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  1. Your loss. Some of his work, like The Scavenger Series or The Folding Knife are truly excellent. I'd give him another go.
  2. This enhances Holts standing as a writer of note (not that he wasn't well regarded before of course). What are peoples feelings on him as a writer now that there's all this extra body to his, errm, body of work?
  3. What about Ursula K Leguin? Just won a National Book Award, writes genre, is American...................................I'll leave quietly.
  4. Yeah. If it was a 'Not A Total Wanker But Actually A Thumpingly Good Bloke ' award then RA Salvatore would be in with a shout. Rushidie maybe an exception though. No problem with him thinking that GOT is addictive trash, but saying The Wire is 'just a cop show' is beyond forgiving. So factually wrong it boggles the mind. He can't have watched the whole show. EDIT: I'm actually going to read some Rushdie just so I can point out how much better the writing is than anything he can manage. Some may call me petty and they'd be quite right. If it turns out that Rushdie is actually better then I can always rely on my powers of self deception to save the day.
  5. Daniel Woodrell. Though he is american which apparently doesn't help. What's the history with the Nobels bias against U.S writers? I'm not exactly clued up on lit awards.
  6. When's Avalon coming out George?! Been waiting ages a whilst you've been meandering on this little side project!
  7. The Hippo's TipToe of Tedium.

  8. Hello Dave and Dan! Welcome to the Peter Dinklage fan forum! :thumbsup: Break a leg with your adaptation! May I ask who the sword master is goining to be? Bob Anderson? Anthony De Longis? [url="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6O1CsqAy6kc"]http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6O1CsqAy6kc[/url]
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