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  1. I welcome any serious critical analysis of any work of art/entertainment, and I never say this, but...YOU. ARE. AWESOME.
  2. I personally think part of the culling this year (RIP Pyp, Grenn, etc) is to make way for Dorne charcters. Excited.
  3. plus, it wasn't even Stannis or Castle Black's denouement in the book. I'm actually glad they seem to be saving the LC election for next season, and thus giving Stannis' save a higher place of honor - in the season finale. For 3 seasons, episode 9 has been THE episode. How obvious do they have to make it that they're doing something different this season?
  4. Yes. And because of that and more, she is a book finisher, whether she deserves this particular book or not.
  5. Yes. Because (oh feck, I often can't stand her) a MAIN character, and because she does finish some books.
  6. I neither love nor hate Stannis. My critiques 'try' not to have to do with that:)
  7. Truth be told, if it all made perfect sense to me, Craster's would never have happened, Ygritte would have died shortly after Joffrey, Episode 9 would have been Episode 6, then Episode 7 would have had Castle Black fallout etc, etc elsewhere, Episode 8 would have probably been Oberyn-centric, episode 9 would have reminded us of the remaining storylines to be tied up (because i could very wrongly but possibly rightly believe that the showrunners wanted to switch up the expectations for episode 9, i've just been getting this feeling since last season), Epsiode 9 would have covered several different storylines - including Arya and Stannis, and Episode 10 would have more or less stayed true to the book - Dany check-in (because she is a main character and we cannot end a season without her, so in this case, caging her dragons, Jon's fallout, Tyrion, Sansa, LS. This is off the top of my head, in no way meant to be taken as gospel.
  8. Not being a shit, but is this a fair analogy? Stannis' big moment happened in the midst. LS's moment purposely happened at the very end.
  9. As i've said, I'm not arguing that they've done Stannis well, but that Ramesy and Roose are imperative to future storyline sso they were therefore important.
  10. I am agreeing about the abundance of useless Wall crap, which includes the awful (arguably worst ever, Craster's crap), as well as argue that Bran has gotten the same shaft (see Meera's almost rape). Theon, on the other hand, since his future storyline is so tied up with Roose and the North's storyline in general, has received an abundance, which just serves my points. Mel's, as I have said, was also awful, but a way to keep the Stannis 'people' going with storyline...for the record, I do hate how they have made Stannis' storyline more about Mel than Stannis, but Stannis does keep disappearing for chunks at a time and she is the POV character in DwD so ....maybe they have a plan? i didn't say a good one. ETA x 2
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