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    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    Put the bottle down and leave the revolver in the safe. I don’t agree with everything he said. Its only paranoia if they aren’t out to get you, but in this case it is paranoia.
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    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    “Some suggested that Rhaena herself might have the strongest claim to the crown, as the firstborn child of King Aenys and Queen Alyssa. There were even some who whispered that it was Queen Rhaena who had somehow contrived to free the realm from Maegor the Cruel, though by what means she might have arranged his death after fleeing King’s Landing on her dragon, Dreamfyre, has never been successfully established. Her sex told against her, however.” It was less concrete than it should have been, but the combo of Jaehaerys putting together a coalition, being a dragon rider, and Rogar, then the hand, was a sexist sumbitch. “This is not Dorne,” Lord Rogar Baratheon said when the notion was put to him, “and Rhaena is not Nymeria.” But to say it wasn't considered by some to be true would be incorrect, though we don't know who those people are.
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    How powerful are the Royces?

    I'd assume there would be some number of smallfolk streaming south as Manderly gives over control of the castles to Ramsay. It's not as if it isn't common knowledge that he's a monster. Would you rather live where the "Lord" starved your former liege lord, starts a fight over land he realistically shouldn't have a claim to, and hunts and rapes peasant girls all over his land? There's open negative talk of the Boltons in the Merman court, the wine sinks, Lady Dustin mentions it, and Roose chastises his son for sowing tales in Bolton lands. How much of the refugee population is due to that? I have no idea, but it's certainly something to take into consideration.
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    Nymor's letter to Aegon

  5. Universal Sword Donor

    About the Trident

    That's the most common interpretation I've read, and I agree.
  6. Either Eddard to go with Renly and seize Joffrey or Arya at HH where she could kill Tywin, Kevan and probably the mountain.
  7. Universal Sword Donor

    About the Trident

    Numbers don't win battles. Even quality of the troops doesn't win battles. Ask the French. You have to plan and execute properly to win, and even then it's a crap shoot. The English should have destroyed the Scots at Bannockburn but they lost and lost badly, partly because their strategy, partly because of their morale, and partly because of the soldiers "recognizing" scottish reinforcements that were just camp followers scrambling to get some loot after the English retreated. Whether or not Rhaegar led the royalists well, we won't know until we get an accounting of the battle. As to Waymar Royce, I've said this in other threads, he was basically right about everything (except riding his destrier). Any deviation from what he did would have kept them alive but more than likely either punished for not performing their mission (with proof) or sent back out to find them.
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    How powerful are the Royces?

    I'd, uh, make the argument that they already have gained quite a bit of importance.
  9. Universal Sword Donor

    About the Trident

    That's true in real life, however GoT differs from real life in a few ways. We already know that it's not uncommon for a royal army to be commanded by non-royal nobility / soldiers. Ormund Baratheon led the Westerosi against the Nine, and when he died Gerold Hightower took over total command. The Lannister troops were led by Roger Reyne (after Jason died), even though Tywin and his brother were there. Darry and Selmy were sent to re-assemble the remnants of JonCon's army after Stoney Sept. It makes sense that one of them would retain command during the Trident. The Warden system pretty much supplants that IRL comparison too. Daven is command RL troops, Frey troops, and Lannister troops as Warden of the West until Jaime arrives, acting as overall commander at the command of the throne. Jaime is still technically Warden of the East at this point. I'm sure there were quite a few prominent nobles on Rhaegar's side but not many seem to be named. The crownland levies would most likely be under the command of Rhaegar or a KG. The most prominent RL loyalists there were the Darrys and four of them died.
  10. Universal Sword Donor

    About the Trident

    It makes a lot more sense if you consider the KG Knights were commanding individual battles and the royalist were losing (probably badly). That would put Rhaegar in the reserve, which would move up to engage wherever needed. It wouldn’t surprise me if he moved to attacks the rebel van and attempt to get Robert killed as a way of saving his army. Rebels would be in a much more tenuous position without Robert as a figurehead.
  11. Universal Sword Donor

    How powerful are the Royces?

    Pretty much this. Waymar can ostensibly read / write, has been educated on military matters, and can clearly fight. Jeor might have grumbled about granting Waymar a leadership role, but he knew it was the right thing to do. The Watch needs more men like Royce and they need to gain experience. “Apart from the men at my table tonight, I have perhaps twenty who can read, and even fewer who can think, or plan, or lead. ” That's also overlooking the fact Royce was right about pretty much everything in the prologue.
  12. Universal Sword Donor

    Westeros may sound as mythical to the East as the other way around?

    Well yeah. In Asshai / Yi Ti, people are asking if Casterly Rock is made entirely out of gold.
  13. Universal Sword Donor

    Wyman Manderly warships

    I don't know if they'll have enough time to double the number of war galleys, but I could definitely see them exceeding the Royal Navy Stannis had access to as Lord of Dragonstone.
  14. Universal Sword Donor

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    I take particular interest in GoT numbers, even if GRRM says not to, and I honestly have no idea why this is even a point of contention. Pretty much any way you slice it we’re looking at ~3000 or more Boltons marching north. Ignoring any specific ratio, we know that the Karstark cavalry are broken men and the Karstark infantry went to Duskendale with Harrion. There would be few Karstark men in that pool if only because we know where they all went.
  15. Universal Sword Donor

    Great Houses - Valyrian Steel Sword Names?

