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  1. I'm surprised this one scored so highly, it was my least favorite so far. The end reminded me of Carrie.
  2. What is going on with all these crazy spam threads?
  3. I'm not taking this as seriously as you are

  4. One criticism I keep seeing in this forum is that there was not enough build up / explanation for the assassination attempt on Jon Snow. Jon wanting to team up with the only enemy the NW has known (in living memory) is more than enough reason. There's a faction of the NW that hates his guts no matter what he does. They hate that he has become the LC and they really do see him as a traitor. And Hardhome does not change that for this hardcore faction. They are not going to take Jon's word for it that the wildlings should be the least of their worries. Here's a segment of a review from Screen Rant that addresses this point:
  5. Yeah, all this criticism about how D&D made Stannis make bad decisions is ridiculous. Stannis already went all in. He burned his child, his wife is dead, his svengali deserted him. Was he supposed to stay where he was or fall back to the Wall? He sacrificed his child and had to move somewhere while the weather was good. He clearly thought he was going to hold a siege outside Winterfell, ordered his men to form a foraging party for food and was presumably hoping that Davos was going to show up at some point with more men and provisions. And Stannis is making the bad decisions in the books that led to this point. He's attacking a castle without enough supplies, his army is starving. D&D have only sped up the inevitable.
  6. Tyrion has been robbed of much depth / grayness in the show. I'm not going to say he's completely whitewashed, but I get why people call him St. Tyrion. And the Faulkner influence reference applies because it's very much in evidence in the way the character is written in the books vs. the show.
  7. Yep. Here you go: http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2011/07/george-rr-martin-on-sex-fantasy-and-a-dance-with-dragons/241738/ Goddamnit. Constantly getting :ninja: 'd.
  8. Exactly. They got Arya into the room by adding the sadism. I'm not a fan of sadism in general, but I prefer that to seeing Arya fake a seduction or in any sexual situation. I LOVED the moment Varys showed up. The fact that he popped up out of nowhere made it perfect. People refuse to give D&D any kind of credit. They are making a really great show. It's not perfect but nothing is.
  9. I liked it better than Hardhome too. :cheers: I think we are in the minority there. Agree very much with bolded statements. Agree with most of the above, particularly the bolded parts. Hope you're right about Sansa. Gaaaahh! :ack: That was just god-awful. I think you're correct. People are really married to their ideas.
  10. I'm giving it a 9 because Ghost Olly. That's pretty much my only beef. Theon and Sansa jumped - yay! (There was snow there people. No snow where Ramsay's gf landed.) The Myrcella / Jaime moment was a pleasant surprise. Until she died that is. Arya / Trant scene was satisfying but Arya was a little too... something. So it's like an A instead of A+. Arya / Jaqen scene was trippy. I wanted Stannis to repent. Good lines in the scene with Dany's three wise men. I love Varys and I wouldn't care if he came out of a bottle in a puff of smoke. I was happy to see him. Good cinematography when the Dothraki surround Dany. LENA HEADEY IS A FANTASTIC FUCKING ACTOR!!!! Damn, that was well done on her part. (I don't think we needed so many full body shots, but that's a small complaint.) And Jon isn't dead. So all's well that ends well.
  11. Not many people talking sense around here. Well played. Yes, yes, and yes. Awesome.
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