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  1. All this we do in the name of those who have none.

  2. Complexity confuses, but simplicity HURTS.

  3. Don't give them an inch.

  4. Ask not for whom the Stranger comes; he comes for all.

  5. It isn't what it is; it's what it isn't...

  6. Always remember: Now is not the Time, and you are not the One.

  7. Having seen the uploads on YouTube, and heard about what did and didn't happen, I offer this: The series is screwing up. This should have been a two-episode battle, starting in 8 and ending with Stannis' arrival in 9. Ygritte should have died in a skirmish around 6 or 7. I'm leery of Pyp and Grenn dying, but if this indicates they serve no real purpose in the books, I'll accept it. Looks like Jon won't be getting elected Lord Commander this season. Maybe episode 2 next season, which is pushing it. Have to have enough time for Sam to get to the tropics for Aemon's funeral and the Fat Pink Mast (implied, of course). Why are there only supposed to be 100 crows left at CB? Judging by what we saw, they should nearly all be dead. They should have gone with the book estimate of a thousand. The issue of shooting stuff to the top of the Wall may have been dealt with properly: the one bolt that made it was from a giant's corssbow, equivalent to a ballista. Though I'm not sure even the largest ballista could reach - but it's a fudge any which way.
  8. Well, I'm getting a vibe that D&D are going seriously off the rails here. Ygritte took this long to die, Pyp and Grenn dead, and NO STANNIS? WTF? :bang: This battle was supposed to have started two episodes ago and been part of a running background to events elsewhere. Not agreeing with the management at all.
  9. ejhawman

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    "Only Cat" becomes "Your sister"?!?!?! That can only be a deliberate middle finger to fans. :bang:
  10. Don't stop changing. I love you just the way you aren't.

  11. Imagine a world where nothing is possible...

  12. You face a wolf, a lion, a kraken, and a dragon. Which do you feed yourself to?