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  1. The home of The Great Other perhaps? Or where the Others originated from.
  2. What happened with Aerea Targaryen. That was hard to read but so fascinating and opens a lot of possibilities and theories.
  3. Pretty much everyone agrees that Addam and Alyn were Corlys's sons. Addam was able to mount a dragon so I wonder, did Corlys ever try to claim a dragon? And I wonder if other Velaryons like Alyssa or her Baratheon children could have claimed a dragon.
  4. Robert wasn't in love with Lyanna. As Ned said, Robert never really knew her. He was in love with the idea of Lyanna. We know that Robert was still sleeping with prostitutes when he was supposed to be fighting a war to get Lyanna back. As for staying in King's Landing, Robert needed to consolidate power and I'm sure Jon Arryn told him to stay. Also I suspect Ned knew that Lyanna had gone willingly with Rhaegar. Many suspect that Benjen knew what had happened and the brothers had reunited when the Northern banners were called. The fight Ned and Robert had over the deaths of the Targaryens gave Ned an excuse to leave the capital without Robert.
  5. Is it ever stated how old Varys and Illyrio are? I'm guessing 40s-50s.
  6. In The World of Ice and Fire, it's mentioned that Daemon agreed to wed his eldest daughter Calla to Aegor. Did they actually get married? Agreed to wed is not the same as actually marrying someone. Ned agreed to wed Sansa to Joffrey but obviously that never happened. I think that GRRM said that they were married but didn't have children. If so does anyone have a link to that, whether it's a video or article?
  7. We know that Robert and Ned fought over it and that Jon Arryn wasn't able to reconcile them. He also went to Dorne himself to broker a peace with the Maetells and advised Robert not to try and have Viserys and Daenerys assassinated. The marriage between Robert and Cersei was to bind Tywin Lannister to the new regime and he also advised Robert to keep Jaime on the Kingsguard instead of sending him to the Wall like Ned wanted. If I had to guess, I'd say he didn't approve of what Tywin did but recognized that in order for Robert to be secure on the throne he needed Lannister support.
  8. I'm very curious as to how House Harlaw ended up with the sword Nightfall. I imagine that they acquired it during the chaos that followed Dalton Greyjoy's death but I wonder if the Greyjoys tried to get it back in the last 165 years. I'm sure Euron would love a Valyrian sword to match his armor.
  9. Aegon is not going to be the King of the Seven Kingdoms because all of Westeros is falling apart. The North is already experiencing the effects of Winter along with the conflict between Stannis and the Boltons about to erupt. The Northern lords have their own plans, ranging from Manderly using Rickon to crowning Jon in accordance with Robb's will. The Vale has been closed off with Littlefinger hoarding the food and his plan to reclaim the North in Sansa's name. The Riverlands are in chaos with outlaws and burned fields in every direction. The Ironborn have declared independence, been successfully raiding along the coast of the Reach and Oldtown is about to be destroyed by Euron. The Westerlands don't have clear leadership and I suspect that much of the Lannister army in the Riverlands is going to be killed in Lady Stoneheart's Red Wedding 2.0 I think Cersei is going to use Aerys's wildfire to burn down King's Landing so there goes the capital. At the Wall, there's going to be fighting between those who were loyal to Jon and those who killed him. Also the Others are probably going to break through the Wall and start the second Long Night. Honestly, Daenerys (who is currently thousands of miles away and is still dealing with everything in Slavers Bay) is probably the least of Aegon's worries.
  10. Depends on whether or not Loras was killed or taken capture. If he was killed, I imagine Mace would try to attack Tywin as soon as he could. If he was taken as a prisoner, Tywin would use that as leverage to at least get the Tyrells to be neutral. Given what happened at the Hand's tourney, I'm sure that Gregor would have just killed Loras.
  11. Do you think that Bloodraven tried to have Bittersteel killed during his exile in Essos? Aegor was the one who kept the Blackfyre cause alive, especially in the first few years after Daemon's death seeing as all of Daemon's children were under the age of 12. Perhaps Daeron decided not to strike when Aegor was in Tyrosh but what about after? We know that he fought as a mercenary between the different Blackfyre rebellions. You'd think it wouldn't be that difficult for Bloodraven to arrange Bittersteel's death, either through poison, sorcery or even by sending some of his Raven's Teeth to Essos. We know many agreed to join the Night's Watch with him.
  12. It's possible that Coldhands was a member of the Raven's Teeth. It would explain why he seems to have been a member of the Night's Watch and why he still follows Bloodraven's orders.
  13. According to GRRM, Naerys wanted to become a sept. If she had to choose between her two brothers, she would have undoubtedly picked Aemon.
  14. If there's one thing that ASOIAF isn't it's simple and Rhaegar certainly wasn't that. Let's start with his birth. He was born during the Tragedy of Summerhall where his great-grandfather and many others died. Obviously he wouldn't have remembered it but being told about it would certainly have affected him. He was very intelligent but melancholic and didn't have many close friends, with the exception of Arthur Dayne and I would say Oswell Whent. Then there was his marriage to Elia. Lots of people just paint Rhaegar as a horrible husband but GRRM has said that their marriage was complicated. First it was an arranged marriage. We aren't reliably told Elia's feelings towards Rhaegar, whether she did love him or was fond of him. Given the vision we saw of them after the birth of Aegon (after Harrenhal) they seem to be on decent terms. Also we learn that Elia was well aware of Rhaegar's beliefs about TPTWP. Whether or not she believed the same is unknown but it at least shows that Rhaegar was being honest with Elia. Then comes Lyanna Stark. I am of the belief that Lyanna was TKOTLT and the reason that Rhaegar gave her the laurel was to honor her valor in the tournament. We're not told Elia's reaction, maybe because she didn't have one. Maybe Rhaegar told Elia about his finding of the mystery knight. Given that Dorne is a bit more open to female fighters (her nieces, the Sand Snakes, are all taught to defend themselves) Elia might have been impressed by Lyanna's courage and talent. After the birth of Aegon, the maester said that any more pregnancies could kill Elia. What's often overlooked is that Rhaegar wasn't going to force Elia to have another child, unlike Aegon IV and Jaehaerys I. Why wouldn't he and Elia have talked about the options? The Dornish are more open about having lovers (even her uncle Lewyn, a member of the Kingsguard, had a paramour) so why would Elia be against Rhaegar having one as well? There's one more issue - prophecy. We know that Rhaegar was invested in TPTWP but I think there was more to it. We've seen both Daenerys and Jon having dreams and visions, as well as Daeron and Daemon Blackfyre in Dunk and Egg. I think Rhaegar did as well. We see some evidence when Daenerys was in THOTU where Rhaegar looks right at her when discussing the heads of the dragon. There's also his songs. Here's a quote from Barristen, "When you heard him play his high harp with the silver strings and sing of twilights and tears and the death of kings, you could not but feel that he was singing of himself and those he loved." What if he was singing of himself and those he loved? What if he knew that he was to die and cause the deaths of everyone he loved? What if that was the cause of his, as Barristen put it, sense of doom? Meera says that Jojen would not fight against his dreams, even to save his own life. Maybe Rhaegar was the same.
  15. The Vale navy is larger than you think. King Mathos Arryn reportedly set sail with 100 warships during the war with the Starks over the Three Sisters and later later the Northmen were able to burn hundreds of ships in Gulltown's harbor. The navy was also strong enough to destroy the Targaryen fleet during the conquest and were able to get Braavosi warships over as well. Plus the Manderlys currently have over 23 war galleys. While Wyman's plan is to retrieve Rickon, Sansa Stark married to the Lord of the Eyrie with the Vale supporting her would be a much safer bet.
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