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  1. Citadel_acolyte

    Theories about the LOOK Drogon gave Jon?

    This. Drogon definitely ties Dany to her past, to Kal Drogo and to taking what she wants by whatever force necessary. It was as Khalisi that she stood back and watched the torture and death of Viserys, whose sacrifice made her (she thought) heir to the 7 kingdoms. Similar dynamics are playing out with the dragons. Viserion was sacrificed to the the white walkers but Dany still thinks she can ride to power on Drogon. She thinks that Rhaegal is merely a tribute to a long dead brother and is therefore is happy to loan him out to Jon. She misinterprets Rhaegal's willingness to let Jon ride as obedience to her.
  2. Citadel_acolyte

    Rant and Rave Thread

    This is super nit-picky but it continues to bother me that some of the dialogue can be predicted a beat before the characters speak it. Like the discussion between Tyrion, Varys and the Onion Knight about how the young only respect older folks to keep them at a distance because they are a reminder of an unpleasant truth. These three are supposed to be wise and witty, so the response (which I'm pretty sure came from Tyrion) asking "how so?" should have been completely unnecessary. The implication of Varys' statement was obvious and Tyrion (or Davos) could have shown an ounce of brains by simply agreeing with Varys with the words "Nothing lasts". It would have been a lot less pedantic for the audience, and would have had the same impact when voiced over the image of J & D, without making Tyrion look like an obtuse oaf. Ok, I get that Tyrion was feeling sensitive about being grouped in with the old men, but come on. His character is getting more and more useless and my only hope is that this is meant to be a sign that his role as Dany's Hand has diminished him. He will hopefully come back to himself early in the season by switching loyalties.
  3. Citadel_acolyte

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Daenerys is so secure in her role as the "mother of dragons" that she likely thinks that the dragon is obeying her by letting her man go for a ride. I don't think there's any reason to believe she knows more about Jon's parentage. Her invitation is definitely a sign that she's into him and that she really trusts him (maybe too much). I agree with a reddit comment I saw that the dragon riding scenes looked like an ad for a theme park ride.
  4. Citadel_acolyte

    Sansa up to something (with Cersei?)

    I agree that Sansa is plotting something surprising and a lot of your observations ring true - the repeated, unsubtle reminders about how intelligent she is, the discussion between Jon and Arya about her family loyalty and her clearly advanced ability to read the various players in her chat with Tyrion. But I don't see Sansa ever teaming up with Cersei, unless her ultimate object is to see Cersei deposed or dispatched.
  5. Citadel_acolyte

    Cersei using Euron as a cover?

    True, but lots and lots of people don't feel like drinking when they're pregnant anyway because of nausea/morning sickness and heartburn. It's plausible that Tyrion would have recognized this pattern in her even without the benefit of the Surgeon-General's warning.
  6. Citadel_acolyte

    How would you rate episode 408?

    I gave the episode a 6, but in retrospect it should have been higher. I LOVE LOVE LOVE every moment of the scenes with Arya and the Hound. It's tough knowing that they are going to come to an end, although I do want more Bravos. I really liked the scenes in the North, particularly the Bolton father-son moment. Also like the Reek-Ramsay bits. I highly approved of all the scenes in the Eyrie, and I aprove of Sansa coming clean about her identity, although I am interested to see where that is going. I found the final scene between Sansa and Littlefinger a little creepy but possibly in a good way. I liked the duel although I confess to covering my face during the head explosion. Somewhat puzzled by the beetles, but the dynamic beween Jaime and Tyrion is great. I'll take as much as I can get. The only thing I really didn't like was the Missandi-Grey worm bit mostly because, as others have mentioned, there is so much other great material to cover and it just seemed like it was written in for the gratuitous nudity.
  7. Citadel_acolyte

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    My thought exactly. I think they will begin S4 with a shot of Cat's corpse bobbing just under the surface of the water and Arya, through Nymeria, discovering her.