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  1. She could use that and also tell them what a drunken Viserys said to her in front of the fire when they were celebrating Aegon’s second name day. I’m at work right now, so I don’t have access to my notes. But it was along the lines of him doubting himself about naming Rhaenyra heir.
  2. I chuckled when the pig was placed in front of Aemond. Also, the server was on Aemond’s blind side when he placed it down. Also, Aemond is the opposite of Viserys. The king has no left eye, Aemond has no right eye. They also have completely opposite dispositions. Aemond is quick to anger and take action. He also had a desire to have a dragon. Viserys rode Balerion and after that, had no desire to claim another dragon. He also doesn’t easily show his anger, and only takes action when it is necessary. They are almost portrayed (in the show) as Yin and Yang. Two sides of the same coin.
  3. The only way that I can figure out the Laenor fake out working is if somehow Corlys was in one it, or he found out somehow. After Rhaenys dies, Corlys could have sent for Laenor (who changed his name to Adam). Corlys could also have a bastard son (or two), hence “Addam”s brother Alyn (Corlys could have paid off the mother to say Addam was her son also). No one besides Corlys, Rhaenyra, and Daemon (who were in on it) would really recognize Laenor. Too much time has passed for anyone else (save Rhaenys) to recognize “Addam”. At least that is my theory on how they can work around Leanor’s “death” and Addam claiming Seasmoke. Don’t know if it makes sense or would work.
  4. I don’t know if this has been posted or not, but she said, “Hand turns loom, Spool is green, Spool of black, Dragons of flesh weaving Dragons of thread”.
  5. Did anyone else have “Islands in the Stream” playing in their heads when Cole was asking Rhaenyra to run away with him?
  6. But was anyone witness to their conversation. With Lonmouth dead, Cole can say anything he wants. He is a knight of the Kingsguard, who now has the backing of the Queen, who would dare call him a liar.
  7. Hence why Cole would side with the greens. Also, Rhaenyra and Laenor were not privy to the discussion between Cole and Lonmouth. A dead man can’t refute lies. I think a threat (be it real or imaginary) would trump guest rights.
  8. Ser Cole could always say that Joffrey threatened the King or Rhaenyra. That would be a good reason to beat him to a pulp and NOT face any consequences.
  9. Maybe it was lost with Rhaenyra, Aegon II wouldn’t have known because he was not the designated heir. Also Rhaenyra would not have told Aegon III until her reign was secured and she officially named him as heir. Or, she decided not to reveal it to anyone as a F you to the realm for betraying her and not wholeheartedly siding with her in the Dance.
  10. Anyone else notice that the boy who informed Otto called Mysaria the “White Worm”. Hopefully that continues (as per the book), and isn’t just a throwaway line for us book readers.
  11. Anyone else think that it was Alicent who sent the maester with the moon/tansy tea? She could have easily told him that it was on the King’s order. Maybe it was a plot to create distrust among father and daughter. Or it could have been a way of protecting Rhaenyra, just in case. Their relationship seemed to improve in this episode. I am also wondering how they are going to split Rhaenyra and Sir Cole up. In the book, he never threw away his Kingsguard vow. Anyone else notice in the sneak peek of next weeks episode when Otto told Alicent ,”The King is dying.” Why would he say that now when Viserys lives for at least ten more years?
  12. Or maybe she wasn’t recognized as a legal ruler by Oldtown. Remember, we are getting Oldtown’s and the Citidel’s version of history.
  13. https://screenrant.com/house-dragon-episode-3-vfx-mistake-image/ Anyone else notice this? I read it after I saw the episode and went back and saw it.
  14. Here is my take on the episode: The Stepstones action was good, it just needed flushed out a little more. I agree that Laenor appearing on Seasmoke came out of nowhere. Am I the only one who wanted to see the fight between Daemon and Crabfeeder? I feel a little jilted by them not including it, it could have been a good fight. Plus it would have fleshed out Daemon’s ruthlessness some. Him going there alone was him saying to his brother, “I’m either going to win this without your help or die and make you feel guilty for not helping sooner”. It was bold move that helps to flush out his character and how he feels about the kingly aspect of Viserys. The hunting party was good. I like how they portrayed Viserys as being all alone even when he is surrounded by people. He is feeling conflicted because of being the King and what is expected with the role, and being Rhaenyra’s father. I like the implication of the white stag. Everyone thinks that it means Aegon should be named heir, the fact that they didn’t catch it only solidified in Viserys’ mind that he made the right call on keeping Rhaenyra as heir. It also implied that if the realm would have accepted her and there was no fighting, she could have made a good Queen. Instead all of her loses, due to the battle with the Greens, drove her to be “Maegor with teats”. Also Viserys’ drunken admission to Alicent might be the motive that the Greens use to crown Aegon. I really think that Alicent is going to let that tidbit slip, maybe not intentionally. Why are they portraying Rhaenyra as a petulant kid who is mad that her dad remarried? With her seeing the white stag, one thinks that the show is trying to get you to align with the Blacks once theDance starts. Also, Alicent had no say so in the decision for Viserys to marry her. Otto was the one steering that horse. Alicent is trying to mend the broken relationship with her dearest friend. I liked the episode. Yes they should have had the lead up to the Dance last 1 1/2- 2 seasons. But, we have to live with what we are getting, I just hope they do the Dance justice. That’s all I have for now, until I do my rewatch on Thursday.
  15. Did anyone else notice Varys was trying to poison Dany in the beginning of the episode. I noticed that right away, I even wrote it down in my notes that I take for each episode. (Sorry if it’s been mentioned before, haven’t read every page yet)
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