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  1. The Free Cities will remain independent. Ghis and the Dothraki will become an Empire of the Dragon. The bulk of Westeros will become the third part of that Empire of the Dragon. The Tyrells and the Riverlords will not be a problem. The north will be independent for a while because of geography and moat cailin. I think they will rue that independence when the white walkers arrive. The Starks will worship the Others to survive and do as Craster did. They won't live forever though What's left of the north will be brought back into the fold at the end of winter.
  2. What offends me most about Hoster Tully was the way he treated Lord Goodbrooke's people. Goodbrooke supported his king and government. Dead smallfolk, lost family wealth, and ruined homes is the thanks he got for being loyal.
  3. I don't think the story will take that direction.
  4. It depends on whether that Targaryen is convincing as the real deal. I say at least half will immediately flock to Daenerys Targaryen's banner when she makes her landing in Westeros. Aegon will be a little bit less because his identity will always be in doubt.
  5. Both men were put into a bad situation by an unstable leader. They had to take drastic action to avoid a disaster. They had their moments of heroism. Aerys was about to unleash hellfire on Kingslanding to take down the looters and the sackers along with the innocent citizens of the city. Jon's erratic decisions had already caused enough damage to the Night's Watch. Bowen was forced into action to prevent Jon from causing further harm to the Night's Watch and to the world of the living. Jaime Lannister is not a hero. He is not even close to hero most of the time. But we can all agree that his decision was the correct one on that day. Bowen Marsh had been a loyal man to the Night's Watch. I would even say a really good and dutiful man. Jon was unable to let go of his feelings for the Starks and was willing to throw the world away in order to help one little sister. He was about to lead an army of wildlings against the Warden of the North in order to rescue his sister. A clear violation of the purpose of the Night's Watch and would have resulted in catastrophe. Bowen Marsh did what any loyal man of the watch should and would do. Remove Jon Snow from power. Jon was already on a power trip at that time. Jaime's deed was revealed to Brienne and he became a different man in her eyes. A tragic person rather than an outright villain. Bowen Marsh should be recognized for his courageous deed in removing a very dangerous and desgtructive Lord Commander Snow. I think Bowen will go down as an unsung hero.
  6. No it will not end like Spartacus. And no it will not end in the time frame of the story. Daenerys is the right person to lead. It has nothing to do with that. The timing is just unfortunate because the world will be facing an existential threat in Westeros. Daenerys is smart enough to know which problem to deal with first. She is the right person to lead Westeros through this existential crisis. I think that is what Qaithe is trying to say. Ending slavery is the most important thing any of our characters could do but a smart girl like Daenerys will realize what she must do first. Stop the Others, save the world, and then go back to finish the job in Slaver's Bay. A Dream of Sping does not just mean waiting for the end of winter. It also means looking forward to a brighter future. And no future will be bright as long as slavery continues to exists.
  7. Camilo is right. Tywin was never going to give Casterly Rock to Tyrion. He would have found a way to push Tyrion aside. He was counting on strong grandsons, I think.
  8. Hey Sweetrobin. Throw Alayne-Sansa and Petyr out of that moon door as soon as possible.
  9. The marriage was consummated but the lack of children also meant a lack of proof. Which opens the possibility of denial. Tywin would go through the proper channels to have the marriage ended. Would the king and a septon deny such a request? I think not.
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