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  1. Hi, here is an explanation of ethics is a ASOIAF: Evil in the Hearts of Men: Pacifism and Ethics in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire
  2. Interesting screen shots. Yeah, I tried to get a closer look when I re-watched the episode. Olenna takes the gem from the necklace almost 20 minutes before he actually dies. No wonder the unsullied have no idea what is going on....my husband thinks they poisoned the pie. I know what happens and still I don't see anything definitive that points to them poisoning the wine. It must happen off camera.
  3. Yeah but who knows what the heck we are looking at in that screen capture....looks like f*ck all to me. I don't see a blue rose.
  4. I agree. There is too much deviation and it is ruining show Stannis.
  5. Does Tywin's underwhelming/non-reaction to Joffery's death, and the chumminess between Olenna and Tywin give any credence to the Tywin knew about the purple wedding theory?
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