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    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    I think that most of this episode gave a certain development either of characters or the plotline, except dorne, that was troughly pointless. However Dorne set up is complete. we have sandsnakes in prison including Jaime. Perhaps since there is no Aegon, Doran will be the main player, in Myrcella as queen plotline. Jaime released and he will have the riverlands arc in the next season. Poor Bronn tough -.-. Arya, has marvellous development, it has been sped up a bit. Her killing carreer will start next episode, probably as Cat of the Canals. I think season will end with her going blind. KL is going quite by the book, I was hoping after loras, septon will call Cersei after margaery. it will probably happen in the next episode, however I think Storms end plot with Loras has not been droped yet. alot can happen in next 4 episodes. Winterfell. What Interest me most is that help sansa is supposed to get if she lights up the candle. It seems to me as another Ramsays plot, to give hope then strip it away. As for the scene , It was much more horrifying in the books with Jeyne. the main dynamoc in the books and series is that main charcters are not exempt from the bad things. It is obvious Jeyne has played a role also in development in the Jon Snow arc, by convincing him Arya is in WF, he decided to lead the wildings to the south. Sansa also has to play Jeynes role now. More than stories diverging from the books I think they are merging storylines. And what they are ending is a massive wait that is undertaken in the books. Why have one char stay in the Vale for a shitload of time, when you can move them to fullfil someone elses role in the mean time. Probably in the books sansa will depart for WF at some point. Why not have her get there sooner and play a role in the plot development. While undergoning her transformation, in a different way. But to become a ''player'' she needs to lose faith in humanity, and become a borderline psychopat, like most of the ''players'' are. My hope is that she will put resistance to Ramsay. A potentially epic scene could be, her killing theon and thus taking away ramsay's favourite toy . And brienne plays the role of saving her.