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    [No Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    This is episode had some insanely good scenes, and unfortunately some rather cheesy ones. What I would particularly like to comment on is Dany's storyline. Whenever she's on screen I feel a bit bored, and that usually never is the case when GoT is on TV. To me, her scenes are definitely the weakest part of an otherwise outstanding season 04 that is shaping up to be the best of this show so far. While Dany's storyline was easily one of the most fascinating ones back when the show started, it has become less and less interesting to me throughout season 3 and season 4 so far. I find it somewhat repetitive to see her free one slave city after another. While it was rather epic when she killed Kraznys, freed Astapor and acquired the army of Unsullied the rest of the slave cities were pretty stereotypical and the scenes in which she freed them somewhat anticlimactic. "Kill The Masters", written in a language that the slaves apparently don't even speak - I mean seriously... The problem with Dany's storyline is that, although I'm sure what she's doing now - getting armies, watching as her dragons grow stronger with every day - will have major implications in the future, it's so detached from what's going on in Westeros. All the other storylines seem interwoven at least to a certain extent, but Dany's is almost like an entirely separate story. I think it's time she heads to Westeros. I don't necessarily expect her to actually get there anytime soon, but I've had enough of slave cities, friendzoned Mr. Mormont and smooth-talking Dario. Her storyline needs a new twist, a new direction. She also needs to experience some major setback - a dragon could get ill, one of her counselors (Mormont maybe?) dies etc., something upsetting. So far it's been all smooth sailing for her ever since she left Qarth.
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    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Yeah, of course you're right; I didn't consider Sandor's attitude towards the Lannisters when I wrote that he might sell her to them. See, that's why I left this storyline out of my initial predictions for season 4... It's the only story arch where I pretty much have no clue whatsoever what's gonna happen next. Of course my other predictions are mere guesses as well, but I can't even dare to guess how the Arya-Hound story might continue, which is why it to me feels especially exciting.
  3. MockingbirdSpider

    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    You're right, this sounds awesome! I wasn't quite sure where Arya's storyline would take her, but that definitely seems to be a likely possibility. Now it also makes sense that the producers reminded us of her "Valor Morghulis" coin in the scene where she stabbed the Frey soldier, so that we'd remember it once she finally meets someone from Braavos. Now I think the Hound's gonna turn evil again - because let's face it, in his very soul he's still an evil man, let us be deceived by his seemingly nice behavior in the last couple of episodes - and try to sell her to the Lannisters, because that's where he's most likely going to get the best price for her now that Rob and Cat are dead. But she escapes and manages to join the Braavosi Faceless Men. Hey this is truly amazing, I really hope your theory turns out to be true :)
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    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    It was a decent episode, but felt more like a story-building episode from the 2nd half of a season (e.g. episode 7 or 8), not like a season finale. And in fact it was a story-building episode I guess, setting up lots of potential highlights for season 4. However, it all felt somewhat incomplete - not this positive sort of incomplete as in a cliffhanger ending, but rather just incomplete. Many story lines are sort of in limbo right now and the points at which some of the stories ended this season just seem very awkward. To me it feels as if this season needed another 1-2 episodes to give it a proper ending. That being said, the upside of this strange constellation is that we'll certainly have a LOT to look forward to in season 4. Now as a non-book-reader I can only guess, but if this final episode did any good, then it was setting the stage for some potentially epic showdowns, meet-ups and confrontations in season 4. Here's what I expect, judging from the allusions and foreshadowing that's been going on in this episode: Tywin vs. Joffrey: this seems to lead to a major confrontation, and right now Joffrey seems absolutely lost in this situation. And then all of Cersei's talk about how she loves her children, even Joffrey, and that no one can take that away from her. And from what we've seen so far, such statements are dangerous in the GoT world as they almost always imply that the exact opposite is gonna happen. Cersei and Jamie: while their reunion definitely was among the biggest let-downs in this final episode (besides the actual final scene with Dany), I guess we'll have some amazing dialog-driven scenes to look forward to here. Already in this final episode she realized that he's no longer the same person, that he's definitely changed. And I guess it will be very hard for her to cope with this new Jamie Lannister. "Winter is coming": if even Melisandre says that the War of the Five Kings is less important than the dangers coming from north of the Wall,then this means that things are gonna get truly serious. I don't know what exactly to expect, but it'll sure as hell be mind-blowing. Roose Bolton vs. Walder Frey: now we all know that Roose Bolton is a dangerous man (especially after episode 09), and I couldn't help but notice the way he glanced at Walder Frey. I think the old man's gonna get what he deserves, especially since... ... Bran's story about how the Old Gods punished people who violate guest rights. That however would imply that Bolton as well gets punished, a feat that could only be accomplished by... ... Theon's sister and her elite killer army of 50 people. This is gonna be a very cool showdown, at least I hope so. I love Yara, definitely my favorite member of House Greyjoy.
  5. MockingbirdSpider

