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  1. Question is easy. It's what happens to the little girl that gets taken by Balerion back to Valyria. Absolutely gut wrenching and horrible, and Barth's recollections really give an idea for the terrible results of the sorcery in post doom Valyria, and why no characters will ever go there until magic dies down again, if it ever does
  2. Nonsense, Jamie is supposed to be ridiculously handsome so I fits. Robb is also supposed to be pretty good looking.
  3. Topic vastly underestimates the Riverlands potential. It's full of farmland and certainly seems to have the most villlages. The Iron Isles are the least populated kingdom, not Dorne, regardless of what Doran says, considering the Riverlands were ruled by Ironmen as one of the seven kingdoms. How could they not be given the size of the Isles being even smaller than just the mountainous yet fertile area of Dorne.
  4. 1) Very often hunched, from pain. He isn't a short but not very impressive physically or with the impression that he ever was in the way that someone like Jaime is. Decently handsome but closer to Quentyn than Arianne. My opinion is from book descriptions, I have only ever seen 1 depiction of him, from the board game card. More in the next since they are related 2) Doran is pretty much completely grayed hair-wise and in general with entirely different, more square facial features. I didn't consider much casting before a character appeared on the show(though I finished all the books before season 2), though it did happen as with what I thought Oberyn for example would look like onscreen 3) I've never seen him in anything else as far as I know. I think he is perfect for the role and a great actor from what I've seen. 4) I've heard almost nothing about him in interviews aside from before he actually appeared, in regards to casting reviews before the showing.
  5. I'm so sorry; I lost my mom 7 years back when I was 17 so I know sorry does nothing and is in some ways the worst thing to hear. You never really lose it all and you're not supposed to I don't think; you're supposed to miss those you love. I say love present tense because that's the thing you don't lose If you ever need to talk feel free to drop a line :) I read CS Lewis' whole Narnia series as well as the screwtape letters, the latter of which was my favorite of his works by far though you can't really compare Narnia to anything else in a lot of ways. Read Fellowship of the ring a few months ago and looooooved it, I had tried reading it while younger as well as the two towers but never got very far in fellowship until recently, even though Hobbit was devoured greedily at the same young age ;D Welcome to Westeros, we are glad to have you and hope you continue to feel better :cheers:
  6. Well I don't get to watch much football around here (they don't typically play it on TV in the bars hehe) so I did a lot of work pulling from my Fifa experience ;D Berbatov seemed a mil or two more expensive than he should be but his stats are good; starting to really regret picking Anelka, but maybe he will play extra hard this year to try and win support with Bromwich >.<
  7. Err so how do we join guys? I've got an account at the barclays site but I can't find where to look up and join the league, it only lists options for the premier fantasy league, the big one the site runs.
  8. Yar, I actually know a lot more about English football than American so would probably fare pretty well in a fantasy league for it hehe.
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