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  1. Ser Lawrence

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    The voice of reason...thank you. Either go along for the ride, or cancel your subscription to HBO. I’ve not had any conversations with the author, so who knows how things will go down in the books? I personally will have a laugh when things happen just as we saw this year, and can recall all the venom. PS: Dear George. You don’t teach school children, you don’t fix toilets, you don’t design bridges, you don’t work the fields, you do nothing of any real socially redeeming value. You write stories for people, and avoid working for a living due their popularity. So, yes… you ARE our bitch.
  2. Ser Lawrence

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Unless “Ironkiller” is a pseudonym for GRR Martin, you don’t know for sure what will happen in the books. For all the doom-and-gloom folks cursing and hating over Sunday’s episode… just as you have the right to your opinion, you also have the right to turn off the TV. The sooner you give up on the show, and this forum, the better off the rest of will be.
  3. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 406?

    Gave it a 9. The actors crushed it. The Dreadfort stuff may have been scripted or edited on the clunky side, but the rest more than made up for it. Love me some Davos, Salladhor, Oberyn, a sprinkling of Tyrells, and all the Lannisters. (As much as I hate all Lannisters in the books, I love watching this group of actors.) Peter Dinkage KILLED it. (and...the requisite boobs)
  4. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Sorry for any duplication... I have to get to work sometime today, so I didn't read every preceding post. But, I can't see how this is the worst episode of the four seasons, or how it was all pointless. While it may have been understated or subtle, there was a ton of stuff for both book-readers and Unsullied. Cercie is not being nice, she's trying to manipulate the judges. She's holding the "Queen-ship" over the Tyrell's heads so Mace will judge her way. We got the Jon Arryn "murder mystery" solved (the main reason Ned went to King's Landing in the first place, other than his devotion to his friend, Robert). Sansa is out of the frying pan and jumped right into the fire! The Unsullied don't know if Oberyn is truly sated by Tywin's peace offering (writing poetry), or what. Jon is one of the few true "good-guys", so we know that ain't going to end well if every other "good" character's fate is any indication. Dany is going to get side-tracked in the goings-on of Slaver's Bay, and we know what happens to those cities she "liberates" once she leaves. (As Tywin put it, conquering is not the same as ruling.) As a book-reader, I was surprised by Locke's fate. I was sure he would be a part of the ending of ADWD. Lysa screaming... and did Robin throw the "beautiful present" out the moon door?!? I too only gave this a 7 rating, but a king can't die every episode. However, I would argue that this episode was jam-packed. Enjoying this season as a whole the most, so far.
  5. Ser Lawrence

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    Seems like the stones with open eyes painted on them is a religious thing for those that worship the seven. The departures from the books don't bother me as much as they seem to bother others. I find myself liking the QoT and Onion Knight more than I ever did in the books, still don't care about Stannis or Coldhands, like Shireen in the show better than the book. On the other hand, Jorah was my favorite character in the books (I can sympathize with being stuck in the "friend-zone") but I am not committed to his character as much in the show. Plus, all the Stark kids are way older on the show because it would be crazy kiddy porn to do it otherwise on TV... don't remember how old Danny is in the book, but you see my point. Some stuff doesn't meet my expectations, or departs from my original visions reading the books, but I fall in with those that are still enjoying the ride. I still get excited every Sunday for my fix and hate how short the seasons are. As an aside: "whitewashing" is an expression that may be suffering from over-use on this board. Just saying.
  6. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 403?

    You are absolutely entitled to be disappointed in the PW, or disagree with the way Littlefinger is being portrayed. But, I don't recal you giving the episode a 2, either. But, you make my point for me. I watched one episode of "True Detectives" and vowed never to waste my time with another second. As a person who likes Woody Harrelson and loves (man-crush) Matthew McConaughey, I thought it was a big piece of dog-doo. While we may disagree, I am not going to go on any blogs for the show and paint with those same broad strokes because I have an axe to grind, or it did not meet my expectations. I don't like the show, I won't comment on their blog (if they even have one). I like GoT, I have my own disappointments, and surprise likes, but I won't waste your time with scathing venom and rash generalizations. Or, even more amusingly, list ten things I hated and give the episode an 8.
  7. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 403?

