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  1. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    NBA Free Agency 2018: Independence day, unless you're in San Antonio

    When people say they don't want superteams, what they mean is that they don't want ONE superteam. One team having a >50% chance of winning a championship before the season starts is just boring. But if there are 3-5 superteams, and some turnover among their ranks over the years (it's not just the Lakers vs Celtics over and over), then that is great.
  2. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    NBA Free Agency 2018: Independence day, unless you're in San Antonio

    I agree that really Greatest of your Generation is a much more reasonable standard. Being better than someone that played 20+ years before you just isn't possible to determine most of the time (unless someone's greatness is so beyond compare that it's obvious, a la Donald Bradman or Wayne Gretzky). Basketball does not have that. What now? That's just crazy talk. Russell build his game around the time, but if he were playing today I have no doubt he could put on weight without losing quickness and be an elite big man defender (at the least). He might not be an elite offensive player, but he could still make contributions there as well, like a mix of Draymond Green and Kevin Garnett.
  3. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    NBA Free Agency 2018: Independence day, unless you're in San Antonio

    Lebron is a far more dominant player than Kobe. It isn't even close IMO. I agree Lebron does seem like a much nicer guy in non-basketball contexts. Jordan seems like the kind of guy who'd get his neighbor's tree cut down because the roots are on his property. Not that I could ever afford to live in a neighborhood with either one of them.
  4. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    Nadal wins in 5. Del Potro is no joke, that's a good win for him. Sets up a classic semi vs Djokovic.
  5. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    2018 Semi Finals - FRA vs BEL & ENG vs CRO

    And in fact, that sort of thing happens quite a lot. You cannot give out yellow cards in the way Baxus is describing, it would make soccer unplayable.
  6. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    I'm not sure I'd agree "that's not much". The House will be able to bring light to all the issues that the current Congress is sweeping under the rug. That's a big deal. In addition, that's only #2 on my list. #1 is that even with the barest of Democratic majorities in the House, that's the end of further atrocious legislation like the health care bill and the tax giveaway. If Republicans still control both chambers, there's two more reconciliation bills to worry about that could (and almost assuredly will) do further damage.
  7. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    Is Brexit itself Roger?
  8. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    International News Thread

    Eight of the boys are out of the cave safely. It seems very strange to me that they haven't released the names of the boys who are out, even to their families.
  9. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    Vacations Destinations

    St. John, USVI is amazing. The snorkeling is great, the hiking is great, the people are really friendly and helpful, it's not particularly expensive, and it's easy to get to. My only concern is that I haven't been there since last year's hurricanes and I don't know how the recovery is going.
  10. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    2018 Quarter-finals

    Pretty disappointing to see an all-Europe semifinal. But nonetheless I'm happy to see Belgium advance. I'm hoping we see a Belgium vs Croatia final, so we at least get some new blood.
  11. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    What was the last time you had your "mind blown"?

    There's a mathematical principle that I can't remember the name of but one of my friends explained it to me a month or so ago and it kinda blew my mind. It's basically that we don't take into account different sample sizes well in calculating a whole, but the result is that you can get a situation like this: 1. Steph Curry shot a higher field goal % than Lebron James in the first half. 2. Curry also shot a higher percentage in the second half. 3. Lebron James shot a higher percentage for the whole game. How could that be possible? Well when you sub in real numbers it's obvious how it might happen. First half Lebron shoots 0/3, Curry shoots 1/10. 10% is higher than 0%. Second half Lebron shoots 8/10, Curry shoots 3/3. 100% is higher than 80%. Full game line: Lebron shot 8/13 (62%), while Curry shot 4/13 (31%). Mind = Blown. Also, does anyone who knows more math than me remember the name of this phenomenon? It has a name.
  12. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    2018 Quarter-finals

    Having to win on penalties gives you a disadvantage if you go to penalties again, because the opposing team sees all your team's preferences in a high pressure situation like that and you can learn a lot from that kind of study.
  13. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    U. S Politics: I know why the caged babe screams.

    Like 80% of the US population lives within 100 miles of some border, including virtually all of the biggest cities in the country.
  14. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    NFL Thread: "Terrell Owens does what?" edition

    Not exactly true. TO had a drop problem his whole career and if anything it got worse as he aged. That combined with his drama issues meant that he was never going to be a viable WR3 or WR4 like Rice was in his final years.
  15. Maithanet der Mannschaft

    U. S Politics: I know why the caged babe screams.

    That's funny, I know her IRL. This is very much in character for her.