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  1. So many people voting a '1' here carried by their emotions over one character. Atleast give the other amazing scenes the weight they deserve. 7/10 for me. Jorah and Tyrion were great and Arya's scenes were well executed. Dorne was terrible, hope Doran steps in soon enough and ends this horrible Sand Snakes plot. KL was okay,but they are really trying too hard with Olenna now,its getting a bit stale. Nothing surprising in WF plot,of course Ramsay was gonna do that,anyone else who thought otherwise is naive when it comes to the show. I liked Sansa's wedding dress the white-grey made her look like a true Stark lady. Theon has been exceptional in showing his emotions with no words.
  2. With all this Sansa talk, no onne seems to care about the wonderful set design in the hall of faces,it was quite similar to what i had imagined reading the books. The whole sequence with that eerie music had me captivated. Cheers to Alfie Allen hes one actor who can bring the best emotions across screen without saying a word,right from burning the letter to Robb in season 2 to the scene today.
  3. I liked the Stannis-Shireen scene.We know that Shireen is probably one of the very few who survived the Greyscale spreading throughout the body,naturally there had to be a back-story for that,this scene covers that very well. Stannis mentions that he summoned every maester,healer and apothecary. Could it be that Melisandre was the one who finally stopped the spreading? Makes sense for Selyse to be eternally grateful and believing in her and for Stannis to take her under his service. R'hllor could hold the cure for greyscale,ties up welll with what that other red priest in Volantis was saying.
  4. what imbalance? All we got was a bit of bush covering the area comparing that to showing full frontal pillar and stones is nonsense in my opinion.
  5. I lost it at the High Septon brothel scene..kinky old man.
  6. I fear the same.This could also be the breaking point for Stannis..possibly turning to some darker forces to revive Shireen? [new Night's king in the making? ]
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