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  1. Keep Calm and Imp On

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Gave it a 2. This season killed my enthusiasm for the show. I'll still watch it, but now it's just another show. I always rave about it to my co-workers, and even got some of them to start watching.Not anymore. Too many off book variations for me. I understand it's an adaptation based on the books, and they have a limited budget, etc, etc....still no excuse to snub the most loyal and true supporters of this show: the book readers. Stannis should have showed up last week. After the way the show has butchered his character he needed his hero moment. No LS is UNFORGIVABLE. They knew, KNEW, we wanted her appearance this season. I don't buy the Michelle Fairley scheduling/filming bit either. Am I to believe there are NO actresses in who resemble Michelle, or could have passed for her under the heavy LS make-up and prosthetics? Suck it D&D. No Tysha....really? The Asha/Yara story was BS. This and more makes me wonder what else will they butcher for the remaining seasons. Will they leave out and/or change characters and story lines that make AFFC and ADWD appealing? The KingSmoot, Sand Snakes, Griif and young Griff, Cerci's madness? I'm not going to take a speed boat to crazytown and not buy the rest of the books or cancel my HBO ( damn you Crashbox, my kids love you so ), but I just feel like shrugging my shoulders when now asked " So, I hear you're big into Game of Yhrones."
  2. Keep Calm and Imp On

    How would you rate episode 310?

    5...meh. Loved the Ayra kill and The Hound's reaction. TBH, I never really dug the whole LS storyline, so I'm not dissapointed in her being MIA. If she shows next season, great. If not, no biggie. Same with Coldhands. A cool character but not a must have to the story. Not down with the Asha/Yara change. Let it go already. Davos was awesome, loved seeing RobbWind. KL scenes were meh....
  3. Keep Calm and Imp On

    Favorite POV Character

    Ned and Jon in AGoT. I liked seeing Jon's reaction after he arrives at the wall and finally grasps what Tyrion was trying to tell him.