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  1. I gave it a 10. First of the season. Loved the Meereen bit and figure something similar will happen in the book. Figured the other 2 dragons were going to get in the act so that was cool. Love that Ramsey got it and that Sansa was the one that gave it to him. The smile at the end was priceless. I can overlook her not telling Jon and think LF is going to have his hands full when he tries to mess with her.
  2. I gave it a 7. I did like the Dany scene at the end cause I was waiting to see a "holy crap" moment with the Dothraki and I got that. I liked seeing Benjen/CH merge even though sounds like it's different than the books. Interesting that people still think white walkers don't exist. Think that others would have heard about stuff like that by now at least to some degree.
  3. Gave it an 8. Same reasons as many others. Loved the end but wasn't feeling the kingsmoot. For the first time I really feel the book was spoiled.