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  1. It would be pretty funny if Margaery marries Aegon so she can remain the queen but it turns out he's not legit.

    It's okay coz it would mean she'll be a widow for the 4th time. Bye-bye Aegon. :P

    What Happens when Vic finds out Dany is not with Barristan and presumed dead? Will he still help or will that create conflict between his Ironborn and Barristans men?

    I guess he'll just have the horn blown and bind the loose dragons to his will (if the horn works at all). When Dany comes back she can finally use the famous line used in the show,

  2. If Cersei has two valonqars, why is she so sure it will be Tyrion who will kill her? hHe has obviously fled the city, and even she has noticed that Jaime has changed. I think her hatred for Tyrion makes it too obvious it wont be him to kill her in the end..

    Like you said, Cersei hates Tyrion and same could be said to Tyrion about Cersei. Hate is enough reason why someone wants to kill someone. Jaime, on the other hand, loves her so there is no reason for her to think that he's going to kill her (well, he has changed so..)

    I don't know whether this has been covered before but I can't find it, during the Margery/Cersei trial was it proven or said that Pycelle lied about brewing moon tea for Margery? I know that he is primarily loyal to the Lannisters so I presumed he was lying but just wondered was it said outright.

    Cersei is looking for a way to destroy Margaery, who she believes is the "younger and more beautiful queen." One sweet way to do that is to frame her of adultery, but she needs some evidence. She thinks Pycelle is becoming less and less useful (to her cause); to make him useful again, she put his loyalty into question. She sort of accuse him of favoring the Tyrells over the Lannisters and pressure him to say good reason why Maid Margaery is in need of a maester so often then, especially before Loras went to Dragonstone. Is she unwell or something? When he realizes what Cersei wants to hear, he says Margaery asks for moon tea. And there, Cersei finally has the proof she could use to bring down the little queen.

  3. Why is it that no one seems to be very concerned with Stannis' claim of Joff/Tommen/Myrcella's incestual origins? Granted, the Lannisters are still very powerful, and no one wants to buck them just yet, but shouldnt there be more widespread concern about this? He sent ravens to everyone!

    I supposed the Queen of Thorns will figure out a way to twist that around to ditch Lannisters and retain the crown, but wouldnt anyone else care?

    According to the viewpoint of Marsh: "...King Robert was well loved, and most men still accept that Tommen is his son. The more they see of Lord Stannis the less they love him, and fewer still are fond of the Lady Melisandre with her fires and this grim red god of hers. They complain."

  4. The ending isn't as great as the hatching of the dragons in season 1 and the marching of the White Walkers in season 2, but I can live with that. I know I should hate Tywin Lannister but I love how he can overpower the young lion king. Lots of tears for the KitN, and more rant for Roose and Old Frey. Jon Snow doesn't know how to break up with a Wildling gurl - not nice to be shot by hate arrows (wishing it's cupid's love arrows but not gonna happen in this not-your-disney kind of love story). The Hound should be wary of the little she-wolf ---> she's angry as fiery hell; thankfully that can't burn him. Papa Squid has no love with the newborn Reek, but glad warrior sister is on her way to save her unfortunate little brother. Go, big sister! Go! Stannis is bewitched by the Red Priestess but glad that the Onion Knight remains firegodproof. Am glad also that yours truly is Tyrionproof - the show can't brainwashed this one no matter how hard they try to make him look oh-so good. Overall, me liking this episode. Not the best, not the worst. I'm giving it a 9/10.

  5. Okay, where to start? Ah, yes! Tywin Lannister. I knew it! He's the real "king" of the IT, not Joffrey; and never insult Papa Lannister or else, you'll go to bed without having a dinner.

    I don't know if I can take the Tyrion whitewashing anymore. Ugh!

    It was heartbreaking to see the KiTN paraded headless but with the head of his wolf. But never make a joke about the Red Wedding especially when Arya is around.

    Ygritte shooting arrows at Jon Snow - I thought another Stark will be dead. Can't take it anymore after the bloody ep. 9. Jon should know it's not easy to break up with a Wildling gurl.

    I'm happy to see Maester Aemon once again, but where is Lysa and SweetRobs (I thought they'll be in this season)?

    Sam and Pippin Pyp in Castle Black reunited with Frodo Jon is kinda sweet, but I feel really bad for Gollum Reek - may the Otheys take Ramsay Snow for taking away Theon's last shred of identity.

    Roose and Walder getting along. Nice scene but can't help to hate those two at the same time. Grrr!

    Mhysa scene is okay but not as great as Dracarys.

    Like the Rat Cook story then showing Old Frey eating his meal after ---> something is coming for the Freys. The gods are not happy.

    Can't wait for the 4th Season!

  6. I hope it's not yet too late to include my entry. I just saw the most anticipated episode of this season today and oh boy... what an episode! I expect that I won't be too surprise what's going to happen to that bloody wedding coz I know who dies and who celebrates. But watching and anticipating the shooting arrows, stabbing body parts, and slitting of throats, my heart is uncontrollably thumping and beating fast. I did not scream or cry but I was left speechless and wide-eyed when all of those happened. Let the mourning begins, but first, let me rate this episode a fantastic 10/10. What a great acting by Michelle Fairley, btw --- I could almost feel her pain.

  7. Arya and the Hound. That's it? Hu-huh!

    Tonight's episode is waaay better than last week. Not 100% perfect but I totally enjoyed watching it. Some things I disagree: like Sansa kneeling, the Hound speaking nicely, and Daario being a hottie. Gendry and Mel just get a rolling eyes from me. That's not necessary, but Stannis burning the gummy bear leech spooks me a little bit. Did Stannis shadowbaby killed Balon? Crackpot! I like the Sam the Slayer scene even though it shown too late. Dany's scenes with the Second Sons is excellent (makes me want to cut that guy's annoying tongue). My concern: how in seven hells Daario gets to sneak in so easily inside Dany's tent? If it isn't him, both ladies are dead. Glad the show made those wanton sword hilts btw. Anyway, I'm glad GOT is back on being awesome. I hope the next episode will top this one. Give the Second Sons a 9/10.

  8. Been excited to see this episode 'coz our dear GRRM wrote it and my hopes were too high. I even told my friends that this would be one of the best episodes of the season. Turned out, it wasn't. One of my friends was expecting something that would cause to blow her mind and something she could talk about for the rest of the week. It was a quiet episode though (without the bear pit scene, it would just be like a soap opera thingy), and like the previous ones, scenes were repetitive (ex. Theon's torture and the two people talking and acting in front of the camera). It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Give it a six.

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