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  1. I thought it'd be fun to play a matchmaking game. Assuming that the War of the Five Kings didn't break out, who do you think should/would have been betrothed/married and why. Any characters. Robb Stark - You could argue that Robb had a few things going against him in regards to being the next Lord of Winterfell ie. being born in the south to a Fot7 worshipping mother and looking like said "southron" mother. I could imagine some Northern lords saying that Robb was "more fish than wolf" especially compared to Jon so a marriage to Alys Karstark makes the most sense to me. The Karstarks are a cadet branch and Alys has the more traditional Stark features so there would be a greater likelihood that those traits would be passed on to Robb's heirs. Arya - While she has never been interested in marriage but if Arya absolutely had to I think Jojen Reed would be the best. She would love living in the Neck and I could see her becoming best friends with Meera. They would have all sorts of crazy adventures in the swamps. Sansa - I think Willas Tyrell would have been a great husband for Sansa. She would have loved Highgarden and while Sansa would have been disappointed that the crippled Willas wasn't this gallant knight from the songs but Willas could have won her over. When Littlefinger of all people has nothing bad to say about someone, you know they must be a good person.
  2. Ramsay may be the technical Lord of Winterfell but everyone knows that Roose is in control. Even the Bastard's Boys are spies for Roose. "Diminishes his standing in the eyes of the other lords"? Everyone hates Ramsay. Everyone knows what happened with Donella Hornwood. Glover and Manderly know about Ramsay hunting women. Barbrey Dustin is convinced that Ramsay killed her nephew. He's a bastard legitimized by the Lannisters, the family responsible for thousands of Northerners deaths, as a reward for the Red Wedding which involved breaking sacred guest right. There's nothing to diminish. "Less effective Commander"? Since when has Ramsay been any kind of Commander? When he sacked Winterfell which the North believes that was Theon's doing? Lying to the Ironborn at Moat Cailin? Anyone with a little bit of sense could have done that. As Stannis said in the preview Theon chapter, what great battles has Ramsay actually won? Roose doesn't have to be in the bedroom. Just say to Ramsay that they need Arya to hold the North and to take his sadism out on other women. Ramsay restrained himself in Barrowton. He's so desperate for his father's favor that he would do it.
  3. Is anyone else a little surprised that Roose didn't try to restrain Ramsay's abuse of Jeyne/Arya? Roose isn't stupid - he knows the Northerners hate the Boltons and are looking for an excuse to retaliate, Stannis has gotten the support of the mountain clans and Ramsay is despised for what happened to Donella Hornwood. Obviously Roose doesn't care about Jeyne's wellbeing but from a strategic standpoint it would be better to have a compliant Arya to show off to the Northern lords than one who is locked away and crying. I suppose you could argue that it's in the Bolton's best interest to keep Jeyne locked away so that no one can question her but as seen in the Theon chapter from WoW Jeyne was able to answer all of Mors Umber's questions. That was the point of sending a girl who grew up in Winterfell to be Arya. Maybe Roose was worried people would ask Jeyne where she was in King's Landing but you'd think that Littlefinger or someone would come up with a story that Jeyne could tell before she was sent off.
  4. Littlefinger was named the Lord of Harrenhal and Lord Paramount of the Riverlands by the Lannisters. Besides there is still a living Whent - Wynafrei Whent married to a Frey. So the Freys could potentially try to claim Harrenhal. And even Littlefinger thinks Harrenhal is cursed. The Riverlands are worthless right now. It's been severely depopulated, the fields were burned and it's full of bandits. Not to mention unstable with the riverlords waiting for an excuse to start fighting the Freys.
  5. Given that the Ironborn's culture is so centered on raiding, how does the local economy work? Does the "iron price" only apply to foreign lands?
  6. It's possible that Aerion would have been on his best behavior if Daeron was there. He might never have attacked Tanselle.
