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  1. To be fair we're 48 episodes into the story. They've been a mystery for long enough. Viewers need to understand the threat they pose and realize just how dangerous they are.
  2. 9.5 out of 10 but I'll round up for the sake of the poll. The first 30 minutes ranged from solid to great but holy freaking hell...the entire Hardhome segment was tremendous. My expectations always feel unreasonably high and I'm often left disappointed but this absolutely shattered my expectations. The atmosphere, the intensity, the terrific mix of action and horror, the shocking moments, the new revelations, the sound effects, the music, the cinematography...bravo. I can't explain how refreshing this was. In a series that often downplays it's fantasy elements, this felt so damn awesome. Watched it in a room with a mix of book readers and Unsullied and there were countless group HELL YEAHS as well as stunned and nervous silence. I mean we had freaking Wun Wun smashing wights by the dozens with a burning beam, Jon shattering a White Walker with Longclaw, the Night's King announcing his presence in a huge way. Just speechless. Tremendous.
  3. 6/10. A real slow burner. The Sand Snakes fight fell flat so that took away the episode's one chance to get sort of high-energy. The ending was very hard to watch but the acting, set design, and overall production quality of the Winterfell wedding straight through to the end was phenomenal. Alfie Allen is phenomenal in the role and continues to be one of the best parts of the show.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if one of those two people are spies/Bolton loyalists, but probably not both. We need something to replace the Manderly plot inside Winterfell this season as some form of Northern vengeance, and one or both of those characters will likely be a means to it.
  5. You seriously thought Sansa was going to be killed/mauled at this point in the story? I thought Theon right away since that's where he sleeps in the books.
  6. There's three known dragons in the world and two are chained up. Doesn't leave many options.
  7. What's so essential about the Green Grace that you'd be shocked if she was cut? We're talking about a series which has cut far more significant characters and arcs already. She's a minor character.
  8. 8/10. Really good but not all-time great. Superb acting throughout, some really gorgeous cinematography, and each storyline that was shown had a lot of time to breathe. My unsullied friend who is usually a tough critic said he thought it was one of the 4 or 5 best episodes ever. All the stuff in Dany's storyline felt abrupt (so she's brutally executing people seemingly at random now? She's getting married without so much as one previous suggestion of it?), but everything else was pretty sweet. I'm personally excited as hell to see what comes of the Winterfell and Castle Black stories this season. Between "The North Remembers" lady and the guy that Brienne was talking to about the Starks, I'm expecting some seriously awesome Northern vengeance this season.
  9. While Stannis probably wouldn't say that to Shireen without her coming to him about it first, I thought it was completely in character. It wasn't like he was super emotional or gushing. He was still very reserved and calculated in what he said -- but it was obvious he cared. That's the important part.
  10. Beautifully acted, completely in character, touching...what more do you want? It's made pretty clear in the books that Shireen is one of the only things that Stannis actually cares about, so I'm not sure what makes you say he'd "never say that stuff". Do you seriously doubt that he loves his daughter?
  11. Minor observations/responses to what I've read here: I'm just as WTF about Sansa's storyline as everyone else is. Doesn't make much sense to me at the moment, but I'm actually quite excited to see where it leads. "The North Remembers" was exciting to hear on the show, but I hope it leads somewhere. The Boltons wouldn't be dumb enough to allow some Stark loyalist/sympathizer to privately and personally attend Sansa (as many have stated). GIVE US SOMETHING REMINISCENT TO THE MANDERLY SPEECH! I thought the Slynt beheading was good, not great. THAT STANNIS NOD, THOUGH! THANK HEAVENS THEY INCLUDED IT!. They are making Varys way too un-Varys like. First, his motivations get drastically reduced in complexity and spelled out in the very first episode. Now, he's bumbling around and brothel-hopping with Tyrion, then manages to lose him within about 3 minutes. There better be something substantial up his sleeve. Really interested to see what they do with Olly and Alliser Thorne. A strange hunch of mine is that Alliser actually tries to protect Jon when he gets stabbed at Season's end. Would be a fitting character reversal and character arc now that Thorne is slowly gaining more respect for Jon and Jon is treating him well. Most would expect him to be in on the assault on Jon (if Thorne's still at Castle Black), but I could see the show doing the opposite. I could also see Olly being in on the assassination attempt in some tragic way. The House of Black and White stuff was kinda meh for me. The set's looked pretty cool but the scene's were just so-so. Stoked that we'll soon to be into territory that even the leaks haven't spoiled yet.
  12. Still can't believe Pod's pointless brothel scene(s) were given as much time on the show as Stannis' offer to Jon AND the LC election combined.
  13. Gave it a 6 but 6.5 is probably more accurate. A handful of unnecessary bits mixed in with some decent table-setting for the season. The scene with Mance and Jon and the burning were terrific acting, filmmaking, and drama, even if Mance's reasons were a bit odd.
  14. I wouldn't say Bloodraven was miscast, rather the VFX, costume, and art departments got the look/vibe wrong.
  15. Agreed. Ciaran Hinds is a terrific actor and he showed that off in his scenes as Mance (his face alone after being told he'll burn to death is proof), but Mance needed to be more vivacious and more charismatic. Mance on the show felt too beaten down and kind of hard to buy as some super inspiring leader.
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