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  1. 35 minutes ago, teej6 said:

    I’m so tired of people reducing the book’s sole purpose to subverting/destroying tropes. If that’s all that mattered to Martin, his story would be terrible and would eventually become predictable and meaningless. What he does, and does well, is introduce elements of reality to character tropes. So whether it be the protagonist or the antagonist, we as readers get to hear their thoughts, understand their motivations, fears, and justifications. This makes these characters more real and we can empathize with them more than the standard fantasy hero/villain. As to Ned dying in the first book, this was perhaps a shock to a lot of readers, but if you take the series as a whole, he was never the protagonist. He was the father figure in fantasy/ mythology whose death/ failure is the impetus needed to develop the characters of his kids/ prodigies. His death is required to set the story in motion and to set up the growth in the character arcs of the actual protagonists. And that’s exactly what Martin gave us.

    Martin has said on several occasions that he loses interest in a story if he knows the ending and he likes to surprise the reader, but he’s also said his story should flow organically. If all he cared about was subverting tropes and readers expectations, his story wouldn’t be very good and would be rather meaningless. Martin is smart enough to know that hope is a central theme in fantasy/mythical storytelling and he is writing fantasy after all, despite how much people would like to argue otherwise.

    This x10000

    People always use George's Aragorn quote to say that George is "subverting tropes" but what he really meant was that he wished Tolkien showed what happened after Aragorn ruled. Martin is using several of the tropes of fantasy he is simply injecting them with realism just as you described with Ned. Ned's death wasn't groundbreaking in the epic fantasy genre, the father figure dying to make way for the younger characters is one that has been done to death, it's just that in this story we actually are inside the father figure's head seeing his conflicts, struggles etc.

  2. I think the character outcomes will be the same Dany dying, Sansa becoming Queen of the North, Bran becoming the elected monarch etc. But I think the road to those outcomes will be different. I could see Dany burning KL but I don't think it will be the way it occurred in the show, that is, when the city had already surrendered. I could see it happening from the second Dance between herself and Faegon, and her eventually dying when she goes North to aid in the fight against the Others.

    I also don't see Sansa going through some of the useless show plot points such as being raped by Ramsey or being in a "catfight" with Dany.

  3. I dont get why people are complaining, it was a great episode.

    And to be fair, there is no point in complaining about the changes in the show at this point, that ship sailed ages ago.

    I have no problems with the changes as long as I am entertained and I have been fully entertained by this episode

    I love Missandei and Grey Worm, D and D are doing a good job at fleshing out all the characters in Dany's camp.

    Also Sansa owned this episode, loved it!

    Wowwow thats one hell of a nitpick! hue! I didnt even remember them. Bronze Yohn is gr9 doe.


    Alright I'm still in shock because of the last scene, I couldn't even watch it.... man they went all the way.

    First, people need to stop complaining about Grey Worm and Missandei. They have great chemistry, they are very cute together, it makes even historical sense.... powerful, rich eunuchs have married in the past, so why not??? The two of them are replacing a lot of characters from the books, so they will have very important roles in the story after Daenerys flies away. Heck, they will probably survive all the way to Westeros and be important there.... it makes sense from the show's perspective.

    Agreed, I dont get the complain of Missandei an Grey worm.

  4. Total character deviation for Cersei. NO WAY would she ever confess her displeasure with Joffrey to anyone outside of the family.

    \it's not their fault, TV viewers don't get to read characters minds so dialogues are the only way to show what characters are thinking.

  5. I think that was a vision of Aegon's Balerion the black dread. Shadow the size of a 747. When I saw the trailer I was really wondering how they could have been so off on the size of the shadow, but now it makes sense. It's a vision of the biggest and oldest dragon Westeros has ever known.

    But KL didnt exist when Aegon conquered the seven kingdoms

    Also attached is a scene of a destroyed red keep

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