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    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    Man I do not like that Aerys is the dad theory. But yes it's safe to say most people, if they know of the tunnel, think Tywin is the Hand in question.
  2. Universal Sword Donor

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    That's the best theory I've read other than "He's dead," which is the one I believe. Kudos on this guy
  3. Universal Sword Donor

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    The location definitely is. It would be the first time in my life I've heard of anyone referring to a possible hanging (or neck) injury in the form of “And what’s happened to her face?” It's not like we don't know the exact thing that happened to her face (Biter ... biting it) and how they treated it (boiling wine and cutting out the bad tissue) and what the expectation of its long term appearance would be (Scars? No he chewed up half your cheek).
  4. Universal Sword Donor

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    Not that I'm a hangman, but I would, uh, read up on hanging and its effects before I harangue people incorrectly about someone's "manner of death."
  5. Universal Sword Donor

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    Pretty sure we'd have been given a clue if she had actually been hanged to death in AFFC. We literally are described his noose scar at one point (Hollow Hill? the hound trial by combat?). Nothing similar shows up in ADWD
  6. Universal Sword Donor

    Tactical Overview: Golden Company

    I do have a point. It's a pretty common belief here on the thread as well, so I can't even claim it for my own. Given the relative merits of Garlan's performance and the leverage the Tyrells had, the case for Tarly receiving BK isn't even that compelling. However it's nearly laughable to think he wouldn't want BK and its lands and incomes. We haven't ever seen a noble turn down more land once in the books. He later literally seizes Maidenpool with an army and sets his house up to rule. And, at the very least, the main branch of House Florent was dispossessed. We specifically know Alekyne was attainted. The appendix in AFFC literally refers to him as an attainted lord. Whether or not Melessa would be counted in the attainder is debatable -- I would generally think not since she's a Tarly now and had nothing to do with their "treason" -- but her relation to the family is more pretext a la Robert and his Targ blood than actual governing efficiency. Sure it's expedient to have a blood claim if it makes the smallfolk love you (e.g. the Lannister/Frey rule of Darry) but somehow I don't think Randyll Tarly cares too much about that
  7. Universal Sword Donor

    Tactical Overview: Golden Company

    Tarly is rewarded but yeah he definitely gets the short end of the gifts in comparison to the Tyrells. “Lesser tracts were granted to Lord Rowan, and set aside for Lord Tarly, Lady Oakheart, Lord Hightower, and other worthies not present. ” Tarly does "get" the betrothal to the Maidenpool heir, but I always read that as him seizing it at swordpoint (aka the army at his back) and no one saying he couldn't as opposed to him being rewarded with it. The most common reason I see Tarly listed as having a beef is Brightwater Keep. “Tyrell demanded the lands and castles of Lord Alester Florent, his own bannerman, who’d had the singular ill judgment to back first Renly and then Stannis. Lord Tywin was pleased to oblige. Brightwater Keep and all its lands and incomes were granted to Lord Tyrell’s second son, Ser Garlan, transforming him into a great lord in the blink of an eye.” His wife is a Florent, so both for reasons of political largess and dynastic continuity, it makes sense to award that castle, land, and incomes to him. He did lead the center battle at Blackwater and made sure Stannis wasn't going to benefit from more of Renly's infantry at Bitterbridge. That said, Garlan lead the van at the Blackwater and he essentially won the battle. It's not like Garlan's reward is undue either.
  8. Universal Sword Donor

    Arianne's snitch

    I'm not sure where I fall on the snitch belief -- I used to think it was Darkstar but this thread is illuminating -- but I'd like to defend Drey a little bit here. He basically tells the group he's not very bold and Garin more or less calls him a coward in a friendly way. His speedy surrender is in line with what little we know of his character. “High Hermitage is not the only castle in Dorne,” Spotted Sylva pointed out, “and you have other knights who love you well. Drey is a knight.” “I am,” he affirmed. “I have a wonderful horse and a very fine sword, and my valor is second to . . . well, several, actually.” “More like several hundred, ser,” said Garin.”
  9. Universal Sword Donor

