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  1. I like the fire grenade, but I would prefer it if they don't go too X-Men with it. I like how Bran's arc is more spiritual than it is about giving him everything he personally wants. He would like to be a powerful warrior but his destiny is something different. The magic in this series tends to move more towards the subtle, at least those that are used by main characters. Dany hatching dragons is probably the biggest thing -- the rest of it is always just shadows and epileptic fits and things that cost a lot to use and don't necessary generate big explosions. I would rather have things like the fireballs just be occasional things that only minor characters can use, if only to spare the special FX budget!
  2. Six important characters are pretty good to wrap up the remainder of the season (beyond the sea you have Dany, Barristan, Missandei, Grey Worm, Daario, Jorah, and possibly Hizdahr; Arya's storyline only has two important people; Stannis really only has himself, Melisandre, Davos, Shireen, and Selyse; Sansa, Petyr, and Robin are holding down the Vale story alone for the most part...). I think later they will reintroduce Mance Rayder though and possibly some other members of his court like Val if they decide to use that character. I also think that Alliser's bigger role in this episode was a good move too since it kind of showed him in a fairly positive light leading the main sortie against the wildlings and delivering three inspirational speeches in about two minutes.
  3. :thumbsup: Everybody! Those columns must be reproduced on this thread before any other parodies are made. Supervillains don't actually have doctorates. They actually change their first names to 'Doctor' to get around that pesky "fraud" thing.
  4. We handled the constant rapes, the interminable hentai discussions, the blathering on about celery, goats, and chickens. We weathered the Quotes of the Day and came through it with a fierce, almost patriotic pride. We even duelled Mystar, mano a crowdofgoodkindhaterso in one of the epic battles since the great Ninja/Pirate/Robot War of '98. And what do we get for making the Internet safe for freedom and democracy? A bloody link to the bloody Terry Goodkind forum? What the hell is wrong with you, man?
  5. Some stupid bairstaired taired up my Tairy Prairchett novel. I will hairved my rairvenge. No, I haven't noticed that.
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