    How would you rate episode 308?

    I must also say that I'm slightly disappointed with this season so far. It's certainly not been a huge letdown or anything like that and is without a doubt still insanely good and better than 99% of what's on TV these days, but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed now that its almost over and there's so little time to conclude some story archs. The story lines seem to be all over the place, some apparently going nowhere for ages (Theon, Bran...). I just feel like the show's pace has been way too slow this season - especially from episode 5 onwards. After all that's been said prior to its airing ("This is the season we have been hoping to make ever since the show started" etc.) the season failed to live up to the expectations, at least for me. But, as I said, it's still very very good and entertaining. (this is all coming from a non-book reader btw)
  6. MockingbirdSpider

    How would you rate episode 307?

    I give this episode a 5, making it my worst-rated episode (by far!) of the entire series . I don't mind slow episodes in general. GoT had a decent amount of downright brilliant "slow" episodes, the most recent example being "The Climb" (S03E06) which I think was easily the most well-written episode ever. However, as the season already draws to a close, I somewhat expected more things to happen in E07. You know, when each season just has 10 episodes, they really need to relentlessly progress in the story - and that is something this episode failed to do entirely. It seemed like all the scenes were just altered repetitions of something we'd already seen earlier: Bran and Rickon lost in nowhere on their way to the Wall, Theon being tortured, Dany talking to some stereotypical and generic slave lord etc. It all seemed so meaningless - maybe it turns out all of it was meaningful and we just don't know it yet. But still, as the ending credits flickered over my TV screen I couldn't help but wonder what raison d'être this episode actually had when it basically achieved almost nothing in little under 1 hour. But that wasn't the only thing this episode did wrong. The writing was surprisingly weak. I mean seriously, who came up with some of these ridiculous dialogs and one-liners that are supposed to be cool or something... "This is your father's house", "Sorry for the sapphires"... All the conversations lacked the wit and creativity that we're normally used to from GoT. But it's not just the dialogs that were poorly written and executed - many of the other scenes (save the final scene!) just didn't make any sense to me. Just to name a few things that were totally left unexplained: When did the "Mother of Dragons" turn into the "Mother of Slavery Abolitionists"? All of a sudden she delays her important journey to Westeros to free some random slave city, in turn jeopardizing the fate of her newly gained army and her increasingly powerful, yet still vulnerable dragons!? And why was the Hound still creeping around the camp of the Brotherhood Without Banners days after they almost killed him - you can't tell me he was up day and night waiting for the rare occasion where Arya might venture out into the woods, all on her own, so that he can capture her? See, there are just so many lose ends that have yet to be tied up. Sure, none of storylines will come to a proper ending this time - and I'm glad we have so much to look forward to. But this episode contributed nothing towards clearing things up and giving explanations. Now I'm sure this is all part of the build-up towards a huge finale, but I can't help but think that this episode was such an obvious attempt to stall the story that it to me just felt like a waste of time. This season now needs a tour de force finale with epic action scenes, dramatic tragedies, intelligent dialogs and a mind-blowing cliffhanger to keep up the general level of excitement about Game Of Thrones. And one more thing... The "2 Girls 1 Theon" scene - whoever came up with that idea should never be allowed to write any scene in a GoT episode ever again. So far GoT always tried to avoid any sort of cliché, but this was pretty much the most cliché-ridden thing they could come up with.