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  1. If Tywin can't afford VS, no one can. End.of.story.
  2. Leonardo

    Greenseers in Valyria

    You're definitely onto something I'd say
  3. Leonardo

    Why would the alchemists be as suicidal as Aerys?

    The pyromancers helped burn Rickard alive. Ned Stark is riding to subdue the city. And they make the unlikely yet correct assumption he's not going to murder this involved
  4. Your arm must hurt a bit With how far you are reaaaaching
  5. Leonardo

    How did Ned learn where Lyanna was?

    I think it wasn't really a secret after Rhaegar came back. If it was, then Varys or Jaime would have certainly known.
  6. Leonardo

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    Probably without realizing it was only these strategic marriages that saved his own skin and likely Benjen's too. A lot actually considering the society is a patriarchy and as head of his house he had the potential to marry him to whoever he pleased to forge alliances. His father let him hang with Renly because he saw it as fruitful; him joining the war on what may eventually be an opposing side to him was certainly not an idea his father would have allowed.
  7. Actually I mean grey because she seems to actually try to heal Drogo at first with her poultice
  8. Leonardo

    Was Stannis a good swordsman?

    Good sword? Lightbringer is just a glamour, that things a normal sword, though I suppose it could blind you a bit...
  9. Leonardo

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    The Royce's cousin possibly be THAT poor in an economy based on agriculture based on the amount of men they can field and land they Lord over. Who is Baelish's liege in the Vale btw?
  10. Leonardo

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    Robar didn't ask permission to leave it seems to me, he just jumped into things.
  11. The baby was kicking right up until she gets brought into the tent...
  12. I was referring to Renly
  13. I think the idea was always to marry Daenerys to Faegon at one point to solidify the Blackfyre claim. Then she was more valuable as a bargaining chip.
  14. Leonardo

    powerhouse north

    In terms of density yes, but not total population. The North is huge after all, a third of the realm is just the North
  15. Leonardo

    powerhouse north

    The North has the lowest population density but after The Reach, Riverlands, and Westerlands, likely has the next highest population.