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  1. Leonardo

    Can't find link to westeros.org irc

    I need the frands I had there after tonight.
  2. Leonardo

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    Ghost. Just ghost
  3. This ending and episode... It has become a tragedy what has happened to this story. I've made excuses. I've told people to stop whining. I've written off the show. But this its just awful... I watched it with 14 people, and no one liked it. Did anyone here give this episode a pass.
  4. He saw the Westerosi as savages, no better than the slavers, led by Cersei's example. He was in character for me, I never doubted his motivation, but people seem to feel he wasn't in character. What are people's stance on his choices?
  5. I think this is my favorite assessment so far. Kudos to you sir. I think Daenerys will hit back with some backing points for this next episode, even if they are a bit after the fact.
  6. I'm awestruck you actually think HBO didn't buy the story outline, like we've been told for 9 years. This is, roughly, the ending to George's saga. You're absolutely kidding yourself otherwise, because first off George can't even change it without possible legal repercussions as that means he didn't sell HBO his actual story.
  7. Leonardo

    Are the starks finished?

    Starks dying off is the opposite of bittersweet. That's more spicysour with a hint of sweet because 4 named characters made it
  8. Leonardo

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    Yes, because the show says. There's only one thing Jon did that needs to be mentioned: he saved the North at cost to him self, time and again. He brought Daenerys North. That's all that needs saying. It's a lot more to do with what the other characters that have brains still think of him. Sansa chooses him, twice. Varys thinks he would be better. Tyrion grudgingly admits it. Arya knows it, Sam thinks he would regardless of motivationa, and even Daenerys realizes he's more suited to ruling Westeros than she is. Hence part of why she burns the city down. The opinion of the characters speak a lot more in this truncated version of events than actions; he barely has had a chance to rule.
  9. Leonardo

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    Pretty inept at ruling(Yeah Dany is soooo good at it)? Regardless of how you feel about it, he's easily been portrayed as the best ruler for the common people, even above Sansa. She plays the game and he doesn't, but he would clearly be the best king. Stop your whining, this is the ending GRRM gave them, however poorly executed. Daenerys goes mad. Some people live and will be happy. That's bittersweet unless Dany was the only person you cared about
  10. Nonsense, Jamie is supposed to be ridiculously handsome so I fits. Robb is also supposed to be pretty good looking.
  11. Leonardo

    Mourning Dany

    I'll start it off, but I'm not happy about it
  12. Leonardo

    Mourning Dany

    She was born on Dragonstone after KL fell tho
  13. Leonardo

    Mourning Dany

    Dude I've never been a huge Dany fan but that last rejection of Jon has had me moping all day. He broke her heart and mine at the same time I'm actually team Dany pretty late in the game and hope she can turn it around.