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    How would you rate episode 310?

    8. As has been pointed out, ep9 was the real climax, this just tied up loose ends. Not sure realistically what else they could've added to this episode without messing up the books' timelines. Not terribly exciting but did a good job showing where the various storylines will be heading next season.
  2. No doubt a few scenes I'm looking forward to but I think they'll be overshadowed by the direction (or lack thereof) that so many readers have complained about. For me, Joff's death and Tyrion killing his father were bizarre plot twists that had me scratching me head rather than being completely shocked (like the RW). After they die, where's the real drama, tension and story direction? I can't imagine people will be thrilled at the Kingsmoot, Brienne riding aimlessly through Westeros (even though we all know where Sansa really is), Quentyn, Dany's slave problems and even after teasing viewers so brilliantly with the WWs at the end of season 2, where are they now? Clearly I'm worried the series is going to lose steam after peaking so strongly with the RW - a scene that in more than a few eyes saved a rather tedious season so far. Edit: Just noticed Ministry's reply - he summed it up much better than I did. Agreed that next season *may* be fine but after that ...
  3. Homer touched on one thing that has me and others concerned. SoS was arguably the best book in the series, the last 2 the worst. While I was looking forward to this season immensely I can't say the same for next year. Sure some interesting new characters sure but chapter of chapter of pointless side stories, Dany sitting on her arse, etc. etc., and certainly no event that even comes close to the RW. The writers better really have some brilliant ideas to make GoT viewers perserve until the following season.
  4. I'm sure observant Unsullied viewers will assume something about Edmure and Blackfish's departure before the slaugther.
  5. The only thing I didn't like - and it had nothing to do with the episode - is that I knew what was coming. I envy those that didn't, this episode would've been even more shocking and emotional.
  6. For those that hate the violence in this series, this episode is going to make you go full postal.
  7. yushkevsh

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I know it would be a big departure from the books but is it possible the climatic scene(s) in the last episode will be Robb, Aeron and Joffrey all dying? Picture the hits in the Godfather II, a montage of events all taking place essentially at the same time - with dramatic music of course. After seeing Stannis curse each of them it would seem odd to stretch out their deaths into the next season. People here have been saying over and over that certain events can't happen before others, etc. but that's assuming things play out like the books. And who says Joff has to be poisoned at a wedding, for example? This season we've already seen some big departures from ASoIaF so I'd say anything is possible.
  8. True, or Westeros just has a better grip on priorities. :cool4: As for the rest of the episode, Ygritte is getting more and more annoying, ditto Shae and yes the garden talk was ... painful. You actually got the feeling Sansa was warming up (just a smidgen) to the idea of a spending her life with an ugly, scarred, whoring imp instead of a handsome (albeit ... you know) prince.