    Armies of Westeros and Essos

    Right but when you say peasants, do you mean random guys with pitchforks and no armor or would you include literally everyone who's not a noble (but would show up with a spear, dagger, mail, and a helmet)?
  10. Universal Sword Donor

    Armies of Westeros and Essos

    It's a little bit of both. This thread is a nice collection of all the militaria passages from the main books. Basically the lords do maintain professional soldiers (e.g. their household guard like the WF guardsmen or the red cloaks) and the rest are levies, but the levies that get called up by Robb or Tywin are going to be well armed, armored, and trained. We see as much in AGoT when the Freys join and then later at the Battle of the Green Fork.
  11. Universal Sword Donor

    Armies of Westeros and Essos

    Ghiscari cavalry, at least at Astapor (or Yunkai whichever wasn't taken from the inside), was the Second Sons and the Stormcrows. At Mereen they hire more sellswords (presumably a lot mounted, Qarth brings in their camel corp, and they try to hire a khalasar. For the most part, the slavers and their allies do not seem to have much in the way of cavalry, light or heavy. This makes sense since the Ghis legions were spearmen. The Free cities not having cavalry either also makes sense. Horses are expensive and they pay off the Dothraki while paying mercenary companies to fight against the other Free cities. As for the Dothraki, GRRM has already touched on their inspiration: The Dothraki were actually fashioned as an amalgam of a number of steppe and plains cultures... Mongols and Huns, certainly, but also Alans, Sioux, Cheyenne, and various other Amerindian tribes... seasoned with a dash of pure fantasy. So any resemblance to Arabs or Turks is coincidental. Well, except to the extent that the Turks were also originally horsemen of the steppes, not unlike the Alans, Huns, and the rest.
  12. Universal Sword Donor

    When it comes to major battles, is there a pattern which side wins?

    Tywin won because the northerner's let Tywin's army, spread over miles**, arm and assemble while standing less than a mile away*, and then gave up the favorable high ground*** to charge into .... heavy cavalry and massed infantry in defensive formations. The night march wasn't a bad idea, but the entire execution of that battle afterward is either moronic incompetence on Roose's part or complete and utter intentional devastation of Robb's staunchest supporters and Roose's biggest enemies while still barely achieving Robb's goals. Honestly it's shades of Hallidon Hill. * "The Stark boy stole a march on us," Bronn said. "He crept down the kingsroad in the night, and now his host is less than a mile north of here, forming up in battle array." ** Dusk had settled, turning all the banners black. The Lannister camp sprawled for miles between the river and the kingsroad. In amongst the men and the horses and the trees, it was easy to get lost, and Tyrion did. *** "suddenly the enemy was there before them, boiling over the tops of the hills, advancing with measured tread behind a wall of shields and pikes."
  13. Universal Sword Donor

    When it comes to major battles, is there a pattern which side wins?

    He did. Also bear in mind that keeping that many men together (40K) is a strain on supplies and logistics. Other than Renly's host, the only groups we see marching have less than 20K people and even those armies need to forage heavily nearby for food (Robb at MC, Tywin at HH). Tyrell had a sizeable host, but some of his strength was with Rhaegar, certainly. https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/The_Siege_of_Storms_End
  14. Universal Sword Donor

    King's Landing - an unrealistic city?

    Just a few notes: Lordsport is a trading town that provides anchorage to Pyke and is the largest town in the Iron Islands. Riverrun definitely has at least trade villages around it. Edmure is mentioned wenching more than a few times, and Tom of Sevenstrings knew Edmure or a girl well enough to write a song about him
  15. To add onto this, we get confirmation from Cersei's POV chapter in AFFC that she was going to "deal with Robert's brothers."
  16. He needed the Tyrells to protect himself. He would be exposed to the might of the realm, save possibly the North should he not get the Reach as allies. Sansa makes an excellent hostage but a bad choice for a spouse. Renly needed to deny the Lannisters the Tyrells as much as he needed the Tyrells support.
  17. Universal Sword Donor

    When it comes to major battles, is there a pattern which side wins?

