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  1. Why are you here? Why do you consider yourself an ASOIAF fan?
  2. Why does HBO, a TV network based in the US, a majority white country, have a moral obligation to cast non-white characters for a spinoff of a show whose audience primarily came from said white-majority country, belonging to a genre which is primarily read and watched by white males, written by a white author, set in a fictional realm repeatedly stated by the author as being based on Europe, a majority white continent, and based on a historical period where non-European/white immigration into said continent was practically non-existent? What gives you the right to make such demands, and treat the lack of their fulfillment with such contempt?
  3. The mods deleted my rebuke to your racially-charged comment, so I'll put it a bit more diplomatically. Why mention "pretty white people"? Why bring race into this? Are you implying HBO wants to brainwash audiences into liking tyrannical white people? Also, if people are willing to endure low-quality and "tyrannical propaganda" content because they like white people so much (disgusting statement by you by the way), why are movies like Black Panther, Blade, American Gangster etc so successful?
  4. It makes 0 sense for him to be king in the end. There was nothing in his storyline or arc that had anything to with him ruling. There are no arguments. Even Daenerys going mad was more plausible. At least with the other shitty writing, I can kind of justify it by assuming that it will happen in the books, it just got rushed and badly executed by D&D and it will be more coherent in them when it happens there. But not even GRRM himself could have Bran become king in the end and make it make sense. I seriously doubt it will happen in ASOIAF.
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