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    How would you rate episode 310?

    Martin is bookwriter, DD are TV writers, and a mega production with a lot of obligations behind that. I trust Martin better for his job and I trust D&D for theirs. When you look at the episode written by Martin, I doubt the show would have gotten past the first season with him in command.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    As in Jeyne replaced Frey's little daughter (whom he doesn't care about until Robb replaces her) and Talisa replaced Jeyne (whom readers don't care about until tv-show replaces her)?
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    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    No, it only matters to the people who assume that a Robb Stark who has never warged before and about whom nobody says that his eyes roll at the moment of his death somehow did a warg level 100 trick and entered Grey Wind. The only evidence is that a continuity error would suggest he had extraordinary physical power and some dialogue that would suggest warg dreams, completely different from entering your wolf at the moment of your death. I also don't know how it is possible to criticize the evident anti-conventional and anti-climatic quality of GW dying like he did and Arya seeing it (and assuming what happens from it), as opposed to him being liberated by a Westerling and going down fighting. Absolutely, the books are famous for conveying emotions without any violence or gore. It's not like the wedding consisted of several lords you have grown attached to dying with tables thrown around or something. I'm sure that, if Talisa wasn't killed, the consensus would be that Robb's death was too lonely and that he was the only person to die with Catelyn coming back. Because that is what happens, Robb dies and loses his crown, unCat replaces Cat, Blackfish gets away thanks to his piss break in the show, Greatjon is merely imprisonned, Westerling boy runs away, Edmure is not killed. Who really dies that we care about in this ''massacre''? Talisa and Little Ned dying was a good touch, although a stab in the heart good have done it too.