    Roose sacrificed those men, not Robb. That said, Robb should have given a bit more instruction to Roose. Roose probably didn't even need to engage Tywin in battle to get him to continue his march up the Trident. He definitely didn't need to do a midnight march and have his men charge from a superior defensive position. Rhaegar was possibly a fool. We don't really know the circumstances of his crossing. I've seen the idea thrown around more than a few times that he was crossing the Trident because his army was routing. It makes a certain amount of sense knowing what we know happened to Llewyn Martell, Selmy, and Jonothor Darry, who commanded at least one wing of the battle. What's dishonorable about using archers to shoot the enemy? Just because certain knights disliked it (Jaime, JonCon) doesn't mean it is inherently without honor. It just negates their advantages as being ahorse and more heavily armed / armored than the infantry. Whether or not he had the right to, it was a pretty common tactic in the middle ages.
  18. Universal Sword Donor

    Duskendale Delay

    I'm guessing it's because the Darklyns threaten to kill him if they attempted a rescue.
  19. Universal Sword Donor

    Heir to Barrowton

    The Starks are basically in the same boat: https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/The_Stark_Family Hell when Robb starts asking about heirs (with Rickon and Bran "dead"), his mom starts rattling of some distant cousins whose names they don't know in ASoS. The reddit post actually lays out the relations in more detail.
  20. Universal Sword Donor

    Who is going to get poisoned by the mushrooms?

    That's not really a textual quote. Hence why I asked You think it would be bad storytelling. Making Tyrion a secret Targ is even worse, if that's what you mean by he might be riding Rhaegal/Viserion. Think most of us assume Jon is going to be riding one of the dragons when that band gets to Westeros, so at least one dragon is likely to be riderless. Two isn't a great stretch
  21. Universal Sword Donor

    Who is going to get poisoned by the mushrooms?

    Do we even know that he has mushrooms left? I know he used some for that soup but I don't recall any actual text saying he had some left. Or .... the riderless dragons would just follow Dany wherever she flew Drogon?
  22. Universal Sword Donor

    The Wildfire plot succeeds, who's in charge of the Westerlands?

    Tywin and Kevan were in KL, so they would be very dead. Tyg was a fighter of considerable merit, so I'd assume he was with the Westerlands army. Gerion participated in tourneys, but we don't know if he was a knight. He might well have stayed behind as castellan / regent like Benjen did for Ned. I'd imagine that the regency would go these people in order (depending on who's alive): Gerion, Genna, Stafford (if he wasn't with Tywin), Damon. Honestly Daven and Tyrion are the same age, so it wouldn't surprise me if Stafford had stayed behind. He's not particularly impressive and Tywin doesn't exactly like the Lannisters who don't do the family proud. Either way, I'd imagine that Genna would be the one actually pulling the strings. She's Tyrion's closest relative and lives at the Rock.
  23. Universal Sword Donor

    Conjectures on Robert Arryn’s Paternity

    I believe it is Jon Arryn who's the father
  24. Universal Sword Donor

    Robert's Kingsguard

    Well before his maiming, sure. After, no that doesn't fix the text at all. Jaime is literally in the process of re-evaluating his fighting ability. He's actually lamenting how far he has to go to even reach Blount's level. He does the same thing later with Ilyn Payne. In ASoS, AFFC, and ADWD he's pretty spot on with his judgments and isn't exactly shy about handing out praise either, in both his internal monologue and verbally to other characters. That he thinks Blount never should have been given his white cloak back just underscores how bad Blount's appointment was in the first place. Everything we know about Blount is that he's a drunk, coward who isn't a very good fighter. It's not like Jaime is alone in his judgment either. Whichever Kettleblack clearly doesn't think Blount can fight either.
  25. Universal Sword Donor

    Robert's Kingsguard

    Most of these are spot on, but we know Blount's reputation to the letter. The man is craven, and a good thing. Though fat, aging, and never more than ordinary, Ser Boros could still hack him into bloody pieces. But Boros does not know that, and neither must the rest they feared the man I was; the man I am they'd pity.