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  1. According to Illyrio and Yandel the male line of House Blackfyre is extinct but that leaves the possibility of the female line. Many, myself included, believe that Young Griff/Aegon is a Blackfyre through the female line.
  2. EvanSol919

    Why hadn't Cersei tried to kill Tyrion before?

    I highly doubt that Cersei cares about kinslaying. Also there are plenty of ways to kill someone and make it look natural. Remember how many different kinds of poison Pycelle had? For example why not use Tyrion's famous drinking habit and make it seem like alcohol poisoning?
  3. Cersei has hated Tyrion literally since the day he was born, blaming him for their mother's death. Then at 10 she heard Maggy's valonqor prophecy. She also killed Melara because of it. So why not kill him as well? Tyrion was only 3 at that time. Couldn't she have snuck into his room and smothered him with a pillow or something? I doubt Tywin would have done a thorough investigation. Then Maggy's prediction about Cersei's husband came true, that she would marry the king not the prince. Surely when Tyrion was in King's Landing she could have arranged for poison to be slipped into his wine or something. Robert wouldn't have cared about Tyrion's death one way or another.
  4. EvanSol919

    Young Griff: What do we really know?

    If you want a great explanation of the Blackfyre theory, go watch Alt Shift X's video about Varys. Highly recommend.
  5. EvanSol919

    R+L=J v.166

    In regards to Littlefinger, the theory goes that he was recovering at the Inn of the Crossroads waiting until he could travel through the Vale. Remember winter had returned by this point. The inn would be the rendezvous point where Lyanna would meet up with Rhaegar. As for Brandon he was known for being reckless. He had to be physically restrained from confronting Rhaegar at Harrenhal. Again In Deep Geek goes more in depth. Varys has spies throughout Westeros. For example he knew that Catelyn was coming to King's Landing. The Tower of Joy was on the Prince's Pass, the main route into Dorne and during a time of civil war House Fowler, the Wardens of the Prince's Pass, would have been paying attention to who was coming in and out. Also Gerald Hightower and Ned didn't seem to have had trouble finding the tower so there were people in KL who knew. And do you really think that there wasn't a maester attending to a pregnant Lyanna? As for permanent habitation, Lyanna, Arthur Dayne and Oswell Whent were there for about a year. There would have had to be people doing the cooking and cleaning, unless the Kingsguard were doing everything. Varys arranged for Gendry to leave KL but Jon was already at the Wall and before that was in Winterfell. There was no need to do anything for him. And to the rest of the world, Jon was Ned Stark's bastard. Now for the Blackfyre theory. First the Golden Company is a mercenary company. They don't have the unlimited resources. Second there were potentially several Blackfyres. Daemon Blackfyre had seven sons and at least two daughters, and surely the focus would have been on the male line. It's possible that some of the female line got separated and it was only after Maelys's death (which was in 260 AC so only 38 years before the beginning of GoT) and the end of the male line that the GC tracked down members of the female line. According to Pycelle, Varys was born into slavery not sold into it by his family. If you want more on Varys and the Blackfyre theory, go watch Alt Shift X 's video.
  6. EvanSol919

    R+L=J v.166

    There's a theory that Littlefinger was the one who told Brandon Stark that Rhaegar had abducted Lyanna. In Deep Geek made a video about it. As for Varys, I'm sure he knew about the Tower of Joy - the crown prince, the warden of the north's daughter and two members of the kingsguard all ending up in one place - I'm sure he had someone watching. Plus I'm sure that there was a maester and servants there throughout the year of the rebellion. Varys is focused on Aegon's ascension to the throne. Why would he care about a boy who is claimed to be a bastard and currently at the Wall thousands of miles away from King's Landing? As for the Targaryen succession, there's a theory that Aegon is not a Targaryen but a Blackfyre. Some even go further and believe Varys is a Blackfyre, Alt Shift X made a video about it. If that's true, then Varys really doesn't want a potential Targaryen heir acknowledged.
  7. EvanSol919

