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    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    ugh, I mean this show is still a good show and all. But, it really does not do the books justice. Not to mention some of the changes they make are just ridiculous. Some changes I understand since it's a TV medium. However, there is no need to completely change personalities and leave out pretty significant characters to the plot. Seriously...
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    Nice to meet you! So glad to know we are not alone in this suffering!
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    Hello everyone. Big fan of the book series and recently been getting into the show. While I do enjoy the show, it's not completely up to par with the books in my opinion, yet is still one of the best shows I've experienced on TV. I've known about the forum for a while, but I've avoided it because I didn't want to ruin ADWD for myself since I've been too busy to be able to finish it until recently. Now that I'm done though, I hope that I can enjoy this forum with everyone.