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  1. Wow...I can't really believe what I just witnessed (on screen and on here) I don't want to really offend anyone but Im absolutely shocked the number of people who gave this episode 9s and 10s. I mean if you gave this episode a 10 then I guess if someone (excuse the crudeness) took a dump on the screen you would give this a 10 as well. I'm a big fan of this show and this season has been VERY surprising to me in it's quality (in a good way after the lackluster last season and season 2). Its been very good and certainly there have been a few episodes which I would rate as 8 or 9 (the only 10s from me would be in Season 1 and EP9 from Season 2). This episode had so many cringe worthy scenes it was unreal. I mean it started off with the belching whore and just went downhill from there. Its like 2 am here so I'll try to keep this brief but I'm just so disappointed having waited two weeks and getting this pile of crap. Grey Worm love story was just so bloody awful. I was getting flashbacks of Jon and Ygrette, it was that bad. The directing was as if the person had no clue. What was up with those extreme close ups of Jorah's face in the throne room scene? Is Emilia Clarke made of wood? How can one call that acting? So so so bad. And those cuts from Dany to Jorah and back and forth when he is kneeling...I am just lost for words how butchered that scene was. Now to show I am not biased some things were good. The Boltons were quite good as was the Moat Cailin scene. Naked Missendei was absolutely fantastic...the woman is a goddess. But of course was spoiled with the cuts back to Grey Worm's expressionless face. The duel was fairly good but the guy playing the Mountain was terrible. Season 1 Mountain was by far the best of the bunch...kinda funny they used 3 separate actors. This episode should be called Close Ups and Cringe Worthy Scenes (I challenge someone to count the number of close ups on faces). I give this an extremely disappointed 2...and from the previews for next week it looks like its more of the same unfortunately.
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