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  1. You can move my entry to "Attending For Sure."
  2. Folks, thanks to a tip from Bex, I have learned that the con has set up a tour of the Winchester Mystery House on Friday afternoon. At this time, they have just under twenty vacancies. I am planning to do this. Please join me in the fun. Note that the mechanism for getting in on the tour if you already have a membership is extremely non-obvious. Here are the steps... 1) Go to the website's page for managing your registration account and log in. https://www.regonline.com/registration/login.aspx... 2) In the "Edit" column, select "Upgrades and Add-ons" 3) Scroll down to "Friday: The Winchester Mystery House and Brewpub Dinner" and check the box. 4) Go to the bottom of the page, click "Continue", and deal with the payment via check or PayPal. Here is a link to the tour's description on the con website: http://www.worldcon76.org/travel-lodging/tours Note that the Mystery House interior itself is not ADA-accessible, but its gardens, museum, gift shop, etc. all are accessible. When you register, you can specify that you don't want the tour, but want to come for the other stuff, and you'll have the tour price automatically removed from the overall cost.
  3. The following email was sent out to con members on 6 May, and may be of interest to those planning to attend. This email contains very important information about hotels for Dublin 2019, An Irish Worldcon. Our general booking period is not scheduled to be open until January 2019, but this information is important enough that we wanted to share it with you as soon as we confirmed it. For more detail about our hotel rates and terms, please go to the two links below. For general queries, please email [email protected] For queries about accessible hotel reservations, or to get on the list for the Access hotel booking phase currently scheduled for December 2018, please email [email protected] The Chair's latest blog post also covers this announcement and is available here: https://dublin2019.com/?p=5413 The full details are available on the Dublin 2019 hotel page: https://dublin2019.com/location/hotels-accommodation/ In short, we have been able to obtain great discounts on standard Dublin hotel prices, but they are still higher than we'd like and higher than recent Worldcon rates. In addition, the hotels are requiring terms that we had hoped to avoid. The good: Discounts – We are offering discounts of 15% - 30% on most of our hotels' standard rates, and in some cases even up to nearly 40%. Items included – The listed rates already include a full Irish breakfast and value-added tax (VAT, similar to US sales tax). Limited restrictions – The terms detailed later only apply to our hotels. We will also be offering en-suite student dorm rooms and a small number of off-site apartments, and we hope to offer more accommodation as time goes on. More options – There are other services and options that may be even cheaper, including hostels, self-serviced apartments, etc. Fully refundable until mid-May 2019 – It is possible to reserve as soon as booking is open and cancel without penalty up to 10th May 2019. The disappointing: Cost – Dublin is expensive, and has a perpetual lack of hotel rooms. This, combined with being a popular destination for city breaks, means that our rates are still not as low as we’d like. Payment in Full – When you book, the full amount for all the nights of your stay will be charged as a deposit. Refunds & Cancellations – Payment will be fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 10th May 2019 (just over 3 months out from the first night you can book at the convention rate). Beyond that date, it will be 50% refundable for another month. After 10th June 2019, the deposit will become non-refundable. Block Expiration – You will not be able to book at the convention rate in these hotels after 10th June, as any unsold rooms in our block will have been returned to the hotels for sale on the open market – almost certainly at rates significantly higher than before. What we’re doing to mitigate: Higher occupancy – We are still working with the hotels on offering triple or quad occupancy, which will help spread the cost. Transfer service – Just as with memberships, we are looking to facilitate hotel booking transfers between members. Continuing negotiations – We are still working with other providers to bring in more rooms, and hope to avoid these terms with them. Other services – Although we cannot endorse any particular service, we are happy to let members know about nearby hostels and businesses like HomeAway, AirBnB, Rent.ie’s short let section, and so on. As you can imagine, we wish we had better news to share with you. However, we wanted our members and potential members to be aware of this as soon as possible, so that you can make your own plans and decisions based on this information.
  4. Will we also be graced by the company of Mrs. Stego?
  5. Already have attending memberships for both events. Barring financial disaster in the next two years, I will use both of them.
  6. Ah, but those are rack rates. Convention rates are much lower: "Standard rooms are $199 Single-Double/$224 Triple/$249 Quad Occupancy. Deluxe (larger) rooms are $239 Single-Double/$264 Triple/$289 Quad occupancy. Fairmont one-bedroom suites (bedroom plus a standard parlor) are $339. Note that suite reservations for parties will be administered by Worldcon 76." Convention rates for all hotels, btw, can be found here: http://www.worldcon76.org/travel-lodging/hotels
  7. DaveAx

    DC in 2021

    Bill, At the present time, are there any other contenders for 2021, or is DC currently unopposed?
  8. DaveAx

    DC in 2021

    House Bannister supports this bid. It is known.
  9. DaveAx

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    Also, you can often find folks who bought early and then discovered that they can't attend for one reason or another, and who are willing to sell their memberships for their price (as compared to the increased prices that come at regular intervals).
  10. DaveAx

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    >>Cider and long drinks are not equated with beer. For those who are wondering what a "long drink" -- referred to as a "lonkero" in Finland --might be... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_drink http://www.originallongdrink.com/
  11. DaveAx

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    Yeah, it looks like the con runs from the 9th - 13th, and all the hotel rates are for the 8th-13th. Just enough time to maybe get over your jet lag.
  12. DaveAx

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    An interesting tidbit from their website: "Members who join before January of 2017 may nominate for the Hugo Awards, whether they are attending or supporting members. " I'm not an expert on Hugo voting rules (nor do I play one on TV), but this looks very early to me. It will certainly prevent those who don't join until after nominations open up from having any effect on who gets on the ballot.
  13. DaveAx

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    Did they really say the blocks will be up in September? That's would be remarkably early -- most Worldcons don't have them ready till mid-Winter. The hotel closest to the venue is relatively small -- it's a Holiday Inn, and has 244 rooms out of the 1400 total they plan to make available. According to the con web site, it only has some easy access rooms, but it is attached to the convention center and is thus definitely a choice location. One suspects that non-accessible rooms there will go to the Guests of Honor and top-level convention staff, and only the remainder will be available for attendees in general.
  14. DaveAx

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    They say: "We have preliminary contracts with two large hotel chains in Finland, and have in total of 1400 rooms reserved. These include all the 244 rooms in Holiday Inn Messu­keskus, which is attached to the con site and has some easy access rooms. The door to door travel time from the farthest of our hotels to con site is 22 minutes." So it's only one hotel that's 22 minutes away. (I'm assuming that's by public transit, since they make a point of saying that there will be a free travel pass for all members, courtesy of the City of Helsinki. But they don't indicate if that time estimate includes waiting for transit to arrive, which is a tad misleading. I would expect the remainder of the hotels to be a bit closer, but still likely to be dependent on transit. Those with accessibility issues will have to look closely at which transit lines are needed to reach the various hotels. The local transit system only allows mobility scooters on the Metro, commuter trains, and a ferry, but not on buses and trams. (Wheelchairs, both electric and manual, are OK on all lines.)
  15. And if there are ghost chilies around, some of us are like Texas fire ants.