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    How would you rate episode 310?

    I don't get why people expected to see LS. She appears at the end of Book 3 AKA Season 4. Anyway, the way I see it: The Good: - Roose + Walder scenes - Arya's kill (Not as good as in the books, but it was enjoyable nonetheless) - Davos (every scene with that man is great) - Council Meeting The Not-So Good: - They really douched-up Stannis. There's no chemistry between him and Davos like there is in the books. They kinda dumbed down the character. - No Coldhands. A shame. - No Black Gate. Furthermore, it looks like there wont be a Black Gate at all. Looks like they're just gonna exit the tunnel and be on the other side of the wall. This part in the books was a really interesting (and somewhat WTF) moment. - The Shae scene. They're trying to make her likable and relatable. Everything else was okay; not great, not terrible. Overall, 7/10.
  2. The thing is, though, people are stupid.
  3. The build up needed more Cat paranoia. But Coldhand's delay once again made me sad. Maybe we'll see 'em in Season 4. Other than that it was well done. I enjoyed it.