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  1. When S6E10 was originally broadcast, right before the "previously"s there was a really short recap of E9 BotB with no dialogue, only a haunting piece of music over the top. I can't find it anywhere online - did that go to air around the world or only in some territories? And does anyone have a link?
  2. Did Mel's power increase when Tyrion released the dragons? It's earlier in the same episode that Jon is resurrected, and made me wonder whether free dragons give off more magic vibes than captive ones? I know the birth of the dragons was a catalyst for a lot of magical stuff happening, but would chaining them have an adverse magical effect?
  3. I've been getting ads for Woolworths for the last day or so (I'm in Australia) covering my entire screen and I have to sit through 30 seconds of commercial, but when it finishes it stays on my screen and I have to re-load the page to get rid of it. It was covering the home page and wouldn't let me click on the new posts button. Very frustrating. And I don't even shop at Woolworths!
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