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  1. Here are the details: Ticket for Adult Attending (now £52.00) from 25 February: £65.00 Ticket for Young Adult Attending (now £36.50) from 25 February: £40.00 Ticket for Child Attending (now £21.00) from 25 February: £25.00 Supporting Upgrade now and up to 30 March £42.00 Supporting upgrade is not available after 30 March! Bid packer upgrades: Those who supported our original EuroCon bid at the special "Bid Backer" rate can upgrade to an Attending Membership via the Grenadine site for TitanCon 2019. As a Bid Backer you are entitled to a reduced Attending upgrade fee of £26. Please follow the instructions sent to you by email. If you have not received this email, please contact us by emailing [email protected] https://www.titancon.com/2019/
  2. I just successfully booked a room at the Hilton. And, yes, paid in advance. Arriving on the 21st, departing on the 26th -- 5 nights in Belfast. I then immediately booked my flight via Orbitz, and managed to score a decent R/T fare of $840 on American with non-stop flights both ways. The inbound flight is a red-eye, putting me at Dublin airport at 9 AM. So now I can contact my hotel there to see about early checkin. I had thought to take Aer Lingus, which is about $100 cheaper, but their PHL-DUB flight arrives at 5 AM, which would make for much too long a wait before a room might be available. I'm deliberately arriving on the 13th, so that I have some jet-lag recovery time before things get interesting. My departing flight is leaving at 11:20 from Dublin, so I'll have to wake up early in order to hop a bus from Belfast to the airport. But that shouldn't be too much of a challenge. (Of course, if anyone's driving Belfast->Dublin that morning, or wants to team up for a hire car, I'm happy to discuss it. Now that the basics are complete, there's time to work on such details.
  3. Are there discounted rates for seniors?
  4. EuroCon is very unlikely to have these kind of problems. The Titancon website says they have "...secured 100 rooms in the Hilton...." Eleven of them, we're told, are accessible rooms, which leaves only 89 for con-goers w/o accessibility issues. In comparison, the Hilton in Dublin had 70 rooms set aside for con-goers. While I know the overall attendance -- and thus competition for rooms -- at Titancon will be less than that at Worldcon, this appears to me to be essentially the same basic situation: my first choice hotel, at least in terms of convenience, has an extremely limited number of rooms, and my chances of getting one are thus equally limited. Since the con has yet to announce anything about alternative lodging options, I can't tell whether or not I'll be spending more or less if I don't get that choice. They also have not indicated whether full advance payment will be required, which would be nice to know for budgetary purposes.
  5. Hilton was not available as of the moment booking opened, so I went for the Maldron. Just like San Jose -- ended up with my second choice, a bit further away and more expensive. I'm hoping that this doesn't happen for Eurocon as well.
  6. It took a bit of scrolling around to find it, but here's Mr. Lally's full statement: " More confirmed data on this: ENTERPRISE TRAIN CON : Wed 21 Aug. meet (not later than 1430: Madigans Bar (on the left as one faces the destination display) Connolly Rail Stn Dublin (with --already purchased (in Euros)-- yr Dublin->Belfast rail tkt). We join the 1520 Enterprise express to Belfast Laynon Place Rail Stn (arr ~1720). We occupy the std class carriage furthest from Connolly tkt barrier (ie next to the loco). Eurocon venue (Hilton) is across the road from the Belfast Stn! Most thus early arrivals will meet pre-Eurocon that Wed evening in Hilton main bar." I've taken the liberty of suggesting that he set up a FaceBook Event page for this.
  7. Peadar, is there a link available for additional info, sign-up, etc.?
  8. I have heard conflicting stories as to whether or not this is really occurring. It's certainly possible for a group of us to plan to travel together, either by train or motorcoach, w/o regard for whether or not a formal/official trip is offered. Either way, though, this leads back to my original question as to what day one should leave Dublin for Belfast.
  9. For those attending both Worldcon and Eurocon: Worldcon officially ends on the 19th; Eurocon officially starts on the 22nd. That leaves a couple of days in-between, open for sight-seeing, get-togethers, and travel. When are you travelling from Dublin to Belfast? Are there good reasons to make the trip sooner rather than later, beyond the fact that the Belfast hotels may be cheaper than those in Dublin? If you had a free day in either city, what would you do?
  10. I'm hoping to snag a room at the Hilton Garden Inn Custom House, with the Maldron and Spencer as second and third choices.
  11. Keep me posted. Also, don't forget that there are two guest bedrooms at my place, one with a queen-sized bed and a second with a full bed.
  12. Caryn, note that this year's Philcon (in Cherry Hill) is the weekend of November 16-18. Depending on timing, you all might consider attending. I'll be there (as a commuter), as will Maid of Woodlynn. And an appearance by your faction might draw some additional folks to the event. https://philcon.org/
  13. We are taking him to Sapori somewhere along the way, yes?
  14. DaveAx

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    Back in the 80's, I was doing programming for the US Bankruptcy Courts. We had an annual user's meeting here in Philly for the staff of the various court locations that used our software. One fellow needed nearly two days of travel in each direction, because he was the systems manager for the branch of the courts located in Guam.
  15. Had a chat in San Jose with the Dublin folks about hotels and learned one useful tidbit: The hotel booking site will be opened to volunteer staff prior to being available to the general membership. I'd already signed up to work Green Room, and this confirms my decision to do so. It doesn't resolve the overall financing of the double-con trip, but it makes it much more likely that I can pull it off.