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  1. So the only dragons that we don’t know the colors for are Vermax, Tyraxes, Stormcloud, Morghul and Shrykos And their appearances will be revealed in Rise of the Dragon, correct?
  2. What would you say are the second greatest houses of each region, at least before the Wot5K. North - House Bolton Vale - House Royce Dorne - House Yronwood Iron Islands - House Harlaw Reach - House Hightower Not sure about the other regions. House Velaryon would have been before Robert's Rebellion but I'm not sure after that. House Reyne before Tywin destroyed them so maybe House Marbrand after? House Mallister for the Riverlands? House Caron for the Stormlands? As Lord of the Marches?
  3. Dorne will throw its lot in with Aegon. There's a theory that Edric Storm is now with the Golden Company (he was sent to Lys and the GC's spymaster Lysono Maar is from Lys. Assuming that's true, Aegon could make Edric the Lord of Storms End to secure the loyalty of the Stormlands. Its also been speculated that Tarly and Rowan will go over to Aegon's side. The North is too busy with the Boltons and Stannis. Oldtown is going to be destroyed by Euron. The Riverlands are still a mess with the Freys and Lady Stoneheart. With the Vale it depends on when Sansa's identity is revealed and whether or not Littlefinger can convince Harry and the other lords to support her claim to the North. King's Landing is in chaos with the assassination of Kevan and Pycelle, the trials of Cersei and Margarey, Nymeria and Tyene arriving, Varys still in the walls, etc. The people might see Aegon as being able to end the disorder, especially if the Faith supports him. As the supposed son of Rhaegar and Elia there's no allegations of bastardy or incest that could be applied to him as they have been to Tommen.
  4. Probably just to keep it simple. It's like how the nobility are just referred to as lords as opposed to having dukes, earls, barons, etc.
  5. This was the biggest disappointment I had when Fire and Blood was released. At the very least I wanted a full family tree.
  6. If Harrion Karstark survives then I would give the Bolton lands to Alys and Sigorn. The Dreadfort should be destroyed no matter what.
  7. I don't think people hate Essos it's just that they want Daenerys to get to Westeros. Remember that the first book was published in 1996 so that's 26 years of her saying that she's going to take back the Iron Throne and... she hasn't even left yet...
  8. I tend to think that the dinosaurs were created in Gogossos, a former Valyrian colony right off the coast of Sothoryos infamous for its blood magic. The world book talks about how new tortures were created there and how slave women were mated to beasts to create half-human chimeras. The dinosaurs could have been released when the Red Death plauge destroyed the city. Or maybe the original inhabitants of Yeen were responsible. The world book describes it as a huge, ancient city made up of black stone like Asshai and that every attempt to repopulate it has ended in tragedy.
  9. Probably a combination of events - Lady Stoneheart and the BwB orchestrating a second red wedding at Devan Lannisters wedding to a Frey, an internal civil war between the rival branchs, Nymeria's pack of wolves killing some, etc.
  10. There's a difference between liking songs and stories and actually thinking that you're living one. Sansa especially in AGOT wanted desperately to believe that the stories were real and ignored many of Joffrey's warning signs.
  11. I really don't care about the Slaver's Bay plot line. I wish Daenerys had just destroyed the cities then moved on.
  12. 1. Age up the younger characters by a few years. 2. Name the months to make keeping track of the timeline easier. 3. Release shorter books.
  13. Ned was a good father. He loved his children, tried to install good morals but was by no means perfect. His and Catelyn's greatest fault was sheltering their children to the point that they were ignorant of the real world ie. Sansa believing the songs about handsome princes being the heroes, Jon believing that the Night's Watch was still full of honorable men rather than a glorified penal colony, Bran wanting to be a Kingsguard like in the stories, and Robb not fully understanding politics.
  14. To keep the story simple. GRRM has tried to keep the Targaryen family tree pretty lean compared houses like the Freys. So Maegor didn't have children, Aegon the Uncrowned's daughters didn't have children, Alicent's legitimate line died out, Baelor Breakspears line died out, etc. It's similar to how GRRM cut down the Stark or Arryn family trees.
  15. Why didn't you name the months to make the timeline easier to follow
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