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  1. Jon is a bastard so even tho he is a Stark, people probably wouldn't want to follow him or accept him as a new king - at least not if he would call himself the new king. But I also think he is very loyal to the Nights watch and I doubt he would break his oath - he's a northern and a Stark so he also knows what happens to oath breakers. And Stannis doesn't have large army, most of it was destroyed / killed in the battle at Blackwater, I think he will need to find some new allies before attacking.
  2. I'm maybe wrong but I think they didn't have full Starks army with them (maybe some stayed back in Riverrun etc.) and it was a wedding so most of them were probably wasted, while Freys were probably more sober because they knew what is going to happen. And, I don't know if I should say this - probably isn't a spoiler, but if you remember at starting scene with Freys they all got "salt & bread" and Lord Frey offered them his hospitality and protection, so they probably thought they are safe.
  3. Well The Rains of Castamere is no spoiler, if I'm not mistaken in one episode in 3 season Cersei was talking about it to Margaery. Also was singed by Bronn before the battle in season 2 (Blackwater). For Jon Snow there is also nothing new that he joined the wildlings because Qhorin Halfhand told him so and because he was still loyal to the Nights Watch, this was great oppurtunity for him to run away and warn Nights Watch at Castle Black, not to mention wildlings wanted him dead at this scene, so why would he stay. Only small spoiler I see here is Blackfish being in Riverrun and not at the RW, but again logical assumption would be he would run back home to Riverrun - to defend it, maybe organize rescue mission for Edmure etc. :)
  4. Well the the expression on the Cats face tells you a lot when they start playing The Rains of Castamere (it's a Lannisters song how they destroyed one of their enemy houses). The song is mentioned quite often in the books so I guess everyone in Westeros knows it, especially someone older and from upper class - it was also played at the RW in the books. Jon Snow was "undercover" so he used the oppurtunity to ran away and warn Castle Black that wildlings are coming. Well if Brynden "Blackfish" Tully wouldn't go outside they would most likely killed him, so we can presume he was able to ran away and back to Riverrun. Later in the books he is in Riverrun defending it (tho in the books he never was at the RW).
  5. There will be many more "shocks" in next season. :) And believe me, reading this in the book is even more shocking. :P I have another theory why Umber wasn't at the wedding, if you recall, Rickon and Osha went to Last Hearth which is seat of House Umber, instead of to White Harbor (well they supposed to be on Skagos, but Manderly sent for them) in the books. Umbers might have a bigger role in the next seasons on TV series - protecting / hiding Rickon. We actually didn't see any member of the Manderly familiy, at least I don't remember any, especially not Wyman Manderly, who is well described and often mentioned in the books.
  6. Well Umber was probably replaced by Brynden Tully at the RW, in books if I'm not mistaken, he was back at Riverrun to defend it, and Robbs wife Jeyne was there too. Tho I do not understand why Talissa was at RW nad why was she killed... especially because she was pregnant, would make a gret story if she wasn't present and ran back to Volantis with Robbs child.
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