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    Hello everybody. After being introduced to the GoT TV series by a friend not so long ago and promptly getting hooked, I decided that amidst the most important exam period of my life that it would be a good idea to buy ASOIAF book set from Amazon. It didn't take long before revision breaks consisting of reading the books turned into reading breaks consisting of minimal revision. May have ruined my chances of earning myself a decent living, but it was totally worth it. Anyway, I have been in serious lurk mode since joining the forum a little while ago for numerous reasons. Firstly, I joined before I had finished the books (possibly around the time I had got ahead of where the TV series was at that point). Obviously this restricted me to only daring to venture into certain sections, but even despite this caution I somehow managed to spoil something pretty major for myself out of hapless curiosity. The following rage that ensued ensured that I kept my distance for a few books until I felt it necessary to come back to help my understanding with a book I found semi difficult to interpret compared to those that came before it. Secondly, some of the theories people have forwarded here are nothing short of amazing, and I find myself spending endless amount of time sieving through posts being convinced by a certain point and then convinced otherwise. Finally (ties in with the previous point), I have lurked out of pure intimidation. I don't think I have ever came across a forum with such knowledgable, passionate and dedicated members. Some of the theories I've read baffle me. The connections people make between seemingly insignificant details and lengths they will go to in finding evidence for their case is amazing. Being somebody that has only had the luxury of one complete read through, reading through all these theories has helped me a lot in making connections I had not previously given a moments thought aswell as telling me things that have happened that I completely missed or misinterpreted. And whilst previously I have felt "unworthy" in being able to make any sort of contribution without making a complete tit of myself, I feel as if now I have enough knowledge and confidence to put forward some of my own thoughts and inklings on the chaotic world of Westeros. Anyway, I'm off to enjoy some more crackpot theories and embark on my first re-readathon.
  2. I'd give it a solid 8/10. Think it was good in making the intentions of a lot of characters clear going into the next season. However, I thought they should have ended the season in a different way. Was a bit underwhelming how they did that. I also thought the initial Jon Snow scene wasted a bit of time that could of been used elsewhere and they should of had the Ygritte interaction in the episode previously. I had hope Coldhands would of been in the episode aswell, but as he wasn't previously I didn't expect him to show up here.
  3. I'd give it 9/10. Though there were a few minor details I would have liked to of seen included from the books, cannot question the overall quality of the episode. Talisa's stabbing was quite a "pleasant" surprise. Being a book reader I knew what was to transpire, and figured that she would die, but not in such a brutal way. Really think it set the tone brilliantly for the final minutes of the episode and was the main reason for the huge reaction that followed that episode.
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