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  1. Stobb Rark

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Cheers for the replies. Yeah, because the show has gone left-field, we cant really assume too much. It's just guess work. Shouldn't be like that. Seems like in the next few episodes, they need to fit an awful lot in. Stannis arrives at the Wall and defeats the Wildlings and co but - he's in Braavos as Asha is fronting Ramsey but she can't come away with Theon, because 1) Stannis hasn't arrived 2) Theon actually escapes on his own and 3) Balon is still alive. Even if Balon dying is the trigger for Asha to go to Theon/Ramsey, it has to go away from the books again because there's so much in between!! Bloody hell. Probably agree that Asha sees Theon, is seen off by Ramsey and is then captured later by a money laden Stannis. Head banging stuff.
  2. Stobb Rark

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    So is Asha going to come face to face with Ramsey as hinted in the trailer or not? Stannis is the guy that clubs her and gets hold of her, she doesn't clap eyes on the Bastard in the books - and Stannis looks to be in Braavos while all this is taking place. And no Kingsmoot = no Victarion until much later or not at all? Nooby questions, I know :blush:
  3. Stobb Rark

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I thought that instantly. It has nothing to do with R'hollor (unless he's burned by Melisandre - but I can't see that at all), being a Targaryen etc. imo, obvs.
  4. Stobb Rark

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Because one of them is exchanging information with the Lannisters and the others aren't. Maybe. Book Cersei > Show Cersei but show Cersei will only last so long. After the trial, Tywin etc, she's El Loco again imo.