  16. Universal Sword Donor

    Baratheon claimants?

    If any of the Baratheons had backed another (eg Stannis -> Renly, or Stannis-> Joffrey), the W05K would have been much shorter and much less to the liking of the North
  17. Universal Sword Donor

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    By sheer weight, they eat far more. Horses are 1000-1500 lbs and humans riding them to war will be 150-200. If they do not have oats / grains to eat whilst resting, they have to graze for several hours a day to get their nourishment. This was the Mongols great advantage since their horses could forage during the winter and were generally smaller. I'd have to go and dig up some books to get actual numbers but horses need a lot more than humans.
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    Which book has the best final chapter?

    Dance personally, but I’d have to go back and check each epilogue since I only remember Dance
  19. Universal Sword Donor

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Erm so how about that weather (for Stannis?)
  20. Universal Sword Donor

    Were Ned, Robert and Jon Arryn the villains of the rebellion?

    He had the chance, he took it (Aerys). It is Rickard, all the fathers, possibly some of Brandon's party. Definitely Glover Not disagreeing the severity, but I am noting the comparable treatment. We can definitely assume that, but we do not know that. This is the core of the debate (intention vs action, specificity vs scope) He isn't It makes him accessory, but not the causus belli. Joff is the coffee between the entree and dessert insofar as the WO5K is concerned. Oh in that case, I agree. There might be another one we don't know, but Walder is certainly the worst guest right violator. He will go in the annals of the Rat King and others. Agreed but she "knew" and Pycelle knew: Pycelle collapsed to his knees. "I beg you . . . I was your lord father's man, and a friend to you in the matter of Lord Arryn. I could not survive the dungeons, not again . . ." Not then but we know Illyrio and Varys are plotting. It would have happened much the same way We can't agree on good guys and villains, let alone an arch villain Oh for sure they did, but no one thought they were the main threat except maybe Stannis and Ned, too late I'd point out
  21. Universal Sword Donor

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I'm sure a million other people noticed already, but I wanted to smack myself for it. No. Tywin mistrusted laughter. Tyrion is Tywin's son, not you -------------- Why couldn't you just come joust with us, the way the king wanted? You wouldn't have gotten hurt. What would that have cost m'lord, to climb up on our dog and ride a tilt to please the boy? It was just a bit of fun. "They would have laughed at me," ------------- I've read ASOIAF more times than Tyrion would shake his stick at Lemore, but somehow that connection was obvious but never really spelled out. Well durrrr. That Jaime questions his aunt right after her quotes only underscores her point. Tywin wouldn't have needed to question himself.
  22. Universal Sword Donor

    Armored Giants

    It takes years to train bowmen, so that's a non-starter. However if you can build crossbows their size -- I suppose those would basically be ballistas -- those should work. However training the giants in the old tongue would prove a bit difficult. Plenty of wood for bolts though! Crossbows are great for defensive purposes as well. As to armoring them, I don't think it would be very practical. Best bet would be to armor them in silk like the mongols use to arm their scounts.
  23. Universal Sword Donor

    Were Ned, Robert and Jon Arryn the villains of the rebellion?

    Yes. Shadows loom large when the sun demands it. DD, sure. later? no Quite a bit different. Stannis, as far as we know, hasn't demanded the heads of innocents or killed people without trial. Even the burnings, save Alester (?), were for 'good' reason. Like I said, Euron will most likely eclipse Aerys II Won't deny any of that, but it means little and less to the assertion that Joff was responsible for Robb coming south Valid Yes? Does the sentence change? No but that doesn't mean he wasn't to blame for the 98 bombing and the luxor bombing Uh that had little and less to do with Jaime. That was done before he even got back to KL Cersei let him die. Pycelle said as much. He screwed Ned over, but the war was well in hand at that point To the knowledge of maybe 5-10? Literally everyone but the Targs
  24. Universal Sword Donor

    Size of the islands Elissa Farman discovered

    Those are pretty small then. Ballparking off of what we know of the Wall (it's 300 miles long), DS looks like it's about 300 sq miles. However that is a very rough estimate and most likely overstating the size of DS. The biggest of those islands would be larger than Staten Island but smaller than Malta. Best case scenario for them would probably just be use them as water stopovers like the British used to use Saint Helena and Ascension Island. I cannot remember if those islands were reminiscent of the Galapagos or not,
  25. Universal Sword Donor

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    I don't know how *vast* their lands were but they definitely had a lot of people swearing fealty in addition to the martial offices. "For a thousand years before the Conquest, we were the Marshalls of the Northmarch. A score of lesser lordlings did us fealty, and a hundred landed knights. We had four castles then, and watchtowers on the hills to warn of the coming of our enemies. 20 lords and a 100 landed knights along with four castles (worth noting) would definitely put them on the higher list of vassals, especially with the marriages they were getting. with the "great families" like the Hightowers, Blackwoods, and Swanns. Coldmoat is of a similar size and shape to Torrhen's Square, by the descriptions of both. I wouldnt' have any qualms at equating them to the Florents.