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  1. @Mithras SLOW DOWN SON lol You start off well and then make assumption after assumption. Let's start with facts; yes Cersei gains a modicum of power again in King's Landing. That still isn't the kit and caboodle of it.
  2. wait people actually think this? For Tommen's safety, MAYBE, but she'd still probably be convinced he's safest at KL and even moreso convinced her and her power is safe there?
  3. ffs don't go spilling the secrets of the sunburst bloodline!
  4. There weren’t 10000 Karstark troops south... you’re still drawing from the show
  5. Nah the Manderlys are faaaaar wealthier than even the Starks, so that means even wealthier than the Boltons. when it comes to numbers we only trust the books, because the tv show doesn’t make sense, and also this is a book forum
  6. A bit odd, but more due to the fact in how important Boremund was to the defense of the realm IMO, and later by his marked support of Rhaenys.
  7. As much as it bruises the part that houses my bullshit male patriarchal ego, I don't think this theory far-fetched at all anymore. After all they'd be no less Targaryen than any other Targ born not of the sister-brother unions and without the ickiness; there's always the potential for another Aegon in there. I think it more likely the sorcery bore fruit in Maegor from Aegon but not a ton more likely. I'm confused though, as Rhaena Targaryen did survive, she just never bore children which I guess is what you're referring to?
  8. Ramsay won his battle through treachery, not because his soldiers were vastly superior; I mean veterans of what battles for instance? All the Bolton men who had fought so far were still south as everyone was stuck due to ironmen holding the neck. Also Manderly is the strongest house in the North, even moreso than the Starks in terms of raw numbers because they actually have the coin to field their men and have the only city North of the neck. You're counting armies twice as well because the Stark host and later Bolton hosts are pulled from the greater parts of the North aka vassals. There's no way Stark or Bolton lands are fielding more than 5-6k apiece and that's probably pushing it without them really scraping the bottom of the barrel. The 62 men of House Mormont is from TV. There are others in here as well, likely because these got pulled off of a wiki page. Wiki of Ice and Fire is the book wiki.
  9. Lynesse also seemed like a problem child in some ways... maybe her father wasn't that fond of her lol? In truth Hightower had so many children that no match could be thrown out of hand; Mormont was an anointed knight and lord of Bear Isle in his own right. It's not necessarily a bad match at all on paper, and it's what his daughter wanted after all. Sure it's not some great alliance but it's not the worst thing to have a foothold in other kingdoms of Westeros, no?
  10. The Lannister army gets sent home at one point in ASOS as well, as the Tyrells are the ones fielding the armies. The only parts left are small forces.
  11. If the Boltons hadn't burned it down they wouldn't have needed to build a new one.
  12. Nice I totally forgot Manderly was the one feeding everybody! Just another chock on the board.
  13. It's Freys and Boltons; all bets are off after the Red Wedding with them. Also it's the Stark ancestral home, it isn't the Boltons. They have no claim whatsoever in living memory and neither do the Freys, as Jeyne is a fake Arya, and Bran and Rickon are both alive as well as Sansa and real Arya. Hell, Jon has claim to Winterfell ffs.
  14. Seems like a bit of a jump to throw Rhaegar into the rapist category
  15. Did his father underestimate Cersei and the council? Should there have been a fair amount more beheadings? Did he ever have a chance of wielding his father's authority? In hindsight I see a hardline approach would have served the Lannister cause better in the short term; though without Littlefinger you may lose the Tyrell alliance. Other than that I don't really see a red in the ledger, as major as a red as that would be. This is mainly based upon his initial assignment. KL murks the waters once you get there, but immediate impact?
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