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    Game of Thrones, Star Trek TNG, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Wilfred... oh, interests!

    I suppose it's imaginary worlds?

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  1. The princess and the queen: so much awesome

  2. Dunk & Egg done! Glad I stuck with it. So much foreshadowing

  3. I can no longer tell sarcastic posts from genuine posts.

  4. Finally reading Dunk & Egg.

  5. Wondering what's left to talk about.

  6. The R+L=J thread is out of control

  7. Feeling dirty for posting in the FMK thread. :(

  8. I'm oddly not exactly sure what's wrong or right anymore but it seems like the dates keep getting shift around. Sometimes Aegon is born in 280 sometimes 282. Shrug, i also may be mistaken or whatever.
  9. I think someone maybe editing the Wiki timeline with incorrect changes. Particularly between 281-284.
  10. House Hightower, Maesters, and House Martell

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