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  1. CassieSol919

    The Frey civil war

    The Vale navy is larger than you think. King Mathos Arryn reportedly set sail with 100 warships during the war with the Starks over the Three Sisters and later later the Northmen were able to burn hundreds of ships in Gulltown's harbor. The navy was also strong enough to destroy the Targaryen fleet during the conquest and were able to get Braavosi warships over as well. Plus the Manderlys currently have over 23 war galleys. While Wyman's plan is to retrieve Rickon, Sansa Stark married to the Lord of the Eyrie with the Vale supporting her would be a much safer bet.
  2. In a neutral world, Stannis would most likely have been the heir if Joffrey and Tommen died without issue. We have seen countless times of how hard it is to be a female heir, how people try to steal or subvert a woman's inheritance. The most famous being that after Baelor died his three sisters were passed over for their uncle Viserys. Looking at the Stark family tree, it seems likely that Sansa and Serena Stark, the heirs to their father by law, were either forced or pressured into marrying their half-uncles. In practice, I'm sure that Cersei and Tywin would make sure that Myrcella succeeded her brothers instead of Stannis.
  3. CassieSol919

    The Frey civil war

    There's a hypothesis that the opposing Freys will destroy the bridge, rendering their castle and family useless. They'll probably all end up killing each other without much need for outside assistance. As for Littlefinger, I don't think he's interested in the Riverlands which is currently a scorched wasteland. And even he thinks that Harrenhal is cursed. People from the Vale can get to the North by boat. That's what Ned did during the rebellion. Given Petyr's closeness with Gulltown merchants, it's likely that he has a few connections with White Harbor and obviously the Manderlys are conspiring against the Boltons. If the Knights of the Vale show up in White Harbor, which also now has warships, it would be a serious problem for dear Roose.
  4. CassieSol919

    Is Ygritte a rapist?

    Are we looking at it from an outside perspective or from the characters? Within the world of ASOIAF no. The idea of a woman raping a man would probably never come up. I can't recall any mention in the books.
  5. Even before the Doom, Valyrian steel was very expensive. The amount the Lannisters payed for Brightroar was enough to raise an army. House Hightower is wealthy and traded with Valyria so it makes sense that they had Vigilance but what about other houses? How did the Starks get Ice or the Mormonts Longclaw? I doubt there was much interaction between the North and Valyria.
  6. CassieSol919

    Targaryen dragon regulation?

    You have to factor in the children's personalities. Daella was terrified of dragons and Gael was described as simple. After Saera tried to get a dragon, it was probably decided to keep Viserra away due to her personality and I don't blame Jaehaerys for that decision. Maegelle became a septa who seems to have stayed in KL and Vaegon an archmaester in Oldtown so they didn't exactly need dragons to travel. And neither seemed to express any interest in having a dragon.
  7. CassieSol919

    Pros and Cons of 9 Kingdoms

    In theory a unified Westeros would be best for the people. A strong monarch would keep the lords from making war on each other, having the same currency would help with trade and if one area was suffering from famine, resources could be pulled from another. But that's with a strong monarch.
  8. CassieSol919

    Was Robb drugged?

    Some people may not be aware of this but Sybell Spicer's grandmother is Maggy the Frog and has been known to sell love potions. So it's possible that Sybell slipped something into Robb's food while he was recovering from his injuries.
  9. CassieSol919

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    We don't judge characters or their actions in a vacuum. We judge them by comparing them to other characters and based on our own understanding of the world. What might be reprehensible for one person might not be for another. Many of Arya's kills could be considered unforgivable but many excuse it due to her age and the trauma she's been through.
  10. CassieSol919

    Why didn't Rhaella leave Dragonstone?

    The Blackfyres believed that Westeros was theirs by right but that didn't stop them from fleeing to Essos. Bittersteel had only ever known Westeros but he fled when he realized the battle was lost in order to fight another day.
  11. CassieSol919

    Why didn't Rhaella leave Dragonstone?

    When Dany was born. She was conceived when Aerys burned Qarlton Chelsted, which occurred just before the Battle of the Trident. After Rhaegar's death, Rhaella was sent to Dragonstone. So she was there with the Targaryen fleet for approximately 9 months.
  12. Rhaella spent approximately 9 months on Dragonstone. I imagine during the beginning she was trying to rally support around Viserys but that clearly didn't work. So why remain on Dragonstone? We know that Oberyn tried to raise Dorne to support Viserys and I imagine that Rhaella and Elia got along so why not head for Dorne with the royal fleet? Or if she thought that was too risky, then why not go across the Narrow Sea? We know that Willem Darry took the children to Braavos (and for those who think that they weren't in Braavos, I recommend watching In Deep Geek's video on the subject). Again having the dowager queen and the remaining royal fleet would have put the Targaryens in a better position. Also perhaps Rhaella's life could have been saved.
  13. CassieSol919

    How does Ned know Lyanna is at the Tower of Joy?

    Perhaps Varys told him in order to secure his pardon. I find it hard to believe that Varys did not know where the crown prince and 3 members of the kingsguard including the lord commander were.
  14. CassieSol919

    Delete thread

    I'd like to delete an old thread I started. How do I do that?
  15. We know that the FM were involved in The Doom, either causing it directly or by assassinating the sorcerers who held back the Fourteen Flames. And we know that they began in the slave mines of Valyria and that Braavos is strictly against slavery. So why haven't the FM assassinated those involved in the slave trade? It's not like they're lacking in gold and resources. In most cities slaves outnumber nonslaves by a significant amount. You'd think it would be easy for them to free these slaves and start rebellions. And if you're wondering about mercenary companies, either have Braavos hire most of them or kill the higher ups at once. The rest of the sellswords would either disperse or try to establish new companies. It's not like the Free Cities or Slavers Bay have dragons or sorcery to interfere.