    R+L=J v.166

    To start with, I firmly believe R+L=J so that's what I'm basing this question off of. I find it hard to believe that no one has guessed Jon's true parentage. Now there may be people who suspect - Varys, Littlefinger, etc. And it seems likely that members of House Dayne are in on the lie (In Deep Geek has made great videos about it). Also I'm sure that there was a maester and other servants in the ToJ. Otherwise the Kingsguards would be doing the cooking and cleaning. Even if people believed what Robert said, that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped Lyanna, then there was a possibility of her becoming pregnant. And what did Ned say she died of? Did no one get a good look at her body? And no one wondered why 3 members of the Kingsguard, including the Lord Commander, was with Lyanna and not on Dragonstone with Rhaella and Viserys, the believed to be Targaryen heir? And there's the issue of timing. Jon was born at the end of the rebellion, which according to Ned lasted close to a year. If Ned was Jon's father, he would have had to have slept with someone during the campaign, kept in touch with her while the country was in civil war, then picked up the baby while marching back to Winterfell. For as much as Catelyn wonders about who Jon's mother was, she doesn't seem to think about the logistics. So that brings us back to the central question - do you think anyone else knows or suspects Jon's true parentage?
  8. I've noticed a lot of disdain for Rogar, some of which I don't think is fair so here is my rebuttal. First is the fact that he didn't support Aegon the Uncrowned. A lot of the major lords didn't support him. His father had been a weak king and Maegor had all the symbols of legitimacy - Aegon the Conqueror's crown, Blackfyre, the Iron Throne and Balerion. Also Visenya was still alive and she had Vhagar, the second largest dragon. Had Rogar supported Aegon at the time, he risked Storm's End's destruction. After Visenya's death Maegor could no longer use Vhagar so challenging him with 2, then 3 dragons was a much safer bet. Second was his reaction to Jaehaerys and Alysanne's wedding. When their siblings married, it tore Westeros apart. Of course he and Alyssa would try to break it up. There's the story of Coryanne Wylde but we don't know exactly what happened; all of Fire and Blood is written from an unreliable narrator. Yes his suddenly decidedly to put Aerea on the throne was partially motivated by his wounded pride but I do think he was concerned about a second Faith uprising. Third is his relationship with Alyssa. Make no mistake, this was a political marriage meant to strengthen Jaehaerys' rule. It was not a love match. In regards to Alyssa's death, again we don't know what their marriage was like after they left for Storm's End. Yes he had affairs but many nobles did; again they did not marry for love. Some have demonized him for impregnating her after Boremund's birth. Alyssa was 47 and when women approach menopause, their menstrual cycles often become irregular. Maybe Alyssa thought that she had already gone through menopause and that having sex with Rogar was safe. Rhaena was angry that Rogar said to save the child but Maester Kyrie had said that there was nothing he could do for her. Was Rogar supposed to say no, don't try and save the child? Yes he should have stayed during the c-section, I will not try and defend that. Given Rhaena's own relationships to pretty much everyone in her life, she was hardly one to criticize Rogar. All in all, Rogar was a deeply flawed person but not the irredeemable man many in the fandom have labeled him.
  9. So to briefly summarize - Catelyn captures Tyrion, Jaime flees KL after his confrontation with Ned, Tywin attacks the Riverlands and Robert is killed. But what if Robert hadn't died? What was Tywin's plan on how to deal with Robert, who wouldn't be too happy with Tywin's actions? Just have Tyrion released, make the Starks go back North and then return to Casterly Rock?
  10. With the possible exception of Lannisport being built in the shadow of Casterly Rock, none of the original Seven Kingdoms had a capital city. Even the Gardener kings didn't rule from Oldtown. Westeros as a continent is only considered to have 5 cities - King's Landing, Oldtown, Lannisport, Gulltown and White Harbor.
  11. EvanSol919

    Who is Quaithe?

    Alt Shift X made an interesting video arguing that Quaithe is Shiera Seastar. I highly recommend watching his YouTube channel.
  12. EvanSol919

    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    There's a theory that Donnel Hill of the Night's Watch is Tywin's bastard.
  13. EvanSol919

    Why did Ned allow Benjen to take the black?

    In Deep Geek did a great video about this topic but I think it was a mix of personal guilt on Benjen's part as well as a future plan on how to protect Jon.
  14. EvanSol919

    Jon's resurrection

    GRRM has confirmed that Melisandre will burn Shireen so here's my hypothesis - Selyse and Melisandre will find the bastard's letter and believe that it is true (I for one do not) and Melisandre will burn Shireen in response and inadvertently resurrect Jon. It would fulfill Melisandre's talk of using king's blood to wake a dragon (Jon) from stone (Shireen's greyscale).
  15. The general consensus is that Helaena committed suicide by throwing herself onto spikes but could it be something else? I believe that she was murdered but not by Rhaenyra as some think. If there was anyone Rhaenyra wanted to throw out a window it would be Alicent. I think it was Larys Strong or one of his agents. Larys is very much like Varys and what does he do at the end of Dance? Kill Pycelle and Kevan. It's also implied that Varys caused the riot in King's Landing and what happened after Helaena died? A riot. Ergo, I think Helaena was killed by Larys.