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  1. This I like. Have to be White Harbor, or the neck with the crannogmen. Nowhere else is secure enough from reprisal. Eyrie would be a great choice but they'd never trust Lysa after her abandoning them.
  2. I don't think she was in love with Ned; if anything it was Brandon, and he died long before Ned got to Dorne. There would have been news... Maybe if Ned rejected her, but the story sounds a lot more like it was her and Brandon who may have hooked up; he did for Barbrey Dustin as it were, it's much more within his personality. I dunno about the Lemore thing but I really think she was a key member of the Snow conspiracy... Something is going on with House Dayne. Edric Dayne? And his nickname is Ned? That's far too uncanny. It has to be a reference to Ned; even if it was just being honorable with Dawn, but I don't believe that either. Something. Is. Up.
  3. Wouldn't be in danger? Mad king is off his tits mad. No, there is no scenario where leaving Jaime around the king would be acceptable. Tywin is going to just let the kingdom run itself into the ground around a mad king and then side with the next rebel, if the rebellion fails.
  4. Robb may have come around by the time of ASOS to trade Jaime... After losing Bran and Rickon and the north, he should have traded Jaime for the girls and bent the knee, if possible. Either way if he acted early enough Lannister would have made the trade
  5. Robb solidified his claim in two ways; the infamous letter, and the fact that his brothers are all alive and all have the wolves to prove it.
  6. Tyrion could refuse the trade for the simple reason of them not having Arya... But Tywin was very ready to trade Eddard for Tyrion, via ASOS at the time of AGOT... Tywin was ready to trade Jaime for Catelyn POST RW... Having Sansa back breeds alliances, and gives Robb an heir. Let's say they trade Jaime for both girls in AGOT; what happens at the exchange? They get Sansa and I don't see Jaime as some mastermind. Hindsight 20/20 I think the trade for both at face value is better than keeping Jaime. After all keeping Jaime doesn't really give anything in the end
  7. Oooh and I like this one even more. Good points, all.
  8. Lord Varys strikin it true all in this thread; and I disagree with half of what he says, lol. "The Gods". Those are the only ones who can make and break vows.
  9. Still doing the terrain but time is upcoming to decide on heroes/commanders
  10. I'm making a game/map for Starcraft 2(there are several based on the books there; Storm of Swords, Clash of Kings). It's going to have 6 different players/factions. One for each of the main castles on the wall, two as Thenn/Mance, and then one as the Others. Compiling a list of the best swords/commanders on the wall and north of it as of the beginning of the novels, just after Jon Snow has joined, before Benjen Stark is lost beyond the wall. Qhorin commands the Shadow Tower; who else is there with him? At Eastwatch? I think I have Castle Black pretty fleshed out. Denys Mallister, Jaremy Rykker, Benjen Stark... No shortage there. Mance's faction should be pretty easy to flesh out as well; Ygritte, Tormund, Rattleshirt, Mance himself, Orell, Varamyr. The Thenns will have Mag the Mighty, Styr, and Sigorn. Probably one more as well but I'll need to do more research. Thought I'd get input from fellow diehards
  11. Can you imagine just how insane that would make a person? I think I could ascribe jolly to my personality and smile frequently. Maybe not big teeth wide photo smile because I'm a bit conscious of mine, but... like this dude never laughed? And went years without smiling? That has to bring its own damage. The same goes for Stannis. You'd be completely out of touch with everyone. At least we see Stannis laugh twice ffs
  12. Hmm... some of OP's points are, depending on a point of view, already fact. The Dothraki are really just a minor nuisance to the free cities. They're cheap to buy off as Illyrio pointed out, and aside from Sarnor have never made a move against the larger settlements in Essos. I agree their culture could do with even more depth, but they get pretty fleshed out, and they DO raise their own horses. I'm sure Dothraki horses are some of the best in the world But I like the spirit of the post so: Make horses realistic. Horses do not make you much faster. Horses make an ARMY faster because they help carry everything the same as pack animals. Unless you have more than one mount, a horse isn't faster than a messenger on foot. Horses sprint in short bursts or they trot. Humans have stamina miiiiiles beyond most animals because we 1) sweat and can basically walk forever without tiring if you're reasonably able. You can walk down deers in a forest if you can track them, because they're only fast in a sprint and can't pant or sweat. So really, horse travel is only faster with multiple mounts to share the weight of the burden, which is the rider!
  13. "Tywin's more underhanded and willing to be crafty than Stannis" >.> https://awoiaf.westeros.org/images/f/fa/Shadow_baby_birth.jpg
  14. There are some big obvious ones; glass gardens, EVERYWHERE. Timber shipments to Braavos, nao(they might happen but there seems to be no evidence). Expansion of luxury goods. I know they don't do much regionally for taxes but it'd be a nice bump for smaller lords. We know Ned had some of these plans, like resettling the gift, as Jon has the same plans. But considering how bad winters are, shouldn't they be storing most of their harvested grain? I mean 5 year winters being pretty normal, you'd think they'd be storing near everything. Then again, while Ned was far from a dummy, he wasn't some ambitious genius or anything. Someone like Tyrion could do wonders for the North in terms of improvements. Then again Tyrion could probably help out just about anywhere outside of women's hearts.
  15. Not important? He offered Daenerys westeros and a westerosi army to conquer it with. If she had gone with him, she'd have won, pure and simple. When she got there, the Lannister Tyrell alliance is dead, stormlands are ripe for conquering, and she has dragons. nuff said. Spurning him will be the single biggest mistake she's ever made.
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