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  1. Miss you around these parts.

  2. I was just reading through some of your posts.  Omg!  Laughing so hard I cannot breathe!  

    1. Lord Lannister

      Lord Lannister

      Glad you like them. Sometimes I wonder if my snark if over the line. :P

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    Board Issues 4

    That's it!  Thank you!
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    Board Issues 4

    Does the forum have a page with all the books content on it?  I thought I saw a link to it somewhere, but I cannot find it.  Thank you!
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    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Asha not Yara. Just a thought, that it appears to be a combination of Ashara. Yes, Ned did voice his displeasure over the deaths of Elia's children. He called it murder and Robert said, I see no murder, I see only dragon spawn. That caused a rift between he and Robert that didn't end until they came together to mourn Lyanna's death.
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