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  1. It's huge. It's a lordship in waiting, and for no one to think, "Hey, that's valuable land to claim, I'm going to let a magical wind dissuade me though" is nonsense. "For the plot!" is the only reason I can think of why this thing isn't the lordship of God's Eye.
  2. Jon is fallible as anyone, and executing Slynt was both a good move and a personal revenge. The two are not mutually exclusive; leaving Janos alive was faaaaaar worse than leaving him dead as an example. Jon makes plenty of mistakes, as does anyone who makes enough choices. It's not possible to be right all of the time, and for a kid under 18 does pretty damn well. Jon tells the reader that he needs to treat him like a brother, and forgive his former deeds if possible, it doesn't at all say that he can't forgive it or won't. You're misquoting there.
  3. Leonardo

    Arya and Roose

    That seems... Odd. Robert, their king and his, has never been in the north before. I'm going to go ahead and say in hindsight, Martin would have had more bannermen there. This was a momentous occasion; the mountain clans followed Stannis into battle just for hanging out and saying hello to a king.
  4. Leonardo

    Danys the good guy?

    Nah I loved em broheim, I just was on my phone and didn't realize there were like buttons now haha
  5. Leonardo

    Arya and Roose

    He certainly should have been. He's in the top 3 important high lords in the North, and he's not that far away in the scheme of things compared to many others. Then again it seems like Manderly wasn't there either...
  6. Getting him away to not be a nuisance isn't bad, though he'd likely just desert once south since Jon can't pursue him and no one is left to care about him deserting in King's Landing. But Slynt being the Watch's best option to convince the Lannisters ice zombies are real? Noooo way lol
  7. Slynt was worth waaaay more as an example than he was on the Watch. He was a coward, he sucked, he had no valuable skills aside from being able to read, and he was a prime member of the coalition looking to shit on Jon's command, oppose it at every turn, and was also stupid. He was completely insubordinate more than once and undermined the Lord Commander's watch totally and entirely. He shit on the opportunity to lead a garrison, which should be an honor, therefore devaluing the position to the next man. Jon fantasizes about it, then denies his impulses and gives him MEN UNDER HIS COMMAND, which was honestly almost worse because it allows Janos to indoctrinate them directly. Thankfully he'd have been stupid and unlikable enough to do that. If you're really looking to poke at Jon's impartiality, you should be bringing up Alliser, which almost certainly had to do with getting rid of someone who was actively trying to connive and usurp his command in secret at every opportunity. Janos had almost no value, while Alliser had plenty of value to the Watch in a dark time. Can you at least attempt to explain how making an example of Slynt was worth less than whatever qualities you decide Slynt may have had?
  8. Leonardo

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    He seems to me to be even more a copy of Daeron than Robb... Doesn't he make the same basic remark to the GC when asking about dragons "the dragon you need stands before you"?
  9. Bullshit. If anyone else had done what Slynt had done(for one, almost none would, even Alliser does his duty) they'd be gone as well if they were as useless and conniving as Janos was. He weakened the watch more than he strengthened it. He refused to do his duty, and wouldn't obey orders. What possible use could he have at this point to the Watch?
  10. BUUULLLLSHIIIIITTTT He offered Slynt an honored command in the Night's Watch, a leg up. He refused, spit in his face, and was completely insubordinate. Even after that, he STILL gave him another chance. What more could be asked of Jon at this point? Janos Slynt was conspiring against him the entire time, and Jon needed to show what happens to traitors. This isn't King's Landing, some mincing game, this is the wall, this is the North. It's winter, and Janos Slynt was fucking awful for the Watch. He wouldn't have lasted, he'd have put himself first, and he'd have taken other more valiant brothers with him.
  11. Leonardo

    Poll on Greyscale

    I doubt it; Essos will certainly not be safe either, they have 5 times as many legends about the Long Night. That's not outside the realm of possibility, but the series is based in Westeros, and we already know the ending won't be so dark as that 99% of all the characters are gone.
  12. Leonardo

    Poll on Greyscale

    If there is a mass outbreak of greyscale, Westeros will not survive the long night. So, no, just based on plot reasons, there will not be a black plague in store.
  13. Leonardo

    Danys the good guy?

    Do we know that though? Because at this point in the story as well as overall thematically, they seem either a necessary evil or at the least "well they exist, so ffs use them right" in the vein of a not exactly Truman approach, but certainly a post WW2 America approach. At the least I will agree that he is saying feudalism is a fuck all way to govern.
  14. Leonardo

    Danys the good guy?

    How do I like Hugorfonics posts TELL MEH BY GAWD
  15. While he does a bit to make it seem convincing to Tywin, in the end his army crosses the Fords and Edmure closes them behind him, essentially giving Robb his ideal military situation. Tywin is both cut off from reinforcements and between two, albeit smaller armies. The Tyrells and their army may still(if they wanted to, would have) taken King's Landing before Stannis could... What are the most likely scenarios for you as a reader for what occurred next, as undoubtedly this action would have changed the entire course of the war? Robb would still have been betrayed given opportunity and his position weak enough, but it may have caused enough of a wrench in the gears to give rise to other occurrences....