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  1. I think part of the road of Daenerys downfall is that she doesn’t sack Volantis; it would take too much time to get it stable again. I think they offer her some big prizes, a shit ton of money and knowledge that can’t be gleaned anywhere outside the black walls. It’ll be the first of many compromises that starts her down a darker road that betrays her morals for the sake of power.
  2. Ran already posted in thread so you're good Looks great
  3. Bad writing. Arya would never, EVER let someone fuck wit Jon like that. It's so out of character, and it's out of Sansa's character by then as well. Instead they just make Sansa selfish Sansa again and head in the clouds Arya and head up his own prophetic ass Bran.
  4. Well... That's why Jon was king, ain't it? There was never any hope for the North alone. Still can't get over the smug Sansa half smile after getting 'everything she ever wanted' and Jon gets shafted to the fuckin Night's Watch, AGAIN. In what way would this ever be plausible to the Stark children? He gives up everything and they give him up over a beaten to shit dothraki army that shouldn't even exist and the Unsullied who number a few thousand at the most after all of this? The guy who just saved everyone's asses, seriously, and who has the only real feudal right to the throne, who by fucking far has had one of the most interesting stories, SERIOUSLY? And yes my butt is still hurt from the finale.
  5. Loras Tyrell is one of the most talented swordsmen in the seven kingdoms, Jaime acknowledges this much and thinks he's a fine addition to the kingsguard, someone capable of restoring the kingsguard to honor. Oof; if anything Loras and Renly are the ones proving this is bullshit in universe and RL. Renly was quite capable in the joust or he could never have hung with the big dogs. Garlan is an even better sword than Loras btw which probably makes him in the top 3 in Westeros currently.
  6. If Rhaenyra hadn't been married to Laenor, sure. Tommen and Myrcella aren't legitimate heirs either. Rhaenyra was the heir by all rights and procedure but her children being bastards means they couldn't inherit.
  7. Rhaenyra's heirs are all bastards until Viserys and Aegon. That alone disinherits her.
  8. Without the Starks the NW ain't shit. Starks have been propping them up for the last century and all but carrying them the last decades; without their support there would be no one to hold the wall, and the Boltons were already gunning for them as a means to secure power.
  9. Or at the very least, didn't just flee when being so grievously wounded, but allowed Aerea to mount him again OR he was wounded while in flight. Considering there are almost certainly no flight-capable dragons there I find that unlikely. Regardless her being able to be close to him speaks to a bond much like the primitive one with Dany in the pit and Drogon.
  10. This is part of my guessing; the magic went rogue post doom. Some people probably survived in holes, unable to leave. Magic was left to go unchecked after having been contained by the bloodmages for centuries. Exactly. I think it's also worth noting that Valyria was so incredibly, impossibly wealthy(especially in magic) that you probably wouldn't have to go far into Valyria proper to find some extremely compelling things, and it must not at all have been worth the risk of more trips. I'm very surprised they didn't make it out of there with more. I also think he may have gotten the horn from other parties who HAD been to Valyria, near it, or from one of their closer outposts like Elyria/Tolos. I really, REALLY hope we hear more from Euron about the current state of Valyria. If the Unsullied do take the demon road back instead of the sea I expect we will hear much and more.
  11. "This," Qyburn said. "For years now, the Night's Watch has begged for men. Lord Stannis has answered their plea. Can King Tommen do less? His Grace should send the Wall a hundred men. To take the black, ostensibly, but in truth . . ." ". . . to remove Jon Snow from the command," Cersei finished, delighted. I knew I was right to want him on my council. "That is just what we shall do." She laughed. If this bastard boy is truly his father's son, he will not suspect a thing. Perhaps he will even thank me, before the blade slides between his ribs. "It will need to be done carefully, to be sure. Leave the rest to me, my lords." This was how an enemy should be dealt with: with a dagger, not a declaration. "We have done good work today, my lords. I thank you. Is there aught else?" Yeah, Jon Snow REALLY messed up by adding wildlings to the men south of the wall and siding with Stannis. /s Night's Watch neutrality has always been bullshit. They've always been more loyal to the Starks because they were the ones who actually gave two shites who came over the wall. Jon made the right choice with Stannis, though his initial choice wasn't one at all. Stannis saved the NW's ass at the wall, they owe him. Ramsay Bolton and others were coming to unseat him anyways, and then the NW would just be a shell and would fall to the others due to incompetence and corruption.
  12. My guess is Fire Wyrms. We know they lived in the fourteen flames and therefore they probably survived the doom... But the magic may have done horrible things to some of them. If Valyrian magic made dragons through fire wyrm/wyvern breeding, what the hell did it do to some of these fire wyrms when said magic ran rampant post-doom? You also have to consider that they were gone a LONG TIME. It probably took weeks, at max, for Balerion to reach Valyria. They probably didn't go straight there, but something tells me that they were there most of the time. After all, in all of Jaeherys' investigations they never hear about a dragon. That means Aerea spent real time in Valyria, as did Balerion, and somehow made it BACK. TOGETHER. As in Aerea didn't just die along the way, Balerion and her must have bonded etc otherwise I don't see him sticking around to help her flee. We are never going to get much more of the story of what happened to them, but I do think we see more post-doom Valyria through one lens or another. And it sounds horrifically amazing, this was a really sad, but big high point of the book imo.
  13. Oh ffs another Jon Snow murdered apologist.
  14. Hmm... some of OP's points are, depending on a point of view, already fact. The Dothraki are really just a minor nuisance to the free cities. They're cheap to buy off as Illyrio pointed out, and aside from Sarnor have never made a move against the larger settlements in Essos. I agree their culture could do with even more depth, but they get pretty fleshed out, and they DO raise their own horses. I'm sure Dothraki horses are some of the best in the world But I like the spirit of the post so: Make horses realistic. Horses do not make you much faster. Horses make an ARMY faster because they help carry everything the same as pack animals. Unless you have more than one mount, a horse isn't faster than a messenger on foot. Horses sprint in short bursts or they trot. Humans have stamina miiiiiles beyond most animals because we 1) sweat and can basically walk forever without tiring if you're reasonably able. You can walk down deers in a forest if you can track them, because they're only fast in a sprint and can't pant or sweat. So really, horse travel is only faster with multiple mounts to share the weight of the burden, which is the rider!
  15. There are some big obvious ones; glass gardens, EVERYWHERE. Timber shipments to Braavos, nao(they might happen but there seems to be no evidence). Expansion of luxury goods. I know they don't do much regionally for taxes but it'd be a nice bump for smaller lords. We know Ned had some of these plans, like resettling the gift, as Jon has the same plans. But considering how bad winters are, shouldn't they be storing most of their harvested grain? I mean 5 year winters being pretty normal, you'd think they'd be storing near everything. Then again, while Ned was far from a dummy, he wasn't some ambitious genius or anything. Someone like Tyrion could do wonders for the North in terms of improvements. Then again Tyrion could probably help out just about anywhere outside of women's hearts.
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