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  1. Being a new user has nothing to do with the expectation on the show...i have read all the books and am fully aware of what to expect from the series, however this episode just seemed to be a filler episode. Its true there is not much you can do in 50 minutes, so when every minute counts its a shame to see alot of it wasted I feel i could have missed this episode and watch next weeks without really feeling lost
  2. What does the number of posts have anything to do with our opinion? Its a forum not a heirachy. Iv been reading these forums for nearly a year now only just decided to get on board and contribute... Without trailing off though, there is no bandwagon...iv been very impressed with this season on a whole, just not this episode...theres lot a whole lot of seriousness involved when Blackfish is talking about wet shits... Im glad you enjoyed it though and congrats on your number of posts...
  3. I give it a 6... Very little happened, exept for the underwhelming scene with the bear. I do thinkbthat you could easily miss this episode out and not miss much. Pros Twyin/Joffrey - the first real scene (i think) where you see these two fully interact, Charles Dance was great here. Came across calm but imposing. I felt he put joffrey in his place very well. Jon/Ygritte - alot of their scenes bore me, im a big fan of Jon in the books, iv got nothing against Kit's portrayal, there just seems to be very little in Jon's scenes that exite me Jaime/Brienne - yet again probably the highlight of the episode. The look From NCW after he was called 'Ser Jaime' you really see his developement Boy/Theon - everyone has their own view on the whores...i didnt like it, i feel the scene could have been better without it. Id like them to hurry up with the reveal of 'boy'. Allen's acting was good you could see plainly a broken and terrified Theon These are the main things for me...i felt the margery/sansa scene was pointless, tyrion and bronn had great chemistry as usual...Shae hes your a whore surely the writers can get er something else to say in an episode...the yunkai scene is setting up to what will hopefully be another epic encounter in essos Overall an average episode, one of the weakest so far