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  1. Could there be a parallel between Rhaegar and Paris of Troy, with both abducting a woman they loved and leading to unnecessary bloodshed and violence as a result?
  2. A very interesting question. I think maybe some aspects of the creature that is warged leave themselves in the warg, hence why some have speculated Jon will be more wolflike when he gets resurrected in Winds, and Rickon seems somewhat feral due to warning Shaggydog. The Stark kids w the exception of Sansa retain that sort of need to hunt and beast-like strength from their warging in their living states. I am curious if this same effect occurs if someone were to warg a dragon, as I know Daenaerys has prophetic dreams as Maester Aemon and her forebears like Daenys did, and Targs have a greater heat resistance than normal folks (but aren't fireproof). However, no one in the series as of yet has warged a dragon, so I am curious to see what happens.
  3. Very interesting. But is Varys truly intent on restoring the Targaryens to the throne, or is Aegon a Blackfyre pretender who Varys seeks to make Lord of the 7 Kingdoms? The connections with Daenaerys story are def interesting tbh
  4. That's quite interesting about the Sealord being the same one who sheltered the surviving Targaryens. If so, I find it curious why Syrio wasn't sent to Daenaerys and Viserys, unless the Sealord had no idea of their whereabouts. I like to think Syrio may have had FM training, or some method of being able to see through their disguises, hence why he was sent to KL.
  5. I find the idea about Valryians coming to Hardhome in the past interesting for sure. Another theory I have heard is that the dragon lords were searching for the escaped slaves who founded Braavos, ended up in Hardhome and burned the settlement, but they'd have gone way off course to end up across the Narrow Sea. I am also intrigued by the idea that the Valyrians came to capture the escaped slaves, and wargs attempted to gain control of the dragons leading to devastation and the aftermath of what we see today. But that is curious to me, if your theory holds, was it really worth it for the Valyrians to cross the Narrow Sea to Hardhome just to burn some wights and take the wildlings as slaves, when the lands of the east were far more suitable to their interests?
  6. I always liked this theory, and it would definitely make sense if indeed the FM brought the doom which I believe they did (maybe furthering existing tensions and infighting between the dragon lord families). But I am curious, wouldn't the FM be hesitant to do something that can take the lives of innocent people, when their whole MO seems to be only bringing the "gift" to those who deserve it and not others? Wouldn't it be against their ideology to harm people other than their intended targets?
  7. I think they are biding their time for the right moment, I think they will definitely play an important role in the future story, just like House Dayne. I think they may reveal their plans during Euron's story arc near OldTown
  8. Certainly I agree, the Lannisters won't pay back the debts, they are in a precarious position in terms of power as it is, and Cersei is admittedly an awful regent who had no intention of paying the debts back anyway. But may haps someone will (Stannis, Daenaerys someone else) and the IB will ally with them imho, as they have already started to do with Stannis (though where he will get the gold from, I am not sure). Basically, the IB has a reputation to uphold in terms of collecting their debts, and I am almost sure someone will pay the debt Westeros owes, or it just ultimately becomes moot in the grand scheme of things, IDK.
  9. Yes I agree. It seems that they both share strong anti-slavery sentiment and would be natural allies. Could you imagine, the Iron Bank of Braavos teaming up with the last dragon lord, despite the long history Braavos has with the dragon lords of the Freehold who were their enemies? That would be something special to see. I don't think Daenaerys knows much about economics, but if she were to take the IT, maybe the IB would think she is more capable of paying back the debts than the current monarch. Dragons would be a heck of a tax collection method
  10. Maybe it was a combination of multiple factors, like a magical disaster leading to volcanic devastation of the area and ash and toxic.
  11. I don't really think the IB is in any financial problems atm. They seem to just want to collect the debts owed to them, and are willing to be very persistent and send their agents to claim the money owed them if the indebted refuse to pay. I don't really think Daenaery's upheaval of the slave trade system is harming them economically, as they are staunchly opposed to slavery and would likely support someone who reduces such a heinous practice.
  12. I would like to see it appear more in the story yes, and I think it will. I think GRRM is showing the rebirth of magic as a crescendo of the forces of fire and ice magic before they go out of the world (part of his bittersweet ending to the franchise). This may be why the dragons have returned, and the Others are on the march. I would love to see more magical stuff in the books, it's one of the most fascinating aspects of the story to me, especially how GRRM uses magic in an manner that is not keeping with the standard, traditional fantasy magic tropes, namely that one ritual solves all the problems or that magic doesn't have a cost
  13. An interesting catch for sure. What if Lightbringer does not mean a sword, but rather a dragon, and that Azor Ahai sacrificed his wife in a blood magic ritual to hatch a dragon egg, and the dragon was the Lightbringer. Would be in line with the legends not always being as they seem in ASOIAF imho
  14. I am doubtful about the IB working with LF, but I definitely think their interests and those of the FM are related somehow. Maybe the IB hires the FM to work as agents to cause turmoil amongst those who refuse to pay their debts, making it so that the new ruler is forced to pay the debts their predecessors neglected to? In any case, I think the crown's debts will have to be paid by someone, and so the IB and its agents will be prominent in the rest of the story, not to mention the FM. I think that's why Jon and Stannis have agreed to make deals with the IB for support. The Braavosi are honorable and noble as well, so this is in line with their character.
  15. I like quite a few minor characters, namely Sandor Clegane (though admittedly, he isn't an "incredibly minor" character", as well as Garlan Tyrell and Stonesnake (not only did he have a cool name, but he may still be alive out there somewhere in the Frostfangs)
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