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  1. Sad to hear you won't be at both conventions, but pleased to hear I'll see you, @mormont, and the spawn in Dublin. I'm also arriving there on Tuesday, staying at the Maldron/Pearse St. Maybe we'll catch up over dinner that night before things get too hectic.
  2. For those using the mobile app, what is the event code?
  3. Just announced by the Dublin folks: "Just fyi if any of you have booked the Dublin International Youth hostel on Mountjoy Square.. It's no longer in operation and does not appear to have informed upcoming guests."
  4. Please remember not everyone is on Facebook. To the extent there are any BWB related activities discussed I ask those of you who are to kindly remember those of us not on Facebook and to be sure to post notices of such activities here on the board or find a way to provide notice to us. Thank you. This was an informational post, for those who do use FaceBook. (I am well aware that some folks here don't use it, and that some FB users don't visit these boards on a regular basis. I'm one of the latter; the only thing I come here for is convention-related discussions.) Please recognize that: 1) The group in question is not a BWB group, but rather a public group that may be useful to those here who are looking for additional information on many topics, including local non-convention events, room sharing, membership purchases or sales, &c. 2) If my post gave you the impression that I was announcing a BWB group, my apologies for the lack of clarity. 3) Because it is not a BWB group, I strongly doubt that any BWB activities will be discussed there. That said, however, there is a long-standing private BWB/Worldcon group on FB where con-related discussions have been ongoing for years. Personally, I find it simplest to monitor both this forum and the one on FB.
  5. A new Facebook group has been set up for Dublin 2019 members. This group has been created to provide a place where WorldCon members can chat, share information, sell memberships or swap accommodation with each other. Please like and share with your friends, networks and all those interested in Dublin 2019, An Irish WorldCon. Note that Dublin 2019 Irish WorldCon Members Group is not an official group and as such is not regulated by WorldCon staff.https://www.facebook.com/groups/1309897269165297
  6. Sounds lovely, but that's the day I'm flying back to the US. Same for Maid of Woodlynne.
  7. I think your best bet would be to ask about this on the FaceBook BWB forum. https://www.facebook.com/groups/532631506801816/
  8. I asked Mr. X about this last night, and was informed that there are no plans for BWB t-shirts for either Dublin or Belfast.
  9. Check the BWB/Worldcon forum on Facebook -- several people have posted there about memberships for sale.
  10. Are they at the convention rate, though? If so, I would certainly consider switching my booking from the more expensive Maldron, which I only accepted because the Hilton was full up when bookings opened.
  11. Yes, I'm reasonably sure "mesclun' is what was intended. But the alternative did seem amusing...
  12. I'm quite interested in the side dish of "Young spinach and mescalin leaves." While I suspect this is a typo, a hallucinogenic salad might make for some interesting parties later in the evening.
  13. If you will need a mobie scooter while attending Dublin, read this and act now to get on the reservation list. https://dublin2019.com/mobie-hire-fire/
  14. If you're planning to visit the Trinity College library while in Dublin to view the Book of Kells, you might find this of interest: http://www.medievalists.net/2019/03/free-online-course-on-the-book-of-kells-returns/
  15. I think there might have been a separate thread at some point in the past, but most of the discussion seems to be in this one. The attendance list in the opening post of the thread does cover both conventions, so this does seem to be the place for discussion of either one. That said, though, one wonders whether separate threads for the two would be useful for event planning purposes.