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  1. I secretely hoped Dany would fly in and Dracarys the Lannisters claim the army and march North. But I guess that would be too easy
  2. To me it seemed he never thought to look for a marriage, he still believed the rebellion had cause, and resolved to the idea of Lyanna as an impregnated prisoner.. Once he looked for a wedding he found the truth.
  3. So the ice dragon can fly to Winterfell in a few hours and desecrate it. The dead will/could arrive before Jon and Co.
  4. I thought the Shireen scene was well done. I agree that it was predictable after the last "kings blood" conversaton and "my family stays with me", but I dont think it was meant to be a surprise. I found it emotional enough. The fighting pit scene is a book fav and prob really hard to film. I thought it was good enough as far as the series goes without comparing to book. I wish Dany had taken control of Drogon in a more powerful way.
  5. Wow such anger here..... As 1st a book reader I can honestly say that no change has ever made me angry with the producers for not staying 100% on the text. That's impossible. Even HBO doesn't have the budget to adapt this book straight on. I think we readers miss the parts that are omitted, even if expected. The tv story is still loyal to the series without being exact. For example, Val/Dalla/Baby seems like a big deal in the book, perhaps to the bigger picture it's expendable. Also Lady Stoneheart and how she is "seen." We readers don't know really because the story hasn't been told to completetion. Perhaps the books have a different end game than the series. It really doesn't matter, it's an enjoyable adaption.
  6. [spoiler\] No Val, Dalla, Baby, or Stoneheart. I understand the logistical reason the tv story must veer off the book, maybe in the long term the choices will make sense, but I am sad to see these omissions. Perhaps they will turn up next season. [\spoiler] Also....John snow needs to be with Ghost more often. That needs to be fixed next season.
  7. :) Cheers to that! And this..."The babies she wanted." is of course, Cersei's biggest triumphant manipulation of the system! Personally I think that there won't be a witness. It will just be Sansa and Baelish. This is my guess for the last scene this season. Bye bye Lysa.
  8. Wow. While the story differs I think it is a great adaption. Adaption being the operative word there. ASOIAF could never be made into a television series or movie with out changes for SO many reason. Literally too many reasons to list, but the main one being that there are WAY too many characters in the books to fit into a screen adaption. Is it still considered fanfic if the author is an executive producer?
  9. Rated a 9! Nothing felt rushed, the trial and Kings Landing scenes were revealing, especially hinting on the mystery that is. Varys. Yara is a terrible name choice for Asha, but what's done is done. I had forgotten her name was changed until she said it.
  10. I feel like Bran's story was redeemed. With "Locke" dead and no meeting with Jon I think he is back on track. Nobody knows he is beyond the wall. Jon was amazing. Loved him. He could have been a little bit happier to see Ghost though. Arya was relatively pointless. Her story could use a push forward. Loved the Eryrie scenes. Cersei was fantasticly manipulative. Tommen was adorable, and Tywin was perfect, as if he would be anything less. I think he is probably the most perfectly well cast character. Ever. Edit: I gave it a seven
  11. I just don't like that Bran was revealed last episode by Theon and this time by himself. I was also hoping the warg tunnel vision effect was not going to be standard for those instances. It is cheesy! And....THEY STABBED HODOR who was chained up! Terrible! On the flip side....Marg was brilliant with Tommen. I loved the scene with Jaime and Tyrion. Agreed that Dany was rushed, but I thought it was effective. I wished we saw more of her and Sansa. I love show Littlefinger.
  12. I was also hoping for the "Don't make me rue..." line. I thought that scene was a little soft. For me, this episode had quite a few disappointments. I was watching in Chicago with friends who had not read the books, and from that perspective Bran's vision made no sense. I in addition to the scene with Roose being soft, I think dontos's come-with-me-if-you-want-to-live was ill timed. I can't believe no one would see that when all eyes are on the royal family. Over all everything seemed rushed.
  13. I give it an 8. The montage of Ned's sword being swung by him, and then through him, followed by the opening of Tywin having the new swords forged and burning the wolf pelt scabbard. The forging of the swords happens "off screen" in the books, so that was a treat. Also Joffrey was brief but brilliantly villainous. Not sure how I feel about the twist on the Thenns, guess that will have to wait to see how it's played out.
  14. Just discovered Forum Games

  15. It's as if I imagine people as old as the number of posts they have made

  16. I Ygritte to inform you that...

  17. The Beach Boys had the right of us Northern Girls!

  18. Vancouver is like a cool Canadian Winterfell.

  19. Canada is what lies beyond the wall...

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