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  1. Leonardo

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Topic vastly underestimates the Riverlands potential. It's full of farmland and certainly seems to have the most villlages. The Iron Isles are the least populated kingdom, not Dorne, regardless of what Doran says, considering the Riverlands were ruled by Ironmen as one of the seven kingdoms. How could they not be given the size of the Isles being even smaller than just the mountainous yet fertile area of Dorne.
  2. Leonardo

    "And the laughter erupted behind him"

    I'm less concerned with that as I am that they openly laughed about it- why would Tywin allow anyone to laugh at his son? Isn't his family's honor everything, their respect? It seemed out of character for me
  3. After Tyrion leaves Tywin's dinner tent, after informing him through Kevan he would serve in the vanguard UNDER the Mountain, hia lords laugh as Tyrion walks away... Why would Tywin allow this? Why was Tyrion effectively sent to die instead of holding a place of honor in the command as Tywin's son?
  4. I rarely do this, but I'm going to have to agree with Bernie here about Robb and Brynden; he's giving them their due, but Tywin was undeniable in his logistics and overall strategy. None of HIS bannermen were ever given leave to "defend their own lands". However, it does seem the Tyrells may not have rushed into the maw of king's landing so quickly, and that may have had a difference; given the bridge if ships however, Stannis may very well never have taken the city anyways without regrouping his forces. Robb was in charge of the war, therefore he lost it, with the biggest mistake being Theon imo, though there is evidence to suggest Balon would invade anyways. Second was his mother's in regard to freeing Jaime, though as Tyrion notes at the end of AGOT, Tywin already gave up a deal of hope of him ever making it back alive, and his hopes would certainly have been fucked with Cat dead at RW.
  5. Leonardo

    Why Ned didn't name one of his daughters Lyanna?

    ? The dowry goes to the groom/his family, not the bride/her family...
  6. Much like other marriages. Stick em with the pointy end
  7. Leonardo

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    I'm a huge fan of Renly. Hes funny, likable, and would have been a much better king in summer and at peace. But winter is coming, and worse, war is coming.
  8. Leonardo

    What is the true religion in Westros ?!

    If you're asking which gods are magic, then 1, 2 and 5 are the only real answers, with 4 being an honourable mention.
  9. This topic doesn't really go anywhere, but it really speaks to the character of Barristan and the depths to which he took his honor. I would posit the question though, who had High killed, or was it chance?
  10. The origins of the faceless men are where you get the next piece of the puzzle. The founding of Braavos also seems to have much to do with their order, and there are solid reasons they want the dragons to stay dead, as well as evidence they may have had something to do with their demise in the first place.
  11. Leonardo

    Reserves/reinforcement in north

    It has much more to do with food. The population of the North is probably in the top half of the seven kingdoms pop. based on size, size of far northern vassals like Karstark and Umber, and arable land. A northern army is almost impossible to feed based on its size and logistics...
  12. Leonardo

    Robert didn't visit the Wall and he was not asked to do

    He was asked though; Ned tells him in the crypts he needs to see it and walk the battlements. Then he was busy with the multitude of things that happened next. Ned probably assumed that as hand he'd be able to help the NW even more than if he was in the North.
  13. There 3 other men with Yoren; do we ever hear more about them? Listening to AGOT on audible again
  14. To the above posters: people are creatures of passion. Many things you do in the moment you would never considered in hind or fore sight, even with death in the offing. Cersei and Jaime had skirted these dangers for so long, they began to forget the risks with what they were doing in the first place. Jaime isn't stupid, hed know getting caught is death.