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  1. joaozinm

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    Pod as the captain of The Royal guard. Finally a ending that i can pledge muito support.
  2. joaozinm

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Well, since the closest pretender to Sansa now is probably dickless theon that theory might turn out to be right
  3. joaozinm

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    She needs Jaime to be dead to take his face doesnt she?
  4. joaozinm

    What is the role of Gendry?

    His role was to put a baratheon inside arya's belly and then die like a hero!
  5. joaozinm

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    Very likely: hound, greyworm, beric, edd Maybe: brienne, tormund, varys, davos and gendry The show got a fame for killing chracters and right now, there are plenty of them whose arc has been finished for like 3 seasons: Aka varys, Davos and Company...
  6. First i saw this topic and thought: this dude smoke some weed before watching the episode. But then, Dany and Sansa were talking and Sansa was like: well, i'm sorry you did everything right...blah blah- but im worried about Jon's love about you. It made me start wondering If that wasnt some kind of jealousy... Right after we got some nonsense North is Free but we like you and then i came back to reality and still thinking theres nothing in It.
  7. Jaime's judgement: accused of several crimes. Responds: "im not going to apologize". Brienne (not even a knight) says: "he is a man of honour" Everybody: well, its fine then. jump aboard. Why people keep thinking Tyrion is the most clever man in the universe? Not a single good advice he gave since he joined Dany. Sansa and Dany building conflict again. This time it made even less sense. "winterfell is yours" and "my queen" throw in the garbage. Also, nice time for a rebellion or something like this. A lot of reunions just to tell that some of characters will soon die. Another mastermind plan: put the guy on the wheelchair beside a tree and expect the Night king himself to come by and ambush him. If they are trying to overcome the stupidy of the "zombie quest on the wall" they are getting real close. Brienne's knighthood part made no sense at all but i liked it. Arya and gendry romance and a sex scene. Maisie Williams ass... That's more than i can handle, really. Jon's revelation to Dany, oh crap. Rhaegar was never known as a rapist among the targaryens and loyalists, so the apologize made no sense. When Jon said it how he come to know made it more clear that none of the 2 ways (Sam's and Bran's) will happen in the books. It looks just too stupidy. Whitewalker interrupt, thank the old gods!
  8. joaozinm

    What is the role of Gendry?

    You really dont find the slicing human parts baking and serving It to anyone something "odd" not day disgusting? Few years early she would only swordfightbwith √°udio and maybe stab some animal. Now the only coeherent course for her is being incapable of love. Sorry, but you are not convencing me everything she has done is usual or normal. A love story with gendry would bem Just too much. Use her to kill walkers and its fine
  9. joaozinm

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Lets not forget that she killed some freys and then cooked them into a pie and served them to the lord. Being creepy to her own sister. Slitting The throat of enemies while watching them die as the blood pours out. Thats far from humanity even for medieval standards. Now the show is selling human Arya, but after all of these... I Just cant buy it
  10. Is It just me or It seems like a Lot hotter than It should in winterfell? Also, the zombie army is way past the wall with a dragon zombie. We dont see scouts and effective preparations for the Battle. Instead we get some waterfall love, wedding's plans, lord intrigues. The only thing that should make Sense was obsidian weapons and they nesses It up like we said. Bran told The dead were coming and everybody looks fine... We should at least get a hint of some war plan. Maybe The plan os Just attack the dead with 12 obsidian weapons...
  11. Although i find this issue nitpicking... Obsidiana does look more like a regular stone that needs carving and does not behaves like a metal. That being Said, could be a chance to use gendry this season and Maybelline tyrion. The dwarf says dracarys and then The dragon melt some obsidian and we got 2 cock jokes in between. A use for chracters they dont know what to do
  12. Actually i think most recognize Joffrey as The legal heir to Robert. The incest thing was more like a gossip...
  13. I agree that The romance has improved considering The previous season. But the conflict of The aegon revelation os already building up. Also The conflict between Dany capacity of being a good ruler vs skepticism from The starks and Sam. I don't think The romance we already have is not enough too survive this provations once we have only 5 Episodes left and we cant buy It yet as it is.