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  1. I think they are making a 180° spin on Shae's plot to fool those of us who read the books. She's more Tysha than book Shae at this point so I reckon that, if she dies, Tyrion is not going to be the one that kills her.
  2. Arya has value should a Lannister marries her to ensure Winterfell. And I doubt the Hound would let them, even if the only Lannisters left are Jaime and Lancel. She's safe for the moment.
  3. I thought the scene where Jon clean his wounds serves that purpose: he explained himself better than he did on the books IMO. He's not a child trying to hold on to his first girlfriend, he's a man of the Night's Watch, saying goodbye to one of Mance's Rayder's most loyal soldiers (its a theme Jon would revisit, as he chooses the Watch over love, over children, over his friends, over his own sisters even).
  4. It was a welcomed surprised Ygritte ended ended up this season alive, as I was sure they were going to end in the middle point of the book.(a.k.a. the biggest fire the north has ever seen) I don't think any son Jon would father with Ygritte would be a bastard because he made the point that every wildling would know she was his woman, particularly Orell. If she ever has a child, then everyone would know who is the father of said child, which is the only reason Jon avoided it before (he doesn't know who was his mother).
  5. To me, it ties a lot with what Ygritte said about Jon being loyal to his woman on "The Climb, which I have no doubt he'll remain for the rest of his life - not that he can actually cheat on her in a Wall full of men - but, as loyal as Jon is to his woman, he has a job as well and he intends to finish it. He loves her, he said so himself. But he's a crow and will remain one for as long as he is alive.
  6. I'd say Shae is as good as dead. Judging only by Talisa's plot, I seriously doubt Tyrion is going to be the one to kill her.
  7. At least the entire part of the Army that remained loyal to the King in the North. Remember: Robb Stark had already lost big chunks of his army when Karstark's men left him, Edmure won a mill losing half his men, Bolton's men chose to play for the other side, Robb chose to marry a foreign girl from Volantis and so on. There were still enough men in the north for an army, they just weren't fighting for Robb's army anymore.
  8. Its the same old Talisa-is-a-Lannister-spy "deduction" because of the books IMO; where Jayne Westerling's mother was a spy, Talisa got killed along with her baby in the same wedding her husband was murdered. Now, its all about Tyrion killing a Shae that is a completely different character from her book counterpart because of reasons that no longer apply on the show.
  9. I'm not saying that it doesn't, I'm saying its part of the same plot. No matter how I look at it, the show made Daenerys conquer the Cities in a different order. It's bound to change the plot one way or another.
  10. I think the Lannister are of little value to her, to be honest. Arya strikes me a lot like one of those soldiers from WWII that keep watching the people they care about being taken away (Syrio, Ned, Sansa, Yoren, Jaqen, Hot Pie, Gendry, Robb, Catelyn and so on), until the point they refuse to care about anyone that could get hurt or killed on their watch. Aside killing Joffrey or Cersei, Arya doesn't have time for any Lannister at this point. I doubt she remembers Tyrion or Jaime even exists and, if it weren't for Harrenhal, she sure would've forgotten about Tywin by now.
  11. Considering the Mysha scene was taken straight from Meereen plot in the books, I'd say Yunkai is secured. Unless the plague comes from Meereen, Daenerys is one season away to take over that side of the Narrow Sea. By the end of season 5, she should be in a position to catch up with Victarion plot and cross over to King's Landing. Considering TV Shae is a completely different character than Book Shae, I've got to agree.
  12. The issue with Meereen on the books is that the City was never safe for Yunkai remained a major threat up until the latest book The show, on the other hand, not only eliminated the threat by taking control of Yunkai long before Meereen, but also took care of an entire Company and two Captains long before the books did. Now, not only Dani has complete control of Yunkai, but also of the Second Sons through Daario Naharis.
  13. Actually, when do wildlings name their kids its of the utmost importance because of Mance Rayder's baby. Then again, he doesn't have a baby - or a wife - on the show either.
  14. If I didn't stop watching when Cat didn't raise from the dead in the finale, Strong Belwas didn't show up when Barristan did, Ygritte wasn't shot by an arrow or Mero was killed & Yunkai conquered long before we ever saw Meereen, I won't stop watching because of this.
  15. The only way I could see that on the show, its if Tyrion asks her to do it in order to spare Sansa. But that would mean Sansa doesn't escape King's Landing until after Tyrion is found guilty (rather than the night Joffrey dies, as if happened on the books) ETA: Then again, it was also important for the wildlings not to name their babies until they were two years old, but TV Gilly has just named her newborn son on the show. Some things are not going to stay the same no matter how important they might seem.
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