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  1. What endings do you think Martin really told them?? I don't believe Sansa Will be queen in The north, tyrion Will be Hand and bronn Master of coins.
  2. So Far we have drogus the philosopher dragon, bran the evil children of the forest revenge, Jon snow as king beyond the wall and possessed Dany. Keep bringing more excuses ...i'm having Fun.
  3. Now that is all said and done i think we can make a top5 BEST and WORST of game of thrones. Comment or make your own. You might choose subject as well (top 5 episodes, top 5 battles). My overall top 5 best things are (not in order): 1 - The opening. To me is the best opening ever made. When the music starts and the video of westeros like a 3 map starts to pop out you know shit is about to happen. 2- The immersion. I bought that world they made. I can see westeros now and those places like they did, especially the Wall, the Eyrie and King's landing. 3 - NON POV perspective. I think they got it right. Chracters that don't have POV's are shown in their particular lifes and thats nice. (Robb, Bronn, Renly). 4 - CGI - Dragons, dragonfire, wildfire, direwolves, wights, whitewalkers, COF, i liked them all. 5 - The battles. I think the showrunners knows how to make an epic battle and thats the only hope i have for them in their new Star Wars journey. Now my top 5 Worst! 1 - Oversimplification of plots. (kinslaying, kingslaying, destruction of sacred places, murder and rape had no consequences at all.) Complex things like succession, reasons to follow a leader, loyalty were all discarded when kings and kins started being killed and directly succeded by the killer. That also happened with the grand Sept Cersei exploded and Dany setting dothraki sacred place on fire. 2 - The WW. The apocalipse was handled like it was nothing. And the reasons never explained. 3 - The scheming. After the series bypassed the books they didn't know how to handle the game of thrones and their schemings. LF, Olenna, Varys, Doran they all seemed to have some sort of greater plan and they were behind most of the events of westeros. But after the shortage of book material those chracters were reduced to side roles just appearing beside the main chracters like a parrot on a pirate shoulder. And that was what made GOT great in the first. 4 - The dialogue. Sometimes it looked like the chracters were not having a conversation but saying something directly to the viewer. Things like "tyrion is smart". We never bought. JOn loves dany. Never bought. 5 - Dorne. I don't know it deserves a place in an overall top 5 worst. But dorne is my favorite region in the books. I don't need to say why is so fucked up. Its unanimous. Any thoughts? what were yours?
  4. Dont be so eager to watch the "inside the episode" It Will probably be the same old shot. Dan: we felt that the iron throne needed to be Destroyer and now the Wheel is broke finally. Dav: It had to be Bran, he is the 3ec and can use his Powers for the greater good. Tyrion saw that. Both: and now we see ALL those chracters we used to love having their ending although the story they made was costly. It Will probably be those phrases of insanity that you Will hear. The sense they can make out of those statements makes me feel like an idiot.
  5. So you think he is indeed an entity of evil and Magic. He can see the past, the present and glimpse into the future. In a world of dragon's, zombie armies, ressurrection, face changers and direwolves you think ALL he wanted was to be king of 6 kingdoms with bronn as his Master of coins?
  6. Show bran has be awkwardly staring até people and trees for 2 Seasons. There was a season earlier that bran doesnt even appear. He clearly can see the present and Future cause he keeps one lining everyone like: you're exactly what you should be doing. (Doesnt know where the fuck is drogon, though, or any useful information at all) He doesnt want to be king and doesnt show any sign of interest in a game of thrones. His fate was always bound to the "great war" (an 1 hour Night actually). Since he has done nothing his choice os totally unbelievable. His moral is now dubious. The only thing he has done, revealing Jon heritage, triggered the biggest crime in The series. You can buy this crap that he is this manipulative being but It not shown on the screen. Show bran as king makes no sense at all. Maybe book bran Will.
  7. joaozinm

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I always thought that Jon os not legitimized. Rhaegar wouldnt have anulled his marriage. Therefore i think Jon's heritage IS more about his blood than his right.
  8. we need your rant now.
  9. The topic made me laugh so hard!!!! The despair of not believing how bad the series really are made some people start blaming Bran, the chracter, for the bad writing. Looool. OP is right. Bran did nothing "good" except for the littlefinger trial. But i'm pretty sure the showrunners think he is responsible for the fall of the ww. Give up this theory guys, they have no time to do It. They can't explain why bloodraven was so eager to bring bran north. Why he wanted the ww threat to be over, why would he wanted to be king and people will fins many passages that makes no sense at all.
  10. Why do people keep thinking Jaime had some love for his children? He didn't even Care...ALL she cared was Cersei. Do i need to remind that he had sex on top of joffrey fresh grave?
  11. Give up guys. There is no way the Bells were some sorte of a trap to Dany that meant to trigger de mad queen barbecue. It meant surrendered, everyone surrendering in The city was shouting to ring It. Davos line at season two only makes It bad writing this episode, nothing more. The writers often make inconsistencies in The same episode so this is actually some kind of improvement.
  12. I was team stannis from the start so i already had my share of disgrace. Now i just grab my popcorn as i watch the other "teams" demise. Dany is already gone for good. Jon is at least half butchered this season. Did a total of 0 things and his dumbness is getting more and more people away from his "team" his targ name doesnt mean a shit, his ressurrection has no purpose, there is no prophecy about him, abandoned Ghost, "his" dragon is dead, his love story is gone, he had sex with hiis aunt and we think there is still more to come for him. Bran is this crazy dude only good for meme material. Forever know to the future westeros as Bran the Bait. Sansa signed for the new season of gossip girl. Nobody buys her badassery. Jaime had this circular arc that brought him to the exact same spot of season 1, when everybody hated him. Tyrion is lost since he left westeros. Cock jokes machine, people telling the he is smart while ALL his decisions end up being the most dumbass thing to do. Arya is the only one left. So probably she will die next. I think i covered all the mains people were backing... except for Sir Pounce, but he is probably barbecue cat by now. Arya's fans, your time has come.
  13. joaozinm

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Actually, i think show Arya is psychopath. Burning was the execution method of aerys the mad and its not at all like a sword.