    I am newer to the board, so I’ve avoided confrontational posts. And, while I like critical review and independent thinking, I am with Jarl... To give any GoT HBO episode a two or three is just contrarian to be contrarian. It's the best damn thing on that magic-picture-box in your family room. If you are so disappointed, disgusted, or were expecting an unabridged reading of the novels, switch back to "Sam and Kat" on Nickelodeon or some other such empty-headed-crap and be done with it. This isn't some political blog where we are arguing about the future for our children, the environment, war, or economic repercussions of the E.U., where all points of view may be valid. If you have a critical review or comment about production, acting, editing choices, what was lifted from the book or should have been… great. But, to post scathing criticisms, insults at the actors, and broad-stroke-hate… it becomes tiresome to sift through to get to the actual well-thought-out posts. My two coppers.
  8. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 403?

    Gave it an 8. I am loving this season way more than last (despite the RW). This episode was so good I was surprised when the credits rolled. If it wasn't for the Sam, Mole's Town, stuff... it would have been nearly perfect in that regard. I didn't care about Book-Tywin much, but am LOVING Dance's portrayal. As the show correctly points out, "all men must die", so when the time comes I will miss that actor very much. Kind of liked the Queen of Thornes in the books, but am liking her even more in the show. Pod seems like a more significant character in the show, when compared to what I took away from the books. Also loved Tywin quite literally taking Tommen away from Cercei in the sept. I feel like he may be a better "father" for him than he was for this three jacked-up kids! Jamie and sister in the sept just as creepy as in the book, if not more. I too like the pacing this season way more than last... sorry for too much overlap with previous eight pages of posts.
  9. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 402?

    Gave it a 9. It did not give me chills like Dany taking the unsullied, or the RW, but it was pretty damn good. Stannis stuff, less so, but the TV show can't be an unabridged reading of the novels. I liked the totally offensive War of the Five Kings rather than the Little-Person-Joust. I've been to weddings where someone thinks something is funny when it is not even remotely appropriate or in keeping with decorum. Plus, it gave the 'readers' something new and semi-unexpected. Bran stuff seemed more for readers than "unsullied" watchers. I could watch Bronn and Jamie spar for half the episode. Fun. Sorry for the actor who played the King's Justice. Better this than a re-cast due to illness. It's fun to be here at work listening to "unsullied" speculating as to who did what and how, and where did Shae go. Still love the show (especially the music). I'll go pretty much wherever they want to take me, unless it gets too ridiculous.
  10. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 401?

    Gave it a 9. Probably should have been more like an 8, but I'm still in the after-glow of getting our show back. I started to feel like the introduction of the Red Viper was a bit rushed, and I missed the elegance of he and Tyrion's verbal jousting while riding into the city. This version of Oberyn seems more full-throtle and less subtle... ...then, I realize that the P.W. is next week!! OK, I'm in. Sex and Blood, baby. The Hound's character arc fits right in with Tyrion, Dany, and Jaime. As soon as he starts doing things because they are right, or shows the slightest bit of moral character, bad things will happen to him. While the mash-up of the Thens merged with other wildling tribes was somewhat offputing to a reader, this treatment did make them way more menacing. Plus, the show (I think) does a little better job of confirming just how rare it is to get all the "Free Folk" to cooperate in anything and what a job Mance has done (and how skeptical everyone that is not Jon is about the impending attack). Love Margaey's "string of sparrow heads" comment. :cool4:
  11. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 310?

    My thought exactly. My "unsullied" wife just about threw in the towel after last week and this episode was likely, in large part, an effort to remind TV-Only folks how many compelling storylines there still are despite the loss of the titular "good guys" at the RW. Love the actors for Lords Bolton and Lannister. Lastly, since I don't care for cliffhangers, I didn't mind the wrap-up and set-up episode much. Don't have any affection for Coldhands, so didn't care. Gave it an 8.
  12. Ser Lawrence

    How would you rate episode 309?

    My first post, and sorry if I am redundant here... Gave it a 9, only because perfection is a journey...blah-blah-blah. I have really enjoyed some of the departures from the books (scripture) because it gives us "readers" something to discover. The "womb-stabbing" to kick off the HBO version of the RW was the prefect example. Even though I knew what was comming and was making it a point to watch my wife's reaction to the big surprise (she is "unsullied"), I still found myself gasping out loud at the pure unfilterd barbarism of it. Season 3 has really made up for the slow-moving set up that was almost all of season 2. For the record, I had not read the books until I saw an HBO promo for some medieval-looking show with the guy from Fellowship of the Rings and Patriot Games. Then, after season one ended, I bought all the books and jumped in.