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  1. 100% will be a rallying point for the faithful, good thinking. I dunno how many it gets from KL, I think it more likely to have people pouring in from the riverlands, and westerlands and vale to rally behind one of the orders of the faith. There will likely be other pockets as well, but outside of KL will def be the biggest one and fits with the last contest with the faith militant. The odds of him and the high sparrow picking fAegon are way bigger than them picking anyone else. Can't pick anyone in King's Landing, they're all rife with sin and have no claim outside Tommen; can't pick Stannis cuz lol fire god; fAegon is their only place to turn, and he's far preferable to Daenerys.
  2. Bad writing. Arya would never, EVER let someone fuck wit Jon like that. It's so out of character, and it's out of Sansa's character by then as well. Instead they just make Sansa selfish Sansa again and head in the clouds Arya and head up his own prophetic ass Bran.
  3. Well... That's why Jon was king, ain't it? There was never any hope for the North alone. Still can't get over the smug Sansa half smile after getting 'everything she ever wanted' and Jon gets shafted to the fuckin Night's Watch, AGAIN. In what way would this ever be plausible to the Stark children? He gives up everything and they give him up over a beaten to shit dothraki army that shouldn't even exist and the Unsullied who number a few thousand at the most after all of this? The guy who just saved everyone's asses, seriously, and who has the only real feudal right to the throne, who by fucking far has had one of the most interesting stories, SERIOUSLY? And yes my butt is still hurt from the finale.
  4. Loras Tyrell is one of the most talented swordsmen in the seven kingdoms, Jaime acknowledges this much and thinks he's a fine addition to the kingsguard, someone capable of restoring the kingsguard to honor. Oof; if anything Loras and Renly are the ones proving this is bullshit in universe and RL. Renly was quite capable in the joust or he could never have hung with the big dogs. Garlan is an even better sword than Loras btw which probably makes him in the top 3 in Westeros currently.
  5. Whoever holds Harrenhal SHOULD be richer with the right management, but it seems they've gone through a number of insignificant and not as capable managers. A toll is nothing compared to vast lands capable of agriculture in one of the most fertile regions in the seven kingdoms.
  6. I think Tywin is tied with Aerys. At least Tywin wasn't going to disinherit the rightful he- oh wait.
  7. If Rhaenyra hadn't been married to Laenor, sure. Tommen and Myrcella aren't legitimate heirs either. Rhaenyra was the heir by all rights and procedure but her children being bastards means they couldn't inherit.
  8. I mean no duh but Tywin and Roose are quite literally murderous lol; Tywin had his son's wife raped under orders and made him watch. Nothing Robert did could be compared with that. Not to mention Robert hit Joffrey because he was butchering kittens like an insane person; we never hear about any abuse towards Tommen or Myrcella.
  9. I think Robert is a fair sight better than Tywin or Roose... how are they even comparable >.>
  10. This as well. It would be extremely impertinent of anyone to ask the Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell anything on the matter who hadn't personally known the both of them, Lyanna and Ned, very well. Robert, Jon Arryn, Benjen, Catelyn... No one else would have a right to ask and Catelyn was still kind of afraid of Ned at the time, 'cold Northman' and all.
  11. Rhaenyra's heirs are all bastards until Viserys and Aegon. That alone disinherits her.
  12. Traditionally most money came from agriculture, so if you had land you had wealth; that means all of the Lords Paramount are bound to be richer than Frey, since House Tully taxes them. House Tully does seem to have a lot of rivals in the Riverlands. Even if only 20% of the North were farmable(and it's bound to be far far more than that) then that already gives House Stark more farming land than any house in the realm. The North is just huge like that. Luxury goods usually didn't yield a ton because there wasn't a large enough upper and middle class to buy them en masse. I imagine the North got some pretty awesome tax breaks/lowered tariffs and fees due to their early and massive support for Robert in both wars. Most of the army at the Trident was northmen. Wouldn't surprise me at all to learn the North was mostly exempt from taxation during Robert's reign. The North also has the Manderlys under them, meaning they're paying a large amount in tax. The North is based on northern england/scotland, and both of them have plenty of farmland. 1. Lannisters 2. Tyrells 3. Hightowers 4. Arryn 5. Starks 6. Manderly 7. Rykker (Duskendale) 8. Grafton (Gulltown) 9. Lefford (Golden Tooth) 10. Tully 11. Baratheon of Storm's end 12. Martell 13. Redwyne 14. Frey/Tarly/Rowan There's a bunch of houses at about this tier. Half of the Reach is going to be wealthier than most others, the land is probably more fertile and they generally own large chunks. Probably a lot of Westerland houses around this level too, but we don't know the states of the mines there. As Greyjoy DON'T SOW then they ain't going to have much cash, they're going to be stealing most of what they have. The Northern lords are too poor generally regardless of manpower, the Riverlords are probably fairly wealthy as well considering population density along the trident. Stormlords are probably on the lower half along with parts of the Vale. And of course Dornish lords can't do much farming outside of the valleys near the mountains in the east. House Yronwood probably has a respectable fortune, Dayne etc
  13. Without the Starks the NW ain't shit. Starks have been propping them up for the last century and all but carrying them the last decades; without their support there would be no one to hold the wall, and the Boltons were already gunning for them as a means to secure power.
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