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    Thanks :) It's always nice to have a greeter in a forum; I appreciate that you take the time to respond to newbs!
  2. FriendlyMisanthrope


    Hi :) I have lurked a bit before finally mustering up the courage to register because I really, really love to talk about the show and the books, and my husband has reached his limit of how much yapping he wants to hear on the subject. I am 32 and was raised and still live in the southern US, where it's hot and sticky and bible-belt-y and toddlers own guns. I'm a big fan of horror; I like weirdness, whimsy, art, media, kink, and the darker side of life. I am a bit intimidated because I know this is a fandom that has been around for a some time, and while I've been with the show since it first aired, I only recently picked up the books, simply because I became so enamored with the show that I needed something to tide me over when it's not on. Like Tiffany, I'm a big fan of Sandor, but there are many characters in the series that I find to be very interesting, complex, and entertaining. I also tend to enjoy the show a bit more than the books because I work in/am interesting in film production and whatnot, and while it's not the case that I don't read---I read a lot, but I tend to read more non-fiction than fiction---I gravitate more towards visual media, because that's what I love to do! Anywho, like I said I am intimidated, so I figured I'd start with the Introductions thread since that's an easy way to get a toe in! But I am looking forward to joining the varied and passionate discussions here.