  7. So right now Littlefinger's plan is to marry Sansa to Harry in order to retake Winterfell with the Vale army but there are more than a few problems. The most obvious is Sansa's marriage to Tyrion. Since the marriage wasn't consummated an annulment could be granted but GRRM specifically said that Sansa herself would need to apply the High Septon for one (https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Minisa_Tully_and_Sansa/). I doubt that Sansa is going back to King's Landing and even if Littlefinger were to send some of his agents to the High Sparrow, Sansa has been accused of regicide. You'd think the HS would want to try Sansa for that. Tyrion hasn't been seen in months so maybe Littlefinger will try to declare him dead? That would avoid any need for the Faith. Next is Cersei. When word of Sansa's survival gets out she's going to go on the warpath, even with everything falling apart around her. Next, what title is Littlefinger planning on using? Does he plan on naming Sansa as just the Lady of Winterfell or Queen in the North? Robb had been declared King of the North and the Riverlands and the Vale had once been an independent kingdom. Vain young Harry certainly wouldn't be averse to being called King Harrold. When Baelish mentioned three queens many assumed that he was referring to Cersei, Margaery and Daenerys but Dany is still half a world away. Could he have been referring to Sansa? Lastly, is invading the North even a good idea with winter about to set in? With the North freezing over, the population decline due to the war and the lack of food it's not exactly worth much right now. Same for the burned out Riverlands if Littlefinger is planning on using Sansa's claim to Riverrun in the future.
  8. I'm still confused on why Pycelle told Cersei that he made moon tea for Margaery. Even if Margaery was having affairs, which I doubt, she is too intelligent to go to Pycelle. Margaery is aware of all the spies and that Cersei is looking for any excuse to get rid of her. She easily figures out that Cersei has tried to frame her for adultery. Some have suggested that Pycelle is working with the Tyrells and this was part of the plan but I doubt it. In this world when a woman's sexual reputation is questioned she's usually seen as guilty. Pycelle in book 4 is opposing all of Cersei's destructive actions but then he tells her that Margaery is requesting moon tea? Yes she cuts him off before he says why but the implication is obvious. For a man who says he's loyal to House Lannister he sure did help its decline. And now that he's dead I'm not sure how we're going to get his real motivations.
  9. I have so many questions about Varys and the Wildfire Plot, namely did he know. On the one hand Varys is not omnipotent. GRRM confirmed that Varys did not know about the plan to marry Viserys to Arianne (https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/6539). On the other, how could he not know? The king ordering wildfire to be placed around the city doesn’t seem like something that could be kept a secret from Varys. But that raises further questions, namely why hasn’t he done anything about it? Varys is a survivor so why would he be living on top of a bomb for all these years? Wildfire grows more volatile as it ages and it’s been down there for more than a decade. Also telling Robert and the others about Aerys’ plan to burn down King’s Landing would be a good way to ensure his pardon and demonstrate his loyalty to the new regime. Plus he wants Aegon to rule so why would Varys allow the capital to potentially be destroyed? Any thoughts?
  10. Depends on whether or not Loras was killed or taken capture. If he was killed, I imagine Mace would try to attack Tywin as soon as he could. If he was taken as a prisoner, Tywin would use that as leverage to at least get the Tyrells to be neutral. Given what happened at the Hand's tourney, I'm sure that Gregor would have just killed Loras.
  11. According to GRRM, Naerys wanted to become a sept. If she had to choose between her two brothers, she would have undoubtedly picked Aemon.
  12. Well would Joffrey still have been himself without the inbreeding? In practice, if Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen had the black hair and blue eyes of Robert then there wouldn't have been a need for Stannis and Jon Arryn to investigate Robert's bastards and everything that came with that. While I don't think that Ned or Stannis would have gone against Robert's trueborn son, there probably would still have been a war to try an unseat the Lannisters. Plus with Varys, Littlefinger, the Martells, and the Ironborn there was going to be war at some point.
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