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  1. Having been through the chapters revolving around the sack of Winterfell, I can't seem to understand how Robb wasn't informed about the attack of Ramsays forces, considering he was flashing his banners and all. Sure Sir Rodrik, Cerwyn and company were ambushed but the rest of the two thousand men that survived and were allies of Robb had to inform him of the Bolton attack. But we learn in the Catelyn chapters, that Robb listens to just to what Roose tells him, about Ramsay rescuing the survivors. Not to forget that Ramsay saved the two Freys. Is it possible that Ramsay worked under Roose's command? Has anyone figured it out, that could enlighten me?
  2. I think someone said it, in some previous post, but the biggest issue this season is the portrayal of Robb. The changes from the book in the strategy line, have made him look weak, and look just some love- stricken lad. I remember reading the chapters before the RW, and even though things were definitely bad for the North with the lost of the Karstark host and such, but he laid out a solid plan to retake the North, with the recapturing of Moat Cailin from the Ironmen, and with everyone playing an important role, and it seemed at the moment that they could even have a shot, at the rebellion. And so the RW was a shock from every possible angle. I can see the reasons for doing it, trying to focus more on the realtionship and love between Robb and Talisa, and i can't see the whole Talisa-spy thing playing out, probably she will be killed along with Robb. Well just 10 days to see it happen.