, but it was a scene that just dragged on. Where the last two seasons had me excited at end, all this finale did is make me annoyed that the next season is a whole year away.
  8. Turinsbane

    How would you rate episode 308?

    All in all, it was a really good episode. I'll have to watch it again, and I still have a few nitpicks (Sam's kills the Walker with the dragonglass dagger then runs away WITHOUT GRABBING IT?!!!) but this is one the few episodes that never had a scene where I went "why did they need this". Keep it up, GoT!
  9. Turinsbane

    How would you rate episode 306?

    This episode just felt like filler. The three proceeding episodes were amazing (they had their flaws, true but were still great) and then this... I was just kind of surprised that D&D wrote this one. There were some great scenes, which many have already pointed out, but they failed to come together to make a great episode. Also, not a huge fan of the whole Climb motif. My reasoning behind this is it took two great things from the book, Littlefinger and climbing the Wall and just, for a lack of a better word, Hollywooded them up. I mean, it's as if they thought just by having one forced tension/action sequence it rounds off the episode, when all it does is make is more contrived. Did anyone really think Jon Snow would fall off the Wall? And Baelish, the most interesting character in the books, has been reduced to a caricature. He is overtly a bad guy, which while in truth he pretty much is, what made him so cool in the books is he never holds up sign saying "I'm Evil", but I guess the show need to apeal to as many people as possible. A solid 7, because of the select few good scenes.
  10. Turinsbane


    Guess this is as good as any a place to start! My fascination for A Song of Ice and Fire began when I grabbed A Game of Thrones over a year ago. I didn't touch it for a week, but just four days after picking it up I was already onto A Clash of Kings! School did get in the way after that, but managed to read all five books in just over a month and now religiously follow the HBO series. Unfortunately for me, only a few people where I live have seen the show, fewer still are reading the books and absolutely no one is as caught up as me! So, rather than try to carry on a conversation without spoiling everything for my friends, I decided to join up here so I can talk about Game of Thrones with people that love it as much as I do!