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  1. No idea if I'll make it to this, but I'll note that Luxembourg produces some excellent wines, especially dry whites and sparkling wines, though they are seldom seen here in the US. This makes perfect sense in terms of geography: the country's eastern border is the Moselle River. In Germany, on the other side of the stream, the Mosel region is one of the biggest of the country's 13 wine-producing regions -- and certainly the most famous, especially for high-quality white wines both sweet and dry. Luxembourgian wines are made with grapes such as Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Auxerrois Blanc, Gewürtztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc, and tend to be similar in style to the wines produced in Alsace and some parts of Germany with the same varietals. They also produce several varieties of sweet wines: Vendanges tardives (late harvest), Vin de Glace (ice wine), and Vin de Paille (straw wine, made from raisinated grapes in a style similar to Italian vin santo). All can be quite excellent. A few years back, the DC chapter of the German Wine Society had a tasting I attended -- it conveniently overlapped with the Capclave convention, a few Metro stops away -- that was held at the Embassy of Luxembourg, featuring roughly two dozen wines from that country. I was quite impressed with most of the wines they served.
  2. At this point, it's too early to speculate on what will occur over the next eight months. So I'm simply not ruling out any possibilities and hoping that I'll get to see my old friends in person in December. Worldcon is the gathering of the tribe, even when said tribe is in the process of factionalization. And it's worth noting that Parris' connections to fandom essentially began in the DC/Baltimore area. So I don't think it's impossible that George and/or Parris will attend as individuals, though there exist many factors other than recent events that could influence the final decision -- pandemic status, work demands, health, etc. Also, if there are motions before the Business Meeting regarding changes to Best Related Work eligibility, one or both of them might well opt to express an opinion in person, even if distance options for participation are available. Side note: I'm reminded of Harlan Ellison's boycott of the con hotel when he was GoH at Iguanacon in '78. He was responding to the failure of Arizona legislators to approve the ERA, and stayed in a rented RV as a protest. Full details here: http://file770.com/just-an-innocent-question/
  3. While it may be nit-picking, I would note that choosing not to make an appearance, to me, equates to not being a program participant and still allows the option of being an attendee without such commitments.
  4. Hotel parking, either self-park or valet, is indeed ludicrously expensive in the DC area, though the con may negotiate a discounted rate once it has a definite venue. ETA: The Omni Shoreham's web site states that they only have valet parking. $35 for 0-4 hours; $55 for 4-24 hours. (Tax included.) A bit of web searching shows that there is a lot at 2631 Connecticut Avenue, a few blocks away from the hotel, with a rate of $22/day. There are lots scattered about the city with lower rates, and one could theoretically drop all the passengers, luggage, and alcohol at the hotel and then relocate the car and take public transit back. But the big advantage of a hotel's garage, in most cases, is that you have the vehicle handy should you want to take an off-site expedition. One thing I'm checking out is that a few of the DC Metro stations have a limited number of multi-day parking spaces in their lots and garages. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Greenbelt station has between 15-17 of them, for instance, with a cost of $8.95/day. (All Metro lots are FREE on weekends and Federal holidays, so you would not need to pay at all for part of the con.) Plus, of course, the subway fare to/from the hotel when you want the car. More info here: DC Metro Parking Lots
  5. Neither of the 2023 options really appeals to me, TBH. I wonder where the NASFiC will be if Chengdu wins.
  6. It's a reasonable question, especially as we're almost at the point where hotel reservations would open up for an August convention. I suspect the big issue for many people will be the various holidays celebrated in December. They may choose to spend vacation days and money on those events, rather than on a convention trip. It's also a little too early for schools to be closing for holiday/winter breaks, so parents with kids will not always be able to bring them along. University students, however, may have the option of attending. Airfares are often less in winter months, but that may not be true so close to the holiday season. Personally, I'd rather see a belated in-person event than a "timely" virtual event. But I'm in the position of not having either family or work obligations AND being within easy driving distance from DC (even in bad winter conditions).
  7. Agreed. I find myself wondering what mechanism they will use to include nominees in the Hugo Packet.
  8. This sounds quite lovely. If my budget survives a Glasgow Worldcon the previous year, I would definitely consider attending.
  9. Interesting that they couldn't be bothered notifying the paid-up members about this.
  10. GRRM will be happy that it's a Labor Day weekend event. (September 1-5, 2022) Guests of Honor: Author -- Charles de Lint Artist -- Floyd Norman Fan -- Edie Stern & Joe Siclari First Fandom -- Erle Korshak Toastmasters: Annalee Newitz & Charlie Jane Anders Website: https://chicon.org/ Hotel: Hyatt Regency Chicago Room rate is US $160/night for single, double, triple, or quad, plus 17.38% tax, for a total of US $187.78/night. Internet is free.
  11. There is an Israeli bid in the works, tentatively aiming at 2027. It has not taken any formal actions as of yet, but I'd expect to see some of that -- bid parties, pre-supporting memberships, etc. -- by '22 or '23. If you think that the current fuss is ugly, the notion of a con in Israel will be utterly feco-ventilatory in comparison.
  12. China is also paying for many authors to attend conventions there. It's not just fans who are getting the funding.
  13. One also wonders how welcome fans who are Jewish -- either by faith or ancestry -- would feel there.
  14. Site selection voting for the 2022 Worldcon is now open. There are two locations bidding for the convention: Chicago IL, USA Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Details on the voting process can be found here: https://chicagoworldconbid.org/support-us/how-worldcon-voting-works/
  15. And here's the latest, announced on 5/14: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT This is the statement we have been hoping we would not have to make, but it is with a heavy heart that we, in consultation with Hotel management and the local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, announce that we have made the decision to cancel the Columbus 2020 NASFiC. Due to the uncertain health situation and the unreliable travel restrictions, it was decided by all that hosting the NASFiC at this time would be unwise. We still plan to publish a souvenir book for all attending and supporting members. Due to the fact that we are still negotiating penalties with the hotel, ongoing expenses, and our intention to publish a souvenir book, it is not feasible to offer refunds at this time. If you don’t hear from the hotel within two weeks regarding your reservation, please call them. We may have a virtual event on the weekend of August 20 -23. We’ll update everyone on that later once we